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Portrayed by Rose Byrne

Bea lives in the countryside as an artist and drawing the locals.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Country Mouse
  • Friend to All Living Things: Bea is friends to the woodland creatures, even to the point of bringing them inside her house to drying them off whenever it rains and requesting the new McGregor to allow the animals to run wild in the garden.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: Bea doesn't hear the explosive garden warfare going on, because she wears headphones while listening to music whenever she's painting or exercising.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: She's based on the actual, Beatrix Potter, but with slight differences, like living in the 21st century.
  • Parental Substitute: She's this to the woodland creatures, especially the rabbits and Peter. Since Mrs.Rabbit died before the movie's events and Mr. Rabbit was put in a pie.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Any painting of Bea that's not her watercolor paintings is this trope to her animal friends.
  • Weirdness Censor: Bea is more concern about Tom being a mean person and a liar. Than the animals really making traps and wearing clothes. Until, Peter shown that he was just as guilty and showed her the detonator.
  • What the Hell Hero: Bea does this when Peter ruins one of her paintings, since he was duking it out with Tom. Later, when she finds out about the younger McGregor's true side and that he lied to her.

Thomas "Tom" McGregor

In his hux-iest phase.

Portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson

Old McGregor's very distant nephew that used to work at Harrods'.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

  • Anti-Hero:Type III, at the film's end Type II.
  • Ace Pilot: Thomas has this trope, since he's compentant enough to fly the plane that he and the Woodland critters hijack.
  • Bad Liar: Thomas lies to Bea about his real feelings about the animals.
  • Berserk Button: When he was pass over that promotion.
  • Butt Monkey: Thomas McGregor is the victim of this, since he gets the brunt of the slapstick jokes, whether it's his hands getting caught in traps, stepping on rakes, and even being electrocuted too many times to count.
  • City Mouse: Used to work for Harrords, but when he went to W , he had trouble adjusting.
  • Goal in Life: It's to make a toy shop to rival Harrods.
    • His other goal was to prevent the animals from getting into the garden.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Blackberries. Thomas suffers from anaphylaxis and the reason why he ALWAYS carries an adrenaline injector on his person, for just in case measures.
  • Like Uncle, Like Nephew: He started out hating the woodland creatures, with just as much furor as his "Twit" of an Uncle.
  • Neat Freak: This combines with his obsessive compulsiveness, especially since Tom works for Harrods. How clean you ask? Well Tom will make things so clean that you can drink the toilet water with a straw.
  • OCD: Tom wants things a certain way, plus, he's very particular.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: This trope was reveal when asked what he missed about Harrods, Thomas stated that the misses being helpful to people.
  • Start My Own: After getting fired from Harrods, Tom vows to do this. Make his own toy store to rival Harrods. He was able to make a toy store in the city, with his new country friends.
  • You Can Talk: He was surprise when Peter and the other critters can talk. Thought that Bea was exaggerating this.
  • Wicked Cultured: Thomas is very cultured, has a taste in classical music, which he turns up the speakers' volume in his early nights at the McGregor Mansion.
  • Weirdness Censor: Thomas McGregor has more issues with pests infesting his new property and not caring that the animals are semi-anthropomorphic and wearing clothes.
  • Workaholic: Thomas is this to a "T", shows his commanding side during his introduction.

Old Mr. McGregor


Portrayed by Sam Neil

The previous owner of the garden and Thomas's uncle.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Berserk Button: Whenever he senses some animal antics in the garden, Old McGregor, goes into a fit of rage. Also, because he miss hitting them.
  • Enemy to All Living Things
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: It's been implied that Old McGregor loves his wife, but after she died, he became worst than before.
  • Green Thumb: Old McGregor has a huge garden that he takes good care of, despite being the Enemy to All Living Things.
  • Hollywood Heart Attack: Averted. It's the scary instantaneous death one (Meaning that the film crew done their research).
  • Long-Lost Relative: Kinda averted. Since the Old McGregor and his nephew never met, the latter didn't know he had a great uncle of sorts, despite the blood and genetic ties.Until, Old McGregor died.
  • Villainous Glutton: He's this and it cost him. Since he loves scarfing down junk and fatty foods, like spraying the Cheezit cheese into his mouth.


Flopsey, Cottontail, Mopsey


Voiced by Daisey Ridley (Cottontail), Margot Robbie (Flopsey), Elizabeth Debicki (Mopsey)

Peter's three sisters.

