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I have a brilliant idea! This "All The Tropes and Idioms" website has a namespace for "Wild Mass Guessing". If I travel to a dimension where my daily life is a popular show on television, it would be simple to make such a page for that show. Once the locals are complacent, I can enter a guess as to what the secret weakness of Perry the Platypus is, wait for one of the wild, mass responses to be confirmed, and use that weakness to defeat Perry the Platypus and take over the Entire Tri-state Area![1]

Wow, there's even this "Wild Mass Guessing" for the movie now...[2]



The whole series will end after 105 episodes.

The theme song explains that there are 104 days of summer, and it's implied (and stated by Candace in passing at one point) that Phineas and Ferb plan each one of their activities one day of the summer... one activity per episode! :O The series is really an encapsulation of one whole summer, which is why you never see any characters age! ... plus one- this, of course, excludes the Christmas episode, which takes place during winter vacation!

  • Actually, Word of God says that the next season will take place next summer.
    • What the crap kind of elementary school has summer vacations that are 104 days long, anyway? More like 74.
  • Jossed by Dan Povenmire, who says that 2 or 3 episodes might take place in the same day.

Perry the Platypus/Agent P is an implanted personality in a random platypus that was sent to a family in Danville.

Perry just wanders around on four legs and makes the chittering noise, but his eyes change more significantly and immediately than would seem natural (though he could just have a slack-jawed bored face going on because he's waiting for orders).

The trigger word could be "where's Perry", possibly canceled by "he's right here" and maybe "there you are, Perry" to keep his cover from being blown. There's not much evidence to support it, but the only evidence against is that he chittered once as Agent P in Candace's body.

  • Jossed, many episodes he's already gone before they say "Where's Perry?"
  • It could be triggered by his hat, and he simply has had his brain tweaked just enough that he can put it on in times of danger, or the hat does so itself.
    • Also Jossed. In one episode, we see him watching a soap opera, crying, and moving like a human being without his hat on.
    • For any Futurama fans, their is an episode where the scientist creates a hat that makes a monkey intelligent. Maybe he made the hats for all of the Danville animals, and then trained them to put it on when they are scared.

Every pet in Danville is a secret agent

Many animals have been shown to be agents, and the episode "Day of the Living Gelatin" reveals that Pinky is one, too. So it's possible that they all are.

  • Sort of Jossed in that the koi had to be made into agents. However, it's possible that they just didn't think that koi would be particularly useful agents and didn't bother with them in particular.
    • It did say pets, and the koi fish were wild.
  • You are overlooking the fact that the other pet platypi aren't specifically said to be agents.
  • Suzy's poodle is almost definitely not one.

Ferb's mother is an alien

Just the facts: Ferb has green hair, he can speak martian, and he is insanely intelligent. The song "She's got an Alien Heart" may not have been talking about Linda as has been suggested before, but maybe Ferb's biological mother. Ferb's mother may have abandoned the family to go back to her home planet.

The Talking Zebra Is A Secret Agent Hired by The OWCA

Ever notice how he only appears whenever Candace sees Perry in secret agent mode? Perhaps Monogram hired him so Candace would think she's hallucinating when she sees Perry in Agent Mode. That would explain why Perry knows about him in "Phineas And Ferb Get Busted"

  • Jossed In the beginning of "Nerds of a Feather," unless it's possible that he shows up so much, he really is starting to become a part of Candace's subconscious. Or maybe he just showed up to keep up the facade

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is a time traveler from a crapsack time period

In his backstories, he describes a world that sounds awfully unlike any modern English-speaking part of the world. He found or invented some way to relocate his family in time. As proof: He knew who the Baljeatles were even though this was their first concert.

  • Jossed; we see his family (mainly his brother) show up.
  • English-speaking? Who said anything about English-speaking? The only English word we've heard in flashbacks is 'no', and Doofenshmirtz has a pretty heavy accent.

Doof will use the Blow-Itself-Up-inator in "Ask a Foolish Question"

It will be plan B after not finding the keys to the "Take Over the Tri-State Area-inator". Of course, Doof will instantly lampshade why did he even build one.

    • Jossed.
    • Dr. Doofenshmirtz had to deal with explosions though, but there's no Blow-Itself-Up-Inator.

Phineas and Ferb will find a dodo bird in the series finale

Exactly one action from the songs will be left undone until the series finale in which it will be done, I am rooting for finding a dodo bird.

  • Jossed They find one in :Last Train to Bustville.

Everything's Better With Perry will be a Phineas and Doofenshmirtz Duet

  • awesome.
  • Jossed, it was sung by someone else.

Isabella's father was a firefighter.

He died saving people and that is why Isabella is so obsessed with being a good Fireside Girl.

  • Sounds like a good idea for a little sad fanfic.
    • Jossed. The Familiy Christmas Special shows that he is very much alive.
  • Phineas is actually Adam Savage and Ferb is Jamie Hyneman. The show is loosely based on their childhood together, although the events where changed to make them more believable.

Relations to other media.

In the future, Phineas and Ferb will be part of Apeture Science.

The main reason is that they build things to have more spectacle than function; a notable example is the episode where they try to cure Isabella's hiccups by building a haunted house.

Danville is somewhere near Springfield.

They're both impossible to place on a map, with monuments that should be really, really far away only a few hours drive from each other. The explanation? They're both located in that fantastically fictional state, North Takoma.

  • This. Just this. Springfield and Danville are in fantastically in a large place. Danville must be in North Takoma.
  • Or maybe Kentucky.
  • Or Springfield is in the Tri-State area! There!

Ferb's real name is Frank

His real name is Frank, but everyone calls him Ferb.

Phineas is a spark.

He had his breakthrough at the beginning of the summer, or the last day of school. If the series is in anachronic order (because it ends with "Phineas and Ferb get Busted"), it will be shown in the last episode.

