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    • Any time Phelous shows that he can do better effects than the movie he's reviewing.
      • my personal favorite being when he parodies the gratuitous chroma key in Pulse 2
    • Two words: Phelous Who
      • Better! It seems to be the title now.
        • And now he's made the intro even better, matching the opening to the new series.
    • Related to both above, Phelous reenacts the entire plot of Triangle in his review for it, and manages to be both creepier and make more sense than the movie itself.
    • The performance of the Darkwing Duck theme in the end of Cry_wolf. Especially awesome for those who grew up with Darkwing Duck.
    • Shooting the DVD and case of Resident Evil: Afterlife. He manages to shoot the disk dead center!
    • His review on A Serbian Film, in which Phelous, who had previously watched The Human Centipede without flinching, actually included a warning for the disturbing scenes he could actually show, before proceeding to violently eviscerate the film for its grotesque imagery and supposed message behind it. His utter rage is absolutely justified.

    Phelous: I know I'm really falling into the angry reviewer thing on this video; well, that's exactly how I feel about this movie!

    • The ending skit of his "Five Across the Eyes" review should count as he perfectly parodies the movie by sitting in his car, whining and crying, and flailing the camera about for a good minute and 34 seconds.

    Phelous: So, you want a skit for this piece of shit? Really? Really? Well, (grabs the camera) this is all "Five Across the Eyes" gets!

    • The ending to the "Boogeyman - Stephen King" review. After his mirror reflection attempted to kill Phelous by downing pills, claiming "this is what [the audience] wants", Phelous decides to ruin it for us by regenerating. Granted he regenerates into a cat but, still...
    • The ending of the Resident Evil: Afterlife review when he shoots the case and the DVD with an actual gun! Granted it was filled with airsockets, but still.
    • Killdozer vs. Lifecrane. The fight in the movie isn't much to talk about, but the voice over almost makes you start rooting for Lifecrane...up until the humans abandon it.