Tropes exhibited by these characters include:
  • Ascended Extras: Peter's sisters got extra personality quirks and some meat added to them. Whereas in the books they don't do much, except stay out of trouble.
  • Chaotic Good: Mopsey is describe as being a rebel.
  • Color Coded for Your Convenience: Since the triplets can't be told apart without their jackets, it's this trope. Flopsey (red), Mopsey (light yellow), and Cottontail (light greenish teal).
  • Leap of Faith: Cottontail does this several times, breaking some ribs in the process. Her aim is off at times.

Cottontail:"I can fly!"

  • Improbable Weapon User: Cottontail uses two cucumbers as ninja sticks in one scene.
  • MacGyvering: Just like their brother, the triplets are capable of doing this trope in several occasions, like how they got the wheelbarrow in the stairs. Later, Peter asks them to do some favors, which all require MacGyvering skills.
  • Middle Child Syndrome: Flopsey has this in spades, even her voice actress confirms it.
  • Rabbits with Sligshots: The Rabbit triplets uses slingshots to fire vegatables, fruits, and especially blackberries at Thomas.
  • Reading Lips: Mopsey tries to read lips of various human characters, but with mixed results.
  • Same Sex Triplets
  • Sibling Seniority Squabble: Mopsey argues with one of her sisters of who is the oldest one.
  • Symbolic Blood: When Mopsey tested the blood, it turns out that she was just splattered by a tomato and she's not dying.
  • Narrator All Along: Turns out that the narrator was Flopsy all along.
  • Tribal Face Paint: Cottontail puts this on her face for war.Her sister, Mopsey, got hit by one of the dynamite sticks' blast and is dying. Hence the war paint.
  • Wham! Episode: Mopsey: "I'VE BEEN HIT!"
  • Trope: When Mopsey thought that she was dying, she was confessing EVERYTHING to Flopsey, especially the "I'm not the oldest."

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle


Voiced by Sia

The hedgehog of the group.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

  • Don't Look At Me: She blurts this out to her friends after losing her trademark apron.
  • Trope: Unlike her friends, she's a bit slow when it comes to walking from point A to Point B.
  • Prickly Hedgehog: Accidentally shot her quills at her friends when she chewed on the electrical wires, which are smeared with some peanut butter.
  • Trope

Peter Rabbit


Voiced by James Corden

The titular hero of the film, who is insanely reckless and loves concocting plans.

Tropes exhibited by Peter include:

  • Anti-Hero: Peter is a |jerkass, reckless, stealing, and unexpectedly killing off Old McGregor, just so he can be with his family, friends, and Bea. By the end of the film, he soften up his jerkassness a bit, cleans up his messes, and even to the point of seeking out Thomas to bring him back to the country to prevent Bea from leaving.
  • The Atoner
  • Bad Liar: In the first part of the film, when Bea's around, Peter hides that he wants a certain McGregor gone.
  • Blue is Anti-Heroic: Peter wears his trademark blue jacket and this trope to a "T."
  • Freudian Slip: Later on when Peter stating why they should get the garden, he mentions his parents.
  • I Take Offense to That Last One: Later on, Peter doesn't like "rabbits" being called "rodents".
  • Jerkass: The way this film was marketed, Peter comes off as being this for no other reason than it's cool. Worst is that he even celebrates being the cause of Old McGregor dying!
  • MacGyvering: The titular hero is this.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Peter thinks that he's protecting the McGregor garden by attacking and scaring off its owners. Doing this ended up with accidentally killing Old McGregor and later Bea eventually dumping Thomas

Benjamin Bunny


Voiced by Colin Moody

Peter's cousin, it seems his only job is to make sure his reckless cousin doesn't die.

Tropes exhibited by Benjamin Bunny include:
  • Character Flaw: Benjamin even invokes this trope word for word. Stating that his flaw is to make sure that Peter doesn't get killed in any way, shape, or form.

Benjamin: Get your own character flaw!

  • Foil: To his even more reckless cousin.

Pigling Bland

Voiced by: Ewen Leslie

One of the woodland animals, and Peter's friends.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Felix D'eer


Voiced by Christian Gazal

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Tommy Brock


Voiced by: Sam Neil

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Mr. Todd


Voiced by Fayssal Bazzi

A description of the character goes here.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Fangs Are Evil: When he bears his teeth towards Peter (to be fair, the latter didn't recognize him and ask him to bear his teeth).
  • Trope
  • Trope

Jemima Puddle-Duck


Voiced by Rose Byrne

A description of the character goes here.

Tropes exhibited by this character include: