Passion Night

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Passion Night by Odiane is a plotless Harry Potter Slash Fic in which Sirius and Lupin, for no reason at all, start shagging in every permutation of their shapeshifting forms. Along the way we have ten-inch penises, gallons of "jizz", far too many vowels and (perhaps most infamously) the writer, having been reprimanded for a previous Slash Fic in which the characters didn't use lube, remembered it but thought it was an activity.

Tropes used in Passion Night include:

"IF I GO ANY FASTER WE WILL BE AT HYPER SPEEEEEED!" Lupin shouted trying not to moan while he shouted.

"Its time for the passion night" Lupin said.

  • Troll Fic: Possibly. Opinions vary on this.
  • Valley Girl: Lupin talks like one for no apparent reason.

"That was sooooo awesome" Lupin said.