    • Except of course that "Phineas and Ferb get busted" isnt the end of thr series and they dont even get busted in that episode anyway as it was all a dream.

how else would they say, make a rocket ship? find extinct animals? or even ones that don't exist? and they do all of this because Phineas is bored.

Phineas certainly acts spark-like at times, having that crazy-peppy focus right after he knows what they're going to do today, and especially in certain scenes such as the Haunted House episode's musical sequence. And he does seem to have a way with getting people to go along with him by just talking to them, most notably "Yes, yes I am".

Doofenshmirtz may also be a spark, but a weaker one. His specialty is not technology, but genetics (or something similar that involves cloning, uglyinating, and other weird biological effects), since he can't tell the difference between a Death Ray and a giant sundae machine.

    • Doofenshmirtz isn't weak at all. Heck, he can create a device that attracts wood like a magnet does metal.
    • Obviously, Ferb is also a Spark.
      • Of course not, Ferb is a construct. That's why he speaks so little and has an accent: Because it's more difficult to make something with the vocal dexterity to talk than something built just for welding and tight spaces, he has to focus a lot to do so.
    • Sorry, mis-phrased that. I meant to say he had a biology specialty, and was weaker in mechanics. And Ferb isn;t a Spark, he's a Time Lord who accidentally went to the Heterodynes' dimension and brought back Phineas. Side theory: Ferb commisioned Doofenshmirtz to build his and Phineas' family.
      • So, theoretically, Doofenshmirtz would actually succeed much more often if he stopped trying to work in your typical 'evil genius' area of mechanics and switched over to cloning an army or something?
        • He tried that. It went about as well as anything else he does.
        • Only because he decided to put a Delete All button on it, which Perry pressed. It seems to be common for Sparks to put features on their inventions because they could, no matter how silly and petard-catching said feature may be.

Rather than Sparks, Phineas and Ferb are Geniuses.

And, of course, Isabella is Phineas' Beholden, though she is rather better off than most of that sort. The reason that Perry's adventures so often end in the instantaneous cleanup of the Big Ideas is that the OWCA is devoted to monitoring Geniuses (Doof, Poofenplotz, P&F, etc), and has arranged it that way. It also handily explains why physics is merely a plaything of the characters in Danville- with at least four Geniuses (and maybe more- Baljeet built a freaking PORTAL TO MARS!) working in such close proximity, it's bound to be a Weirdness Magnet.

  • While all the Geniuses in Danville are Artificers, Phineas and Ferb (and probably Baljeet) are Staunens, while Doof is a Neid. We don't really know enough about Poofenplotz to place her.
  • Also, Phineas and Ferb have a tendency to Kitbash their wonders, which is why they fall apart after a set amount of time, usually at a point where Candace is around.
    • They build a giant airplane out of folded paper that flies them 2000 miles before disintegrating. I repeat, a folded paper airplane. Definitly kitbashing.
      • We see normal, presumably un-Inspired people interacting with P & F's inventions. See "Rollercoaster," where a bunch of children are shown riding (and therefore touching) the coaster.
      • Phineas is an unmada, with the worldview that 'Summer Belongs To You', so his wonders remain stable while within his unmada field.

Ferb accidently took The Doctor's fobwatch.

  • Ahem.
    • caused this troper to face palm before even clicking the link, cus I know exactly where it's going. Maybe Phineas IS the doctor and Ferb is the current companion.
      • So the Doctor finally got his Ginger Hair
        • And Isabella can be River
        • And considering that The Doctor seems to be getting younger and younger with each regeneration, him becoming a tween by the time he reaches his thirteenth incarnation doesn't seem too far fetched.
    • The boys are able to make their technology Bigger on the Inside. Clearly Time Lords.
    • That could explain the Time Shift episodes.

The show is set in the same world as Heroes.

This is why characters manage to get to different places so quickly. It's the same quirk of geography in Heroes.

The series is set in the same universe as The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya and Ferb is actually a Humanoid Alien Interface

  • Weird haircolour? Check.
  • Speaks almost never and only to certain people? Check.
  • And when he talks, it's just one or two words that others probably would never use? Check.
  • Extremly intelligent? Check.
  • Shows almost no emotion? Check.
  • But is very caring in the inside and does even express a crush on another character in a weird way? Check.
  • Next to an excitable person who is constantly bored and wants something to do? Check.

Come on, that are just WAY to many similarities to Nagato Yuki. He may have been sent to observe Phineas, who often has some pretty weird ideas and lots of energy. Maybe he's another candidate for godhood, besides Haruhi.

    • The problem is, Ferb is being similar to Yuki and only Yuki, whose original purpose was not as Haruhi's primary observer. The one who was originally the observer, Ryouko, had a ton of personality. And let's not forget Emiri, either.
      • Ryouko was programmed to display as many traits of the Yamato Nadeshiko stereotype as possible, but her true "feelings" were really different. Just listen to her image song. We don't know about Emiri, but it could be similar.

Note how her swimsuit vanishes in Mom Attractor between the time she starts chasing after and catches up with Linda.

    • Candace uses her own powers to keep from busting her brothers for using the powers she herself gave them. This is why the vanishing evidence trick is split second coordinated with her own actions. This can only be averted when she is up against an equal power, and only she herself is her own equal. The easiest proof of this are the many many plots that hinge on Candace not noticing that something has been switched. She will gladly run all over town, but keeps herself from noticing that she's carrying the wrong photograph all that time.
    • Phineas is the esper and is sure to always praise his sister so she doesn't make closed spaces.
    • Isabella kept a timelooped copy of the time machine and is the time traveler.
    • Jeremy only keeps up a pleasant facade. Internally he's really The Snark Knight. He's only using Candace so he can spy on her brothers. (Take note of how much more closely he watches them than her.)
    • Van Doof is the Sasaki or alternative goddess, which is why the things that Heinz and Phineas build are usually in conflict. (These things are operating as proxies of the two goddesses.)
  • Actually, the items on that list could be indicators that Ferb is a Vulcan. He has a weird hair color because the Vulcans who sent him to earth disguised him improperly. He almost never speaks because he failed to learn as much English as those around him. Being a Vulcan might also explain his extreme intelligence, and definitely explains his lack of emotion. Also explains him giving Buford the Vulcan nerve pinch. As for the crush on Vanessa, Vulcans are capable of love, at least according to Star Trek.
    • Hm... That doesn't belong exactly here, but maybe the Vulcans are an evolved form of rebelling Interfaces? They are biological and have been shown to be capable of turning against their programming (like Ryoko and latter Yuki).
  • A bit Jossed in "Invasion of the Ferb-snatchers", though we do know that he wasn't stereotypicly an alien. And he looks like his grandfather Reginald, so he might be a half-alien.
    • Actually, the episode suggests that Ferb is still a human, but invaded by an alien. In this case, Ferb is an alien, or a half one, that is.
    • Well, in the episode Ladies and Gentlemen, He is Max Modem!'s song "It is an Alien", it might hint that Lawrence had an alien girlfriend before marrying Linda. And maybe they produced Ferb.
      • To clarify the above, "Alien Heart" is called "She's/It's Alien" in Spanish.
    • Also, in the ending "Mommy Can You Hear Me?", Ferb looks very alien-like.
  • The entire series actually takes place during the Summer of the Endless Eight explaining why it lasts far more than the hundred and four days mentioned in the theme song (which is already rather long).

The boys are both reality warpers.

However, their powers are not strong enough to majorly affect anything alone. But when they both have the same idea, then they can affect everything from the laws of physics to the location of Danville.

The giant squid is Cthulhu (or rather its head- its body doesn't fit onscreen).

And THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA! is Lovecraft Country. It explains everything.

Phineas and Ferb take place in the same universe as The Venture Brothers

The OWCA is actually an experimental subsidiary of the OSI that has been working with animals as a quick and cheap way for creating a mass surge of agents. These agents are used to combat and neutralize the lowest echelons of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, specifically those who are either incredibly minor threats or the most incompetent members within the Guild.

This way, the more efficient human agents of the OSI don't have to bother with the pathetic peons that make up the lowest ranks of the Guild, and the Guild doesn't have to worry about their lowest ranked members bitching and whining about having a nemesis, as they'll be busy duking it out with their animal foes.

Related to the above WMG, Phineas and Ferb is either in the same universe as, or adjacent to, the SCP Foundation universe.

I give you the following quote from the Foundation chat logs:
<Ian_Maxwell>: Phineas and Ferb do things that stomp all over understood science. They're Keter-level themselves.

The show is set in the same world as Power Rangers Mystic Force

This is how they managed to discover something which didn't exist (at least in our realm) in the opening credits. They accidentally stepped into the Magical Realm where fantastical things do exist.

The show is set in the same world as Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour

Oddly intelligent (but non-speaking) animals, weird technology, and selective characters with really weird heads.

  • Compare Harold to Carl. Is This Troper the only one who somehow gets the feeling they're related?
    • Carl might even be related to Beth.
  • Vanessa and Gwen catch online.
  • Sierra and Irving are best friends.
  • And as of World Tour, we even have another similarity—both involve characters who can break into ad hoc musical numbers!

Perry is an Alternate Universe version of Linkara

Think about it; They have the same hat, they have groupies, main enemy is a Mad Scientist, they have an Alliterative Name, and started their series in 2007.

The organization Perry works for was founded by Osaka.

There's just no other way to explain the fact that each of its agents is an animal, or that "magical elves kidnapped Doofenshmirtz and took him to the Land of Angry Corn People" thing.

  • Sakaki was involved in the recruiting process.

Phineas and Ferb are the reincarnations of Fred and George Weasley.

It would explain how they build everything so fast—by magic. And as to how they get to places so fast, they Disapparate.

  • Word of God says that none of their projects will be "Magical" in nature.

Phineas and Ferb are supposed to be the young versions of Adam and Jamie.

Adam does most of the talking; Jamie specifically wanted him on Mythbusters because Jamie didn't think he was interested enough on his own.

Phineas and Adam both come up with most of the crazy/wild stuff, Jamie and Ferb are the ones usually shown actually designing/building something.

Candace's obsession with 'busting' is meant to be a clue.

    • Then Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet would be Kari, Tory, and Grant.
    • Phineas and Adam both have red hair. Jamie has no hair, but it might be green. And he wears a baret because he's an alien!
      • This troper loves this idea
      • Maybe, they're just both the Five-Man Band.
  • The creators said in an interview once that they watch the Mythbusters! There, it's proof!

That would make the Adam/Jamie "Fan Art" extra squicky...

The show is set in the same world as the Superman films

This also explains the lack of the laws of physics.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry represents fights in the scientific community

Is there any explanation, besides Doofenshmirtz being evil, that explain why an agency spend resources fighting a mad scientist? For me, this represents the fights in the scientific community for research. Think about it:

  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz get his work published at Evil Beat Magazine. (A Journal parody)
  • The inventions that Doofenshmirtz make are kind of helpful, for example the ray to accelerate aging for cheese.
    • Cut Lex Luthor a Check.
    • The cheese-aging ray was to help with his cheese-making hobby while taking a break from evil schemes that Perry the Platypus would just ruin anyway. Not an evil scheme in and of itself until Perry's arrival and subsequent glutting of the entire cheese made him mad enough to think of the possible evil applications, so I guess you could say that episode inverted Cut Lex Luthor a Check? (Or inverted the aversion? Double Subverted, maybe.)
  • Perry being too light with his nemesis.
  • Doofenshmirtz explanation for a fake doctorate. (Similar to the Nagib Callaos scam)
  • Doofenshmirtz Institute of Evilology (A reference to the fake IEEE scam conferences of Nagib Callaos)

After the Aglet Song, The Question panicked and attempted to convince the rest of the League to go to Danville before the Aglet Menace struck again.

