Penny Arcade (Webcomic)/Characters

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    The Duo

    Tycho Brahe


    "Some people play tennis. I erode the human soul."


    The wordy, intellectual, and cynical half of the Penny Arcade duo, when the characters of Gabe and Tycho first diverged Tycho was something of the Straight Man to Gabe's more wild enthusiasm. However, he quickly developed into a character as strange if not stranger. Tycho is known for his love of literature and wordplay, his overwritten fantasy series Epic Legends of the Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga, his *ahem* love of animals, and his deep knowledge of horrors that man was not meant to know.

    Johnathan "Gabe" Gabriel


    "I don’t know why they call them “Chip Clips.” I mean, everyone just puts ‘em on their wang. Why don’t they just call them “Wang Clips” or “Wang Hangers” or something?"


    The idealistic, immature, and scatterbrained half of the duo, Gabe's enthusiasm and inability to think things through makes him the perfect Wise Guy to Tycho's straight man, though these roles are often reversed as he possesses a degree of common sense that Tycho lacks. Obsessed with immature humour, male genitalia (mostly his own), and Star Wars, he harbors homosexual tendencies, not so much repressed as simply unrealized and usually centering around Spider-Man. He is independently wealthy from his Doctor Raven Darktalon Blood series.

    • Author Avatar: For Mike Krahulik, but was not originally intended as such.
    • Ax Crazy
    • The Beast Master: A pet dragon, unicorn, and several Pokemon to his name. And his roster may grow at any time...
    • Bi the Way: Arguable. His fantasies about Spider-Man and Patrick Swayze tend to point this way.
    • Bunny Ears Lawyer: Legal representative for France. It... didn't go well.
    • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: The Cardboard Tube Samurai IS Gabe. Therefore he can slice things up with a perfectly round tube. He can actually cause nosebleeds by hating someone, which MAY be caused by the fact that Darth Vader might be his dad. Oh, and he got a blood infusion from Spider-Man. Hell, in the very first comic, he gained psychic powers.
    • Hidden Depths: Very seriously into Country-Western dancing.
    • Game Master: "Your party stands before the Cave of Tits."
    • Glass Eye: Lost his original in a Warcraft-related scuffle.
    • Keet: Though rather more rude and crude than normal.
    • Psychopathic Manchild

    Supporting Cast

    Anne Claire "Annarchy" Brahe

    Tycho's young niece who shares her uncle's intellect and love of gaming, but only a little of his depravity. Despite her age, she played Final Fantasy on the Famicom... in the original Japanese. Is not to be trifled with.

    The Fruit Fucker 2000

    A small robotic juicer that works by having violent sexual intercourse with pieces of fruit.

    Jesus Christ

    Yeah, that one. In addition to being the Lord and Saviour of Mankind, he loves fighting games, first person shooters, and is, in general, fucking metal.


    Originally known as Chuck, an anti-Apple strawman, he had a great fall and was retooled as the hipper Charles. Lives across from Gabe and Tycho and occasionally visits to talk about Apple-based matters.