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All The Tropes: Aren't you a little...cartoony to be making the audience cry?

Phineas: Well...apparently not.

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  • Some of the songs such as Come Home, Perry or You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart definitely count.
  • Actually, the entire show is a great Crowning Moment of Heartwarming... Think about it, the fact that this is a mixed family is a non-issue entirely. And by design of the creators, no one is a complete jerk or an idiot. (Except Suzy.)
    • Well, not even Suzy, if you think about it. It's pretty clear that the only two people she's consistently mean to are Buford, the bully of the series, and Candace, who she views as a rival for her brother's affections. It's not exactly a redeeming trait, especially since all we really see of Suzy is scenes of her being unnecessarily cruel to Candace, but it's still at least understandable to some degree.
      • Turns out Suzy's only horrible to people when Jeremy's nearby, since it allows her to manipulate him into doing what she wants him to do. When she's off the clock, she and Candace actually hit it off pretty well. It's kinda cute in a sick, twisted way.
        • In fact, in the episode where we find this fact out ('Suddenly Suzy'), she actually coaches Candace how to not only get her way, but to get her brothers to bust themselves! Granted, it doesn't work, but still...

Season 1

  • This show has been having these since the very first episode. After the rollercoaster ride is over, we get this exchange:

Isabella: It really was the coolest coaster ever. You guys make a great team.
Phineas: Well, a brother is a brother. But I couldn't have asked for a better one than Ferb. You know what I mean?

    • Made extra sweet when you consider the fact that they're only stepbrothers, but they're just too good of friends to really care about that.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode aptly titled "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", Candace actually manages to get Mom to see what Phineas and Ferb are doing -- in this case, putting plane wings on the family car so it can fly, and building a giant tower on which to park it (which then falls on the garage) -- so Mom sends the boys to a hellish reform school. At first, Candace is ecstatic to have them out of her hair, but she soon grows to miss her brothers so much that she, along with Jeremy, embarks on a rescue mission to bust them out of there. Granted, the whole thing turns out to be All Just a Dream within a dream that Perry is having, but it's this particular episode that really shows you that, deep down inside, Candace loves her brothers very much and doesn't know what she'd do without them.
    • Also from "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" is Perry waking up from his dream in the end. It's a small thing, but his little smile at realizing that his cover hasn't been blown and his family hasn't been taken away from him is really sweet.
      • Taking this a step further, any time Perry shows concern for the boys and Candace. Another good example is the dream-within-a-dream, when Perry and Doof's unseen B-plot saves the Flynn-Fletcher kids and Jeremy from the Smile Away general...or whatever he's called. You just know that he steered the unknown inator in that direction to keep his family safe.
    • "Little Brothers" seems like this... and then you listen to the lyrics. And then you pick yourself up off the floor. Humor aside, though, it is still considered by many to be one of the most tender songs this show has ever made.
    • Candace's pleading-while-crying to Phineas and Ferb in that episode about how their creativity isn't bad, but the best thing about them and how she regrets ever having them shipped off to that reformatory school in the first place easily has the capability to bring a viewer to tears.
    • It's kind of sweet to look back at "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" (of all episodes) and realize that Perry was dreaming (within a dream) about Candace getting over her busting obsession/getting along with the boys. And, by the same measure, that he saved them, even at the cost of his secret identity.
  • The climax of the episode "Traffic Cam Caper" is another good example of that. The boys spend the episode helping Candace retrieve a security camera DVD that's been stolen from them by Perry, with help from Norm the Robot (It Makes Sense in Context). When Phineas manages to get the disc, he jumps and ends up hanging onto the drawbridge that Norm slipped off of, and drops the disc right on the edge of the bridge. Unfortunately for him, he's got his hands in an oil slick that Norm left behind and is gonna fall off that bridge unless something is done. Candace thinks hard, looking at both choices of what she has to save here, before pulling Phineas up right when he's about to fall into the river. When he shows surprise at the fact that she didn't save the disc, she hugs him and replies "And let you fall? You may be a pain, but you are my brother."
  • The Phineas and Ferb episode "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together!" qualifies, as well as being a Crowning Music of Awesome. Lawrence, the titular characters' father, forgets his and Linda (the mom's) wedding anniversary. When he tells their kids about the time they first kissed at a concert, they decide to surprise their parents by getting the band back together to do a special concert for them. The scene of Linda and Lawrence kissing at the end is very touching -- as is the fact that all three kids worked together on it, when the older sister, Candace, is usually the antagonist.
    • Meanwhile, in another subplot, Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to throw his teenage daughter Vanessa a birthday party, but she flies into a rage because he secretly invited all her Goth friends to a party designed for a five-year-old girl. (Something he has apparently done every year previous, to her great annoyance.) When Doofenshmirtz accidentally destroys everything (and gets blown up himself), Vanessa shows appreciation for what he did for her because it ends up making the party better. A bit of a Broken Aesop if you think about it, but still kind of touching.
    • The end of "Dude We're Getting the Band Back Together" is just so sweet.
  • "Mom's Birthday". Candace was trying to do something special for it, but at first, Phineas and Ferb show her up (she tried to deliver breakfast in bed, they had an omelet station). Then, Doofenshmirtz's latest scheme ruins her plan to get Mom a sundress (moths eat it) and play a song she wrote (all her instruments are shrunken into nothingness). Phineas and Ferb's final gift was a video tribute to their Mom, ending with footage of Candace practicing the song... which leads Candace, Phineas, and Ferb to go on stage and perform together. Awwwww...
    • When Candace slips into her parents' bedroom to try to give her mom a birthday breakfast in bed, we see that Linda is sleeping with a picture of Lawrence while he's out of town. Totally cute, and massive amounts of awwwww...
  • And in the Hiccup Hijinks episode, the reason Isabella isn't scared by the haunted house is because she's holding Phineas' hand. It's Fridge Brilliance mixed with CMoH.
    • Also, she tells Candace it was great because she had a day's undivided attention from him.
    • Before that when the B Plot Cleanup Crew arrives and Phineas winds up nearly falling to his death, Isabella not only rallies the Fireside Girls to make an impromptu trampoline with their sashes, she manages to catch him when he bounces off... and her crush nearly getting killed has been the only thing scary enough for the whole episode to get rid of those blasted hiccups. And then there's how long he stayed in her arms...
  • "Candace Loses Her Head", in which Candace is exasperated to see what her brothers are up to this time, and it turns out they remodeled Mt. Rushmore to include a bust of Candace. Candace's face goes from shock to teary-eyed joy.
    • And then she frantically tries to show it to her mom -- not to try to bust her brothers as usual, but to show her what a beautiful job they did.
  • In "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford", the song that plays when Buford thinks of the fun he has had with Biff is a real toucher. Just watch it and tell me that doesn't make you cry tears of happiness.
  • It's brief but in "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World", after Candace wins the monster truck rally, her (step)dad hugs her and says he's very proud of her. Aww...
  • In "Journey to the Center of Candace", Doofenshmirtz builds a device that will kill anybody that can't make up their mind. Immediately, Perry has a flashback to earlier that morning, when Phineas and Ferb couldn't make up their minds about that day's project. Less than ten seconds later, he has Doof shackled to a pipe and is calling in backup. It just shows how much Perry loves his owners.
  • A brief one in "The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein" when Dr. Phineastein says that he and Ferbgor will never lose the platypus monster they created again. We even get a shot of the monster tearing up!
    • "Oh well, win some lose some, buddy. You'll always be the number one monster in my book!"
  • The scene in "Out to Launch" when Candace is trapped in a spaceship that is stuck in a decaying orbit and the boys are coaching her through the process of escaping, most notably "Just relax and take Ferb's hand."
    • And also, near the end, when the boys thank her for saving them from Doof's space station and jump starting their ship.

Phineas: Ferb and I just wanted to say thank you. We were in a pretty precarious situation back there, and if it wasn't for your bravery, who knows what would'a happened?
Candace: Really? You think I'm...brave?
Phineas: Are you kidding!? Ferb was going on and on about it!


Season 2

  • The end of the episode "Oh, There You Are Perry", as pictured above.
    • It may be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but when Dr. Doofenshmirtz takes up a (temporary) job working for another supervillain and there's a picture of Vanessa visible on his desk. D'awww.
    • Not to mention he probably tries so hard to be a good dad because of how abusive his parents were. Just goes to show he's not really a totally bad guy underneath it all.
    • This episode also showed that Perry switches between Phineas's and Ferb's beds in the middle of the night to be fair to both of them, which is adorable. (It might also explain why he ends up in Candace's bed quite a lot as well...)
  • The song Evil Love in 'Chez Platypus' where Doof dates a woman who is also into evil, saying that he has never been happier in all his life. up until the very end of the episode, that is.
  • "Finding Mary McGuffin", where Doofenshmirtz reveals that he spent the better part of a decade relentlessly hunting down a Mary McGuffin doll for Vanessa, just because she told him that he would be the world's greatest dad if he did. Added onto that is Vanessa's reaction; she obviously has a very low opinion of Doofenshmirtz and considers herself too old for dolls, but she still accepts the gift and gives it a place of honor in her room.

Doofenshmirtz: I may be an evil scientist, but it doesn't take a degree purchased from the internet with your ex-wife's money to know how special and important you are to me.

    • The fact that she actually rips the doll out of a little girl's hands and walks away, leaving the girl crying, is strangely touching. It probably helps that the very next scene implies that Vanessa and Dr. D are starting to bond thanks to the incident.
    • This moment actually causes her to realize that maybe he's not so bad a dad after all, remembering all the moments where he actually pulled through as a parent, despite being completely embarrassing.
  • Phineas's "Cute Tracker" burning out when it's reset to stop ignoring Isabella is strangely adorable.
  • The episode "The Best Lazy Day Ever" has one of the most twisted, strangest CMOHs in the history of the show (whether it qualifies as one or not is questionable, as it's probably unintentional). When Candace finds out her brothers aren't doing any big project for the day, she is initially relieved that she can finally go about her personal business. However, it becomes clear busting her brothers is all she really does and all that really defines her. Then she starts to tear up (out of a personal identity crisis), realizing this fact. In its own insane way (similar to the "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" example above), you could say she finds out how important her brothers (and their crazy projects) are to her.

Candace: I can't do anything unless I'm trying to bust them for doing something. And if they're doing nothing, then (Psycho Strings play, and Candace starts crying) who-o-o i-is Ca-a-andace?

  • The episode "I Was A Middle-Aged Robot" where Candace and Dad entered a father-daughter wacky games competition, only to have Dad lose his memory and need to be replaced by the robotic duplicate Carl made "in case of emergency". The real Dad comes back at the end, feeling hopelessly confused but determined to jump into the potato sack race -- and win. The hug they share at the end is simply precious.
  • In "Candace's Big Day" Candace had a total woobie moment when she burst into tears telling her aunt Tiana that she ruined the wedding she was planning for her because she thought everything Phineas and Ferb did was terrible and the cake was a mish-mash of different foods with a live chicken in the bottom, all with her hair and makeup in a mess until Tiana tells Candace she loved everything and that she planned the perfect wedding for her.
  • "The Lemonade Stand". In it, Candace cancels a trip to the mall with Stacy to bust her brothers. Stacy gets mad and "breaks up" with Candace. At the end, Candace decides not to bust Phineas and Ferb's lemonade stand and apologizes to Stacy. It's all summed up in this song
    • Buford of all people being the one to sympathize with Candace was strangely heartwarming as well.
  • In "Phineas and Ferb-Busters!", Norm "accidentally" spilling coffee on his replacement to save Doofenshmirtz counts both as this and a Crowning Moment of Awesome, especially considering the fact that Doofenshmirtz didn't really care about Norm until that point.

Norm: There was no rug, sir.

  • In "Nerds Of A Feather", Candace spends most of the episode dressed as Ducky Mo-Mo, which she doesn't want anyone to know about. At the end Candace reveals her identity, which earns her sound dissing. Jeremy, however, thinks Ducky Mo-Mo isn't so lame after all. Suzy runs up to her, thinking she's Ducky Mo-Mo and says "I love you, Ducky Mo-Mo!" Candace's reply: "And Ducky Mo-Mo loves you," complete with hugs. Awwwwwww!
    • Candace's whole Ducky Momo side story is one for people who have trouble giving up things they liked as kids and are children at heart.
    • When Albert said "Brother!" and helped Irving. Albert begins 'casting his spell,' and then Irving (still in his robot costume) joins him. Then they both go "Brother!" and continuing chanting the spell to fight the 'monster.'
  • The ending of "Nerdy Dancing" where Candace tells Jeremy that it doesn't matter if he's a good dancer or not, she just wanted to have fun with him.
  • The ending of "Brain Drain" in which Vanessa finally considers Doof to be cool.
    • Not to mention Perry helping his nemesis out, despite all the humiliation Doof put him through in the episode, by using the machine to make Doof bust some mad tunes on the turntable. After playing through a good chunk of his tune Doof looks down where Perry was and... he's not there, he's behind Doof and simply smiles and gives him a thumbs-up before leaving, and it turns out that Heinz was DJing by himself most of the time after Perry got him going.
  • Lawrence loves Linda so much that he's willing to let Phineas and Ferb turn him into 80s One-Hit Wonder "Max Modem" just because he's insecure that she'll prefer her glitzy Lindana lifestyle to a quiet life with him. Linda's reaction to realizing that Max Modem is Lawrence is also very sweet.
  • From "Gaming the System": Candace has just defeated the final boss using her own health bar. Unfortunately, as the massive foe stumbles backwards off the edge, he crushes Phineas and Ferb with his foot. After staring in shock at them for about two seconds, Candace rushes over, drops to her knees and cradles Phineas in her arms just before him and Ferb de-pixelate. She then throws back her head and lets out completely devastated "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" before breaking down in tears. Of course, since this is a video game, the boys only lost a life. It's a rather unusual way of showing it, but it's proof that she really does love them and would be heartbroken if she lost them.
  • It's brief, but during Ferb's completely epic and out-of-character speech in "The Lizard Whisperer", him, Phineas, and Isabella all share a side-to-side hug.
    • Actually, it's not out of character so much as it is a more direct demonstration of what is usually more subtly implied in the show: even though Phineas is the frontman and is usually given most of the credit, Ferb's the backbone and the heart to the group of kids, even though he hardly speaks!
    • In the same episode- it's a blink-and-you-miss-it, but a photo of Candace can be seen in Jeremy's guitar case. Daww.
  • The end of "Wizard of Odd" when Candace has woken up from her dream and sees Phineas, Ferb, and co. in a giant unicycle. Phineas asks if she wants to have fun with them. As she is about to try to bust them, she says, "Did you say fun?" and Ferb tells her that the most fun can be found "in their own backyard". And she sits in the unicycle next to Jeremy. As they ride off, Phineas pulls down the screen and says, "Have fun, everybody!"
  • Young Heinz, thoughtfully giving his mother a bear he won spending a year of allowance despite everything he had been put through. Turns into a Tear Jerker when she turns right around and gives it to his brother Roger.
  • Despite the zany overtones, 'Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers' can come across as quite heartwarming. After all, we usually hear Candace screeching about how she's going to bust the boys and, failing that, she usually only screams for Phineas when she's in trouble or worried, (this can even be viewed as soon as 'Ain't No Kiddie Ride', in the same episode as 'Invasion') so it's definitely smile-worthy to see her concern for her step-brother, too.
    • We also have Candace settling down with her brothers and watching a movie marathon with them. This is honestly one of the few interactions Candace has with them that does not involve busting.
    • The episode provided definite proof that, during the times Candace is not trying to get her brothers in trouble, their relationship to each other is very friendly.
  • Candace showing her brothers how to take care of "Perry's" egg in "Perry Lays an Egg". Too bad it backfires on her at the end of the episode. (Even when she does something nice, she can't seem to catch a break, can she?)
    • Ferb putting a handkerchief on the egg when Phineas mentioned it was getting cold. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • It was largely out of her own competitiveness, but Candace sticking up for her brothers in "Thaddeus and Thor". She even has her mom go back the grocery store so they wouldn't get busted (until the competition was over, at least).
    • Perry comforting Doofenshmirtz after he looses the kickball game.
  • In "The Lake Nose Monster", a bystander lampshades Ferb's Once an Episode line and then proclaims it to be boring, upon which Phineas turns to Ferb and reassures him, "I didn't think it was boring."
    • From the same episode, Candace agreeing (however reluctantly: "I'm gonna have to do the right thing here, aren't I?") to dispose of the evidence she found and help keep Nosey's existence a secret.
  • The lack of interaction between Candace and Ferb has already been noted on the Tear Jerker page... but it's worth mentioning that, due to this, the smaller exchanges are made much more adorable. Granted, opinion varies on a lot of the examples, but 'Don't Even Blink' stands out. Ferb's line of dialogue at the episode's end was a brief allusion to quantum theory and was largely Played for Laughs-- but that didn't stop it from coming across as rather consoling, in the face of another failure.
  • Also, Ferb being the one to save Candace's life in "Ain't No Kiddie Ride" is both this and awesome. He even shows his shock and fright for a moment when he sees Candace in danger.
  • One line from "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" always gets to me. "The stone age was once the future, as was the middle ages. Creativity and inventions never end!" That sums up the spirit of the show so well, especially now that we've actually seen versions of Phineas and Ferb in the Stone Age and the Middle Ages who had the exact same attitudes.