I smell fanfic.

Suzy is an descendant, or at least an alternate universe version, of Darla Dimple

... Yeah.

This takes place in the same universe as Homestar Runner

Interesting animation style? check. Very popular? check. Runned by Rule of Funny? Check. Lack of physics? Check. Not very threatening villain? Check. very epic (not to mention very catchy) music? Definite check.

The show takes place in the Modern Warfare universe.

Hence the ease of access to heavy-duty hardwares.

Perry is the result of the same secret mind swapping technology as Klaus and Reginald.

The whole show is actually just Isabella's "Leave it to Beaver" fanfic

You know it'd explain so much. And create so many Dream Within-A-Dream dream's dream's dream your brain explodes.

  • This theory made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to die.

the talking zebra is an old imaginary friend of Ed's

Ed has implications of a Reality Warper, right? So, he once had a zebra as an imaginary friend. After he got tired of it, he told him to go with someone else. That explains why he keeps calling Candace Kevin; she has the same hair color as him [3]

== The Fireside Girls Are Part Of The Kids Next Door ==.

That would explain why they are expected to Wrestle alligators and build Race Cars,Time Machines, etc..

  • I demand a crossover fanfic.
    • While we are on the subject of KND, Candace was previously a remember before..well you know, and works for the teenagers, hence the busting.
  • They are obviously the Girl Scouts of the Kids Next Door. I don't however see this working for Phineas and Ferb. I mean why would they not contribute their inventions to the Kids Next Door?
    • Easy—they're a neutral party. (Notice that they didn't take part in the F Games—it would have been over before it even started) We still don't know how old they are, but it's a definite possibility that they're on the cusp of teenager-dom and don't want to put a stop to anyone's creativity once they reach that age. Or you could say that they're just building stuff FOR SCI--

Baljeet is Raj

Think about it: he's Indian, nerdy, slightly gay and shy around girls. Perhaps Raj is a nickname he picked up somewhere, or he had to change his name at some point.

  • But Baljeet's a human! Wait...we are talking about the same Raj, right?
  • Baljeet's surname is Raj, according to the "Letters to Santa" bonus feature on the DVD A Very Perry Christmas.
    • But Word of God has retracted this. Look it up, i'm lazy.
      • Actually, Word of God was that it was "Rai" and that was what was retracted. "Raj" is presumably the replacement for "Rai."

All of the main characters are alternate universe versions of The Big Bang Theory characters.

Phineas is Leonard (The Hero), Ferb is Sheldon (The Lancer), Baljeet is Raj ( like the above WMG, also The Smart Guy), Buford is Howard (The Big Guy), and Isabella is Penny (The Chick).

Phineas is related to Haruhi

Let's Take a Quiz is based on QI

They both involve speaking pretty much all the time, the answers you give aren't really the important part, and the ending of their theme songs sound similar (though that last one could just be me).

The show is set in the same universe as Hey Arnold!.

Young Isabella was caught up in that whole "It Girl" fad where people were dressing like Helga Pataki. She just stuck with the clothes despite the fad passing. Or, Isabella is Helga in a kinder, gentler alternate universe. She retains the wardrobe of the Hey Arnold universe, and the un/semi-requited crush on the lead character. But on the other hand, she has a loving, involved mother, and is well-liked by her peer group. And a different hair color. And lives in a more prosperous neighborhood.

Candace will Marry Squidward

Phineas and Ferb are AU versions of Edward and Alphonse Elric.

I don't even like Fullmetal Alchemist, nor Anime in general, it's just that everyone else seems to come up with this stuff.

Mishti is related to Matthew Patel

Albert is Batman.

He's shown to be very good with tech, and it's been shown that he can knock down doors, so he may have fighting ability. He just acts like a jerk to hide his true altruistic nature so nobody catches on.

...Stop looking at me like that.

  • Oh god that makes so much sense. No, really.

Irving grows up to be Douchey McNitpick

The OWACA (Organization Without A Cool Acronym) is an offshoot of/affiliated with SPORK (Secret Paramiutary Organized Response Kommand).

Because both employ unintelligible but highly skilled animals with Nice Hats in the pursuit of mad scientists.

Danville is very close to Sunnydale.

When the Rollercoaster Musical Episode happened, Sweet was paying Sunnydale a visit.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is a parallel universe Doctor Insano.

Multiple choice past? Check.Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain? Check.A card-carrying villain Played for Laughs,his nemesis has a cool hat, and is responsible for many WMGs? Check,check and check.

The entire series is Dib's delusion, when/if he finally cracks.

Just think. Phineas is his inventive, scientific, smart, and curious side. Ferb is his secluded, silent, and goth-girl (Gaz) relating side, and also the book-smart one. They both have an interest in the paranormal, as evidenced in "Get That Bigfoot Outta My Face" or "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" Candace is his, well, "busting" side, a projection of his obsession about Zim. She never busts anyone, neither did Dib. Doofenshmirtz is obviously Zim, a watered-down and less threatening version. Perry is his heroic image of himself as "savior of the Earth." The missing parents and broken families represent his awful family life. The happy atmosphere is exactly the opposite of what his world is like, creating sort of a haven for his bruised and battered mind.

"Out of Toon" took place on a Friday.

C'mon. Dr Doofenshmirtz mentioned "getting down" a lot...

  • I just died.

Phineas is Pyramid Head

I'm just going by head shape.

The show is an alternate reality version of Dexter's Laboratory

Phineas is Dexter; they are are both genius children with red hair. Candance is Dee Dee; both are annoying older sisters who meddle with Phineas/Dexter's creations. Linda is Dexter's mom, they are oblivous to their sons' intellect and they look very much alike. Lawrence is Dexter's dad, they look alike too. Ferb doesn't match anyone though.

  • No, wait! Lawrence isn't Dexter's dad, because Lawrence isn't Phineas's or Candace's biological father. In the P&F universe, Dexter's mom gets married twice.

P&F are in the American Dad universe.

The smart animals work for Stan Smith's CIA and Lawrence Fletcher is a MI-5 agent.

The Fireside Girls are connected to the Junior Woodchucks.

Both have a handbook containing knowledge on everything ever, and their members have a tendency to be affiliated with main characters.

  • The only problem being that one exists in a humans-only universe and the other in a...Disney world. Quack Pack partially averts this, but Pn F never shows Disney-Folk.
    • "Disney Anthros" Earth is another planet, possibly the origin of the OWCA's founders. The Fireside Girl and Junior Woodchuck Handbooks are offshoots of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tailored to the organization's planet by the group's leaders.

Phineas and Ferb will make a shout-out to Angry Birds.

Perry does look like a potential Angry Bird, doesn't he?

  • Been watching Conan, eh?
    • No, just some post saying that he thought that Perry was an Angry Bird.

Doofenshmirz had FairyGod Parents as a child.

Think about it:

- Misrable Childhood? check

- Abusive Parents? check

This is why his childhood makes little sense. He has gaps in his memory that involded his fairies.

There are three possible canidates as to what his fairies where

1. Ballony: this is why Ballony was Doofenshmirz's best friend, he way his fairy dicised as a ballon (a fairy with a wird face, at that.) The reson he floated away was because young Heinz accidently revealed his fairy. The reson Ballony changed was because he is know just a nomal ballon.

2. Doof's Giant pet cockroach, Hoarfrost: This is why Hoarfrost was what made Doofenshirz's childhood barable, he was Doof's Fairy Godparent

3. Ocelots: They where his parental substitutes, after all

Candace, Phineas and Ferb are demigods.

Candace and Phineas are the children of Apollo, who met their mom while she was doing her "Lindana" thing. That's why they're so musically talented (seriously, Candace can play every instrument that begins with the letter 'b' and then some!) and can turn life into a musical at a moment's notice. Bonus points for Candace's crush on a guitar player. Ferb? Well, with his super-smart history-buff dad and his two main interests being reading and architecture, he's obviously a son of Athena. His hair was honey-blonde, but he dyed it green.

  • I smell a Fanfic!
  • Forgot to mention that Candace is described as "flighty and unfocused" (ADHD, anyone?) while Phineas, despite being a genius, writes the letter "P" backwards in his own name—a telltale sign of dyslexia.
    • It's only once. In "Oil on Candace" Phineas' signature had the letter "P" facing the right way.
    • Well, dyslexics aren't consistent with their mistakes. - OP
  • Further evidence:
    • As mentioned in another WMG, "Phineas" and "Candace" are names derived from Greek. (Ferb's name, too, could be derived from Greek—after all, we don't know what it's short for.)
    • Phineas is interested in such things as Trojan War reenactments and Greek-style chariot races. Despite being practically fearless, he reacts with fear when confronted with what he thinks is "the Minotaur!" (Coincidentally, the Minotaur was one of the first monsters Percy Jackson faced.)
    • In The Movie Ferb is shown to have fallen asleep reading The Odyssey. (In the original Greek?) He's also the one who (quite randomly) informs Phineas that "gladiators were Roman, not Greek."
    • The statue of Medusa resembles Candace, and when you consider that Everyone Is Related in Greek mythology...
    • In The Lost Hero, Jason is commenting on a few of the surrounding cities (in California), and he happens to mention "Danville".
    • The original Phineas from Greek mythology appeared in The Son of Neptune. On the day of the book tour that this detail was announced, Vincent Martella made a guest appearance. Phineas' scene in the book mentions the name "Perry" for no particular reason.
  • The boys and Candace have been safe from monsters so far because of a) Perry the Platypus, b) the boy's building abilities (they'd mow those demons down), c) Some Mysterious Force, or d) all of the above. Besides, they'd rather spend their summers in the backyard then at Camp Half-Blood, and as long as they're taken care of, right?

== Perry's Dream Within a Dream Was caused by the Dream-Lord. == It seem's like something he would do.

== Meap is a Plumber. == He's the local plumber in the vicinity.

The Tristate area is in the same universe as Adventures in Odyssey

A recent episode of AIO involved a teen girl getting frustrated with her job and leaves town. Whit and Wooten find her at a doughnut shop that has the best doughnuts IN THE ENTIRE TRISTATE AREAAA!!!

Phineas and Ferb get all their building supplies from BLU.

And Doofinshmirtz is a RED stockholder. That's why he's often indirectly responsible for many of the boy's inventions disappearing. Associating with RED immedeatley pits you against anyone associated with BLU. Besides, only Blutarch Mann would be crazy enough to sell any of that stuff to 10-12 year olds.

Thaddeus and Thor are just Phineas and Ferb from the Mirror Universe.

Danville is where Recess actually takes place

In Recess, it's never been revealed what town the characters live in. It could possibly be Danville. Both shows have a red-haired smart girl with glasses named Gretchen, and P&F Gretchen might be the daughter of Recess Gretchen (maybe). Both shows exist in the Disney Channel Animated Universe, so it could be possible, and both shows have featured mirror doubles of the cast. Phineas and Ferb had Thaddeus and Thor, while the Recess gang (and everyone else at Third Street School) had the kids at 98th Street School. And during the brief moment where we can see Phineas and Ferb standing outside their school during "My Undead Mummy and Me", from what we see of it, they might be attending Third Street School (With a slightly different paint job- might've been from after the Recess gang left).

The Tri-State Area/Danville

Danville isn't in any particular location; it teleports somewhere else daily.

How else could it be one or two hours' drive from Mount Rushmore one day and near the Smithsonian the next? The question isn't "where the hell is Danville?" It's "where the hell will Danville be tomorrow?"

  • Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus keep moving Danville during their battles, and everyone is just used to it.

Danville is on an alternate, smaller Earth.

It has many of the same important locations, such as Mt. Rushmore and The Smithsonian, within a couple hours driving distance of a town that, according to Doofeschmirtz's wall map, appears to be somewhere around South Dakota or southern Minnesota. Mount Rushmore could be that close to somewhere in those states, but the Smithsonian can't without major geographical twisting...

The mom had a hit single that was being translated into some twenty-odd languages, so she must be known in at least twenty countries with different primary languages....

The cars in Danville are much better than in the real world.

That way a driving distance of a couple of hours encompasses an area of several hundred miles, solving any geopgraphical discrepancies the show might otherwise have.

  • Phineas' mom's car was also identified by Isabella as "a massive source of power", even after they used its battery to power a homemade space shuttle's battery, though I don't know if this was before or after they first modified the car.
    • Um, The "Massive power source" was Doof's Giant robot, But Phineus and Ferb could not see the giant robot, so they assumed it was the car.
    • After, if the episodes' airing date is anything to go by.

Elaborated on this previous Guess, Danville is really a fabricated town for budding Mad Scientists, and the OWCA exists to stop the evil ones and protect the rest of the world.

It was mentioned on the main page, so I slipped it in here. Phineas and Ferb seem to be budding prodigies. It certainly explains why Doof only focuses his plans on "the Tri-State Area."

OWCA founded Danville.

The organization is a lot older than it seems. They built a secret headquarters underground to fight the British. Animals were originally used as messengers and spies. Native American shamans worked for OWCA as animal translators. The OWCA manipulate/influence earlier settlers to found the town of Danville as protection. Or the settlers decided to found the town, totally unaware of a secret base underneath them, but OWCA uses it as an alibi. After America won, the OWCA moved to fighting other kinds of evil.

Danville was founded by Druselsteinian immigrants.

It would explain why so many of the characters seemed to have ancestors living in Druselstein as shown in the episode The Monster of Phineastein and Ferbgor as well as why Candace and Princess Baldegune look so much alike.

  • Why not just assume that Baldegune and Candace's mothers are identical twins? This would explain the Druselsteinian elements in Linda's cooking. (Or she could have picked that up from the immigrants or her own time abroad.)

Danville is located in New York, or at least close to New York.

Since in the hoverboard game in the official website, there's the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. building when you choose "New York" as the location. And in Summer Belongs to You, the gang passed the Statue of Liberty seconds before they landed at Danville.

    • Note that in real life "tri-state area" most commonly refers to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut (or at least that's what Google searches lead me to believe).
      • It's also worth noting that the borders on the map of the Tri-State Area in "Flop Starz" don't coincide with any real borders, except maybe a stylized depiction of the borders of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa.

The Tristate area is actually every Tristate area.

This is based on the WMG above about the world the show takes place in is actually much smaller than our world. Why isn't Dr. Doofenshmirtz ever shown to be at war with the U.S. whenever he takes over a small portion of it? Because the Tristate area is actaully all Tristate areas and thus he's actaully taking over the world.

It would certainly fit his sense of humor by referring to the entire country by term for a small region.

2013 Feature Film

A tiny hint on Phineas's real dad and Ferb's real mom will be revealed in the feature film.

It'll just be epic.

Phineas joins the OWCA

The film will deal with Phineas and Ferb, played by their voice actors, as young adults not adjusting to the world of adults, which doesn't value imagination and cleverness. They'll join the OWCA for a few reasons, but primarily because the agency makes them feel appreciated. By the end of the movie, let's say, Isabella finds out, and the Agency tries to force him to relocate. Instead he decides the Agency was just using him and quits.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz will remarry Charlene by the end of the feature film.

Heinz will finally figure out that he did something wrong and Charlene will forgive him.

  • Can't say anything definite, since we don't know a lot about the movie, but that seems a little like a Broken Aesop or a Family-Unfriendly Aesop in this context. If you look up Mrs. Doubtfire on the latter's page, you'll see a point about how "Sometimes, people are better parents if they are divorced.", which fits the show itself, since it was an attempt to portray a happy blended family. In Heinz and Charlene's case, the Family-Unfriendly Aesop page also covers another point: it would give a false hope to kids whose parents have divorced. So I'm not prematurely saying that this is Jossed, I'm just trying to think it all the way through—you know, because the writers think of everything.

Doof will save the day more directly this time

The film is going to be Roger Rabbit-esque apparently, and presuming that Doof might still have his memories, or faint imprints of them, from Across the 2nd Dimension, I doubt he's going to let someone destroy Phinease and Ferb, and I seriously doubt he's going to let Perry the Platypus be destroyed either way.


Perry will save the day

The movie will just be like an extra long P&F episode, with some of the characters (Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry and Doof being the bare minimum) being accidently being dumped in the real world in a fish out of water situation, but with Doof either being a bit more dangerous than usual, or a bigger villian appearing, threatening Phineas and Ferb. Que a dynamic entry by Perry, with a big long fight scene, to the tune of the extended Perry Theme. Maybe even have it be a two on one, Perry and Doof vs the other villian.

Peter the Panda was a fake built to get Perry out of Doofeschmirtz's business.

He only destroyed the decoy freeze ray and was meant to be deactivated afterwards. When Doofenshmirtz realized that he couldn't stand not having Perry in his life, he staged the nemesis talk show and told the panda-bot to "make it look good." It went overboard thanks to vague instructions.

  • Except he's shown up again, in the "Robot Rodeo" episode, when Dr. Doofenshmirtz would not have needed a panda agaent robot. He seems like the real deal.
  • Or perhaps when Doofenshmirtz gave Pandabot the order to "make it look good" the robot took it too literally and continued its work for Major Monogram, gaining his own nemesis in the proceess once he was reprogramed by the Major. Or Doof sent it to spy on the Major's activities but it failed because well, its Doofenshmirtz.

The Zebra and others like him are employed by the agency Perry works for to keep the people who own the agents from discovering them.

Ever notice how the Zebra tends to only show up after Candace sees Perry in agent mode? That's because he makes Candace think she's hallucinating, causing her to dismiss the incident entirely.

  • This... this just makes so much sense. How did I never see it?
    • Jossed; In 'Nerds of a feather' he showed up at the beginning, with no indication prior to the start of the episode that she saw Perry as a secret agent.
      • Not jossed. That was just one time. Maybe he likes to mess with Candace when he's not on the job. Alternatively, they put a monitoring chip in her brain to tell when she see's perry, and she was just dreaming about him. But he came that whole way so he didn't want to waste the trip for a false alarm so he talked to her anyway.
      • Seemingly jossed in the movie when we see him in another reality reading a newspaper with a headline mentioning Kevin winning an election, and the subject of the article's photo appears to be a silhouette of Candace. This suggests that he's a dimension-hopper and thinks all Candaces are named Kevin.

Doofenshmirtz was a failed OWCA Superhuman Experiment

He has so many different backstories of his childhood, and many of them contradict each other. Was he raised by Ocelots? Was he loved or hated by his parents?

This could mean that, before he met his first girlfriend Elizabeth, he was in a OWCA program to create a new Super Soldier. The program went defunct, and they had to wipe and rewrite all of Doofenshmirtz's memories. He still has some hidden powers, and OWCA still consider him a threat, so they set up their number one agent, Agent P, to hunt him down and keep him from using those powers.

  • The video of Doofenshmirtz rollerskating into the toilet was likely a test for superhuman abilities; after the experiment's failure, it was disguised as a viral video so that no one would suspect the truth.
  • Alternate theory: Doofenshmirtz used to work for OWCA as their top scientist. Carl was his apprentice. However, he was always under-appreciated by everyone in the organization, especially from Major Monogram, except Carl (but he technically doesn't count because Heinz finds him somewhat annoying). He and Perry were close friends, Perry was the only one who ever cares for him. Perry might even have been his "lab animal" (each agent has a scientist), or they were both colleagues while Perry was human (see WMG way below). One day, he hopes to get promoted, but Carl is the who got it, to both Carl and Heinz's surprise. Fed up with lack of respect and recognition, he fled the agency and stole all of their equipment. Perry was shocked and upset when he hears about this. That's why it became his mission to stop Doofenshmirtz's schemes, because he still sees him as his friend, which is why they always appear as close friends in the show. He hopes to somehow get him to rejoin OWCA.
    • Jossed. Carl is an intern, so he can't have stolen a promotion. Also, we've seen Perry and Doofenshmirtz's first encounter, when he was already a villain.
  • Yeah, this alternative theory has my vote.

Phineas rebuilt his parents' car already.

Police don't believe that a car that looks like that could go hundreds of miles per hour, and so they ignore the radar guns.

  • Another possibility is that they rebuilt the car into some sort of TARDIS. I refer you to the racecar episode when Ferb is seen stuffing a massive engine into the relatively tiny car. If they could hide a huge amount of machinery under the hood, the car could go much faster, thus allowing for widespread travel.
    • As a Doctor Who fan I like this...and toy with ideas like Time Lord tech was used in the Haunted House and Fort episodes

Candace and Perry the platypus are mind-linked in some way.

Candace has a dream within one of Perry's dreams, and the zebra that calls her Kevin shows up, which Perry is unlikely to know about otherwise. Perry is much more intelligent than the average platypus, and it's quite possible that this is why- especially if it's something that the agency did to gain secret agents, and all of the agents have such a link with one of their owners. It probably has something to do with the hat. Candace has been shown, in extreme circumstances when panicked or otherwise stressed, to be extremely inventive and physically adept (once beating Doofenshmirtz's world cup-stacking record to get her mother out of the kitchen), and would likely be more Sparky than Phineas himself if not providing the power for Agent P's mind. This would also explain why Candace and Perry switched minds so easily.

    • That should also explain the dream in "Wizard of Odd", since Perry appeared when Candace woke up, it might be the dream of both of them.
    • It would also explain why a lot of the time when Perry foils Doofenshmirtze's plot it ends up making Phineas and Ferb's project disappear; because subconsciously Candace doesn't want the boys to be caught (because if she's not busting the brothers then... Who is Candace?).
    • I assume that this mind like was created when Candace and Perry swiched bodies.
    • They're both devoted to stopping the plans of someone(s) who can build physics-defying devices

Aren't you a little young to be invading a planet? Why yes. Yes we are. By earth standards.

  • Simply put, the Flynns are aliens. Or at least Ferb's side of the family.
    • First; when Max Modom sings 'she has an alien heart' for Lindana, does this sound very romantic unless you realise that he is an alien and that to him, her heart is alien?
    • Second; apparently, Phineas and Candace are on one side of the family and Ferb's their stepbrother. Why haven't their parents had another kid? Incompatible biology that's why.
    • Third; As demonstrated by Doofenshmirtz, aliens can be summoned by guitar music. The entire family is extremely gifted musically, and we can see each of them playing a guitar at at least one point.
    • Fourth; Phineas only seems to be the driving point, the brother who motivates Ferb. Ferb is the real genius of the two (in the future episode, Ferb wins a nobel prize while Phineas runs a camp). If Phineas ever works it is beside Ferb, never alone. As we can see, Ferb fixes Meep's spaceship really quickly, and accomplishes feats impossible for a boy his age without changing his expression. Because he is wearing a mask, and therefore incapable of expression.
      • In the future episode they say Phineas is at Camp in...He's the President of the United States.... though that doesn't necessarily say much about intelligence it IS better than running a camp
        • Um, actually, FERB was at Camp David and PHINEAS was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Do I really have to say more here? Given the fact that Ferb's dad doesn't even blink when he discovers the boys have turned the garage upside down, and the speed at which his grandfather adjusts to having his legs on backwards (maybe their legs are fake?) it's clear that Ferb's side of the family are aliens.
  • I'm not quibbling with the underlying theory, which certainly would explain a few things, but just to clarify: being at Camp David is really REALLY not the same thing as "running a camp," plus it was Ferb that was at Camp David (see other WMGs about Vanessa becoming the President) while Phineas was receiving a prize in Switzerland (presumably not the Nobel since that's in Sweden).
    • I like the above troper, he or she makes me happy

Doofenshmirtz is an Unreliable Narrator

  • His backstories are tainted by his recollection of how they happened, rather than how they actually happened, or may even be completely made up to make a better excuse motivation for his plot du jour.
    • This neatly accounts for the contradictions between his flashbacks.
    • Was his mother's love really inexplicably linked to kickball, or did Roger just get enough attention due to winning kickball trophies to make it seem that way?
      • Probably the latter.

The Talking Zebra that calls Candace "Kevin" is the omnipotent being responsible for all the Contrived Coincidences

The zebra is simply a form that won't break Candace's brain. In keeping with the idealistic tone of the show, it's completely benevolent. It knows that Phineas and Ferb getting busted would lead to the Bad Future from 'Quantum Boogaloo' and wants to keep that from happening. He feels bad about making Candace fail nearly every day, so makes random good things happen to her as often as he can.

Mitch is an immature specimen of Meap's species.

Since Meap is a galactic-level amalgamation of Perry and Candace, it only makes sense that Mitch is a galactic-level amalgamation of Doofenshmirtz and Phineas. Their species increases in the human qualifications of Cuteness as they age, sort of like giant pandas or wallabies, and, most importantly, what he says after Meap takes his Universal Translator Moustache.

    • I always figured Mitch was in a mechanical suit of some sort.
      • It's not mutually exclusive.
      • "Meapless in Seattle" confirms the mechanical suit guess.

Doofenshmirtz was a fake in the Meap episode.

He did fall to his death, but that's okay. It was blatantly obvious that he couldn't be the real Doofenshmirtz, since he didn't name the invention of the day the Sock-Static-Suitinator. Probably just some copy or other using the real Doofenshmirtz's Static-electro-amplificinator in conjunction with its own invention (everyone knows how staticky those things can get when too much drying powder is added).

  • Clearly, it was a Doof-Bot.
    • Assuming the real Doof made it, wouldn't it be a Doofinator? Then again, Norm was never an -inator...
    • Or maybe a Negative Continuity -inator!

Doofenshmirtz is Future!Phineas.

His "evil schemes" are actually time travel aided plans to make sure that Phineas and Ferb never get busted (gotta avoid those pesky time paradoxes!). It would explain the similarities in facial features, their affinities for creating crazy gadgets, and Doof's attraction to Vanessa's mother (she looks just like his mom!)

  • Alteratively, Doofenshmirtz is still Future!Phineas
  • Alteratively, Doofenshmirtz is still Future!Phineas, but after a summer activity sent him back in time and scrambled his memory, hence why both of his "parents" didn't show up for his birth. He only has a vague inkling as to what to do each day and does them to complete a Stable Time Loop. Furthermore, this explains why Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated's building looks like Ferb's head.

Platypode are incredibly common in the Phineas and Ferb Earth.

They're like cats- a popular house pet (and not illegal), strays all over the place, introduced to all different places in the world by humans. (Taking the analogy of this guess at face value implies mountain platypions, although Platypustet would be awesome.)

  • Jossed, sort of, in the episode "Oh, There You Are, Perry." Candace is looking for Perry, and runs into someone with a pet beaver. Candace finds this weird, but the other woman tells her that a pet platypus is just as weird, which Candace agrees with.
    • but in that same episode, Phineas says that "everyone knows that platypi are suppose to stay inside at night" not only implying that this is common knowledge but since they're suppose to stay inside would also insinuate that many people own platypi.
      • Or that platypi goes into burrows at night.
    • My little corner of Fanon assumes that it's like the cat people <-> dog people thing in Real Life. Platypode are more like cats, and beavers are comparative to, say, an unusual breed of dog. ("You have a pet dachshund? That's a bit odd, aren't they usually for winnowing small game from their burrows?" "You have a pet cat. Aren't they usually used for... I don't know, keeping down mice and not doing much?" "Touché.") Isabella's chihuahua is comparative to a chinchilla. Somewhat unusual, but not really something that comment-worthy since they're primarily known for being pets (especially since a chihuahua-fur coat would be nowhere near as silky as chinchilla-fur). But I'm probably overthinking it (Doesn't Really Bug Me: Why is it that MST3K Mantra and creating elaborate webs of Fanon are the best, or at least most common ways to think about Phineas and Ferb, and not the middle ground?)
    • Maybe the woman finds a pet platypus weird because they're usually wild.

The creators read TV Tropes

Really, have you got a better explanation?

  • The Steve convention in 'The Lizard Whisperer' may suggest this.
  • Also note what appears to be Conversational Troping (specifically, Hoist by His Own Petard) in this interview (about 7:05).
  • For even more proof, the first 5 minutes of the movie was shown an Comic Con. The first song is called "Everything's Better With Perry". Now what trope does that remind you of?
  • In "Isabella and the Temