Phineas and Ferb/Recap/Phineas and Ferb Get Busted

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In which the titular boys build the Flying Car of the Future, today!

Except…wait, they’ve already built it when the episode starts. In fact, we appear to have come in near the end of the day. Look, there’s Perry, and there’s Candace desperately trying to drag Linda into the backyard.

“Doesn’t this ever get a little bit old?” asks Linda. And you know, she’s right. It’s always the exact same plot. Every day they do the same thing, and it’s gotten repetitive. Candace points out how she’ll look around, to where the giant tower and flying car were just moments ago, and then Linda will say…

“I see it.”

…wait, what? She sees it. She sees the flying car! And boy, is she ever pissed! They didn’t ask for permission! They were in horrible danger! WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THEY’VE BEEN DOING THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY? Oh, those boys are busted!

When it turns out that Phineas and Ferb accidentally left out a screw on their giant tower, and it collapses, destroying half of their house, that’s the last straw. Realising their sons are in danger, Lawrence and Linda send the boys to the “Smile Away Reformatory School”, which sounds like a great place. The audience is then forced to watch as the boys undergo traumatic brainwashing, as all creativity is systematically pulled out of them.

Candace, who at first enjoyed her victory, slowly finds herself missing her brothers. Life’s boring without them. And when she sees them on the news, stuck in that horrible Smile-Away place, being mind-raped by that Drill Sergeant Nasty, she realizes that was wrong. She and Jeremy take the Flying Car of the Future (Today!) and set off to bust out her brothers. Will she succeed? And where’s Perry in all of this?