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  • Depending on choices during the Culture Festival Breather Episode, the Protagonist can also show an interest in cross-dressing and has the option of willingly taking a seat on the girl's side of the table during the Group Date Cafe so that he can flirt with Yosuke or Kanji.
  • There are also a number of (presumably) Celibate Hero options such as stating a lack of interest in the Miss Yasogami beauty pageant and telling Yosuke that you have no romantic interest in either Chie or Yukiko. Picking such options usually leads one of the party members to make a not-so-subtle crack about the Protagonist's sexuality.
    • Though in episode 7 of the anime, he's just as freaked out by the... atmosphere of the bathhouse level as Yosuke is.
      • And then in episode 12, it's Yousuke who pulls him out of an Heroic BSOD during the fight against Shadow Mitsuo, in a scene that drips with Ho Yay. Not helped by how they start referring to each other in a First-Name Basis.
  • Yosuke has more than a few moments with the Protagonist. "I'll invite Daisuke; don't want to look like we're dating." "You look like you're good with your hands--uh, never mind." "If I had to choose, I'd choose you! You're so handsome and reliable! Tee-hee!"
  • Kanji. His Evil Counterpart boss is even a representation of his repressed sexuality -- which is actually his desire for acceptance.
  • Chie's and Yukiko's friendship is popularly interpreted as romantic. The conversation on Saki's appearance on the Midnight Channel ("My soulmate is a girl?"). Who was Yukiko's Prince? Chie! It helps that their respective shadows actually talked about their dependency on one another.
  • Also, Teddie is totally gay for you. Seriously. Talk to him before you leave Inaba and you'll get a conversation in which Teddie offers to take off his outfit for you. The suggestion is quickly declined by Yosuke.
    • If you don't max out Yosuke's Social Link, you get this conversation instead. It is not any less homoerotic.
  • And then there all the female party members feeling up Naoto in the bathhouse. Again, the anime keeps it.