Season 3

  • The scene in "Run, Candace, Run!" when Anabelle is reunited with her family. Sure, she's a one-time character that we barely know anything about, but it's still adorably sweet.
  • In "Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama", Candace, after stealing the DVD of the boys' inventions at Buford's house, narrowly manages to come home with it. As she's about to show it to Linda, Phineas gives a big thank you to everyone in the yard, telling them that he's a really lucky guy to have such great friends and family, making Candace get all teary. She sobs out that she simply can't bust them, not on Phineas' birthday, and smashes the DVD. As it turns out, the wrench she smashed the DVD with is exactly what Phineas wanted for a birthday present. He then tells her how amazing a sister she is, and they tearfully hug. How sweet.
    • It's also one of the longest, yet least tedious hugs ever shared on television. (14 whole seconds)
    • Phineas's speech is this in itself. Get ready to get chokey:

Phineas: I just have to say, I'm a lucky guy. I mean, so far this has been a rockin' great summer. I've sure had a lot of fun. But it's not about satisfying your personal desires. It's about all of you. Being surrounded by the best family and the best friends anyone could hope to have. All the people I love, and who love me right back. Today was a great day; the best day ever.

    • And, despite how badly Candace tends to treat him:

Phineas: Aw, Candace, you're a great person. Why, if I had a nickel for every time you've done something nice for me... well, I wouldn't know what to do with that much money!

  • "Magic Carpet Ride" has this moment of sheer adorable:

Ferb: (standing on top of the TV, arms spread out, as the rug flies) Does anyone else want to be king of the world?
Phineas: (leaning on the TV with a satisfied smile) Eh, keep it, bro. It suits you.

    • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance when you realize that Ferb just might become the President. Maybe.
    • In "Magic Carpet Ride", We find out that as a kid, Doof had a painting ruined by Roger. So later, he tries to get revenge when he shows a painting during a mayor thing. But as Doof about to use his Stain inator, it's revealed to be...Doof's painting, which roger felt bad for ruining. After all the horrible things Roger has caused for Doof, this is sweet. ...Of course Doof's painting is stained again, by it doesn't matter.
    • One line from Lawrence at the end of the musical number. "Oh, thank you boys, this was lovely." Especially sweet since the boys build the flying carpet to cheer him up.
  • A small one from "Moon Farm" when Phineas and Ferb replace Candace's dried out lamb cobbler with some of their moon-made ice cream.
  • The ending to "Mommy, Can You Hear Me?" where Ferb finally manages to give their astronaut friend a Happy Birthday message. Granted the scene is done as one big shout out to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and seeing Ferb as a glowing fetus would freak out smaller children, but its the thought that counts.
    • "They did remember. Such nice boys."
  • Everyone pitching in to help Phineas and Ferb return to their old selves after they were accidentally hit by the Dull-and-boring-inator. (Okay, Candace probably did it mostly so she could have the chance to bust them, while Doofenshmirtz wasn't even aware of their plight and thought Perry was helping him, but it was still nice to see everyone working together like that.)
  • Skiddley Whiffers has Doof's overprotecting Vanessa when she's on her camping trip with her friends.
    • Doofenshmirtz using his Amusing Injuries to save his daughter and her friends. Literally, he sacrifices himself by getting stung by hundreds of bees to save them.


    • "So Candace, did you have fun with your brothers today?" "(Beat) Yes. Yes I did."
  • My Fair Goalie starts off fast with part of the extended Fletcher family getting on Ferb's case about whether or not he's still a 'true Brit'; Phineas wastes no time in sticking up for him, even though Baljeet and Buford unintentionally make that several times harder. Later in the episode-- after we've been informed of a truly bizarre curse involving emus-- Phineas goes on to provide us with this:

Phineas: Don't worry you guys, if I know my brother, he'll come through for us!

    • Not even the Bait and Switch that directly follows puts a damper on it, particularly since it precedes this:

Phineas: Ferb! You came to play!
Ferb: As long as my team will have me, curse and all.
Phineas: Of course we will! It's not about winning, it's about the joy of the game!

    • And don't forget Ferb's last line during the credits.

Actually, lads, I'm not a Brit or a Yank. I'm just Ferb.

    • Jeremy and Candace's bit towards the end. Specially because it finally reveals what was Unrevealed by the start of the season. Jeremy likes Candace because of the way she is, including crazy busting.
    • Perry placing a blanket on a sick Doofenshmirtz as he sleeps. Awww.
  • For an episode that was based on Rule of Funny-- that even called itself out on coming close to breaking Willing Suspension of Disbelief-- Bullseye! had an awfully sweet ending. All it took was one glance at his sons and Lawrence-- who had been hit by the Turn-Everything-Evil-inator/izer-- went back to being his usual Adorkable self before even 30 seconds had passed. No "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight required.
    • Over the course of the episode, you'll see Perry breathe a sigh of relief at least five times. This might seem excessive for a fifteen minute segment, but it also means that he was holding his breath for a good portion of the episode. Perry, the super secret agent with 'nerves of steel' (and several other metal themed attributes), was just that scared of losing his family.
      • Not to mention, before Lawrence was zapped by the -inator, Perry was taking his time slowly cutting his way out of the trap he was being contained in. The moment things took a bad turn he pulled out his jetpack and blasted his way out of there.
  • At the climax of "That's the Spirit!" the boys ended up hugging each other for reassurance. It's not just a quick 'Haha, that was scary!' thing, either-- the camera cuts away and then cuts back and they're still latched onto one another. Awwww.
  • Candace admiting that she enjoyed Phineas and Ferb's family Christmas special.

Linda: Hey, boys. I heard you were doing Christmas in July.
Candace: Yes, yes they were. And... and... it was actually really sweet.

  • In "Doof Dynasty", we get this brief but utterly adorable moment between Phineas and Isabella: After the boys make it to the dungeon that she's been confined in, instead of stepping away from the door so they can break in like she suggested they do, she bursts through the door and gives Phineas a massive tackle hug while saying "My hero!". Made even sweeter if you recall, earlier in the episode, that this Ancient-Chinese version of Phineas actuall does show signs of liking her.
    • This [dead link] blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment right afterwards seals it.
  • In "Perry the Actorpus" the boys get to spend the day with Perry, and even get a musical number for it. It's so nice just seeing the three having fun together and playing around for a change.
  • Even with a bully-sized hole in your heart, pretty much the entire Buford/Baljeet plot from "Bully Bromance Breakup" is sure to warm it to 1200 degrees.

Buford (to Doofenshmirtz, referring to Baljeet): There comes a time when you don’t wanna bully everyone. You just wanna bully someone you love.

    • Even thought he eventually comes to regret it, Baljeet being so happy after freeing himself from Buford's bullying that he's dancing around and singing is guaranteed to at least make you grin.
    • When Phineas was having trouble coping with not being able to invent anything, we have Ferb showing concern, including a moment with him putting his hand on Phineas' shoulder.
  • In "The Doonkelberry Imperative", Perry opts to stay and keep Doof company throughout the dangerous Druselstein driving test. Dr. D even comments on how Perry makes him feel safer during their stay in Druselstein. The whole thing is very heartwarming in its own way.

"*Sniff* Hold my hand, Perry the platypus. I'm scared..."

  • In "Meapless in Seattle", Balloony, having become one of Mitch's henchmen, remembers its past with Doofenshmirtz and turns on the robot army swarming Doof, taking down all of them but making a Heroic Sacrifice in the process.
    • Perry "reviving" Balloony and bringing it back to Doofenshmirtz, as well as the montage that follows.
    • When Phineas falls under Mitch's new cuteness, Isabella manages to snap him out of it through her cuteness. He then explains that she is basically cute on the inside as well as the outside. Things are nice and sweet until Phineas states that it is a scientific fact.
      • Although even with Phineas stating it as a scientific fact, it's still nice and sweet, with Phineas saying Isabella is cute yet again in his own way. Now if only Isabella would kiss him already, the one thing proven to break his obliviousness...
    • Candace sacrificing her phone, along with all of the evidence of the "bust-worthy" adventure they just had, in order to stop Mitch.
  • In "The Mom Attractor", Candace asks Lawrence what Linda likes, and he gets the idea to make his famous Rhubarb Creme Brulee that she likes. At the end, the titular attractor disappears, leaving only Lawrence and the Creme Brulee...

Linda: Whose idea was this?
Lawrence: Actually, it was Candace's idea.
Linda: Honey, you are awesome.


Specials and Miscellaneous

  • The entire last ten minutes of the Christmas special. Including, but not limited to, Buford's Christmas wish: for his friends to think of him as a nice guy.
    • That includes the end credits, especially the song.
    • Buford going through Danville and having everyone turn their lights on to restore Christmas. Also Clewn't manually designating Buford as "nice" after Buford's nice deed.
  • The new hour-long special "Summer Belongs To You" has quite a few:
    • Candace, Jeremy, Paris. They actually use the G- and B- words with each other.
      • Jeremy coming home early to kiss Candace.
    • Doofenshmirtz seeing that Vanessa might be a tiny bit evil, after stopping him from getting arrested by Monogram.
      • His eyes well up in tears... of pride. Aww!
    • It's a subtle one, but when Candace was singing her bit in the song "Summer Belongs To You", she ruffles Ferb's hair cutely. It so "Aaaawwwwww!"-inducing because Candace and Ferb are just stepsiblings and that that was practically the only time where they interact as brother and sister.
      • Especially the half-of-a-second bit where Ferb smiles after Candace did so.
      • What she sings makes it better. Not only is she proud of them but she thought it was merely implausible at the beginning of the journey that they would do the undoable. That's a lot of faith in their skill.

I traveled halfway 'round the world and almost turned and ran away
But you helped me get my courage back, so now I've got to say
That, though I've often thought of you as just a nuisance and a bother
Today I can't imagine having better little brothers!


And you gotta believe in something, so today I believed in you!
And you came through! We made it! I've never been so proud!
I know at first it seemed implausible
But we accomplished the impossible
Now there's something that I have to say out loud


Time is what you make of it, so take a chance!
Life is full of music, so you oughta dance!
The world's a stage and it is time for your debut!


Don't waste a minute sitting on that chair!
The world is calling so, just get out there!
You can see forever so your dreams are all in view!
Summer belongs to you!


Candace: Well, my summer's been a series of failures. I have a hard time believing in anything.
Phineas: Well, you got on this plane. You know, back when it was a plane. Which means you believed in us.
Ferb: And we believe in you.
Phineas: And therefore, through the transitive property of belief, you DO believe in yourself.

  • This interview with Wired Magazine in which they discuss one of the show's most heartwarming features:

Phineas has a habit of announcing brightly, "I know what we’re going to do today!" For Bart Simpson, that would mean a prank phone call to Moe’s Tavern; for the South Park slackers, a stream of V-Chipped obscenities (at the least). "The easiest place to go for humor is characters saying mean things to each other," says one of the show’s creators, Dan Povenmire. "But we wanted them to be genuinely nice with each other and still have some edge."

  • The Phineas and Ferb 3D online video game when you stop to think about it. You're playing the protective big brother who searches for/rescues his younger brother. Perry helping separately is endearing too.
  • This. The d'aww levels are off the charts.
  • In the "A Very Perry Christmas DVD" you can see the characters letters to Santa. Major Monogram's includes this bit:

Monogram: And finally, I'd like to request a heart for myself. Mrs. Monogram stole mine 12 years ago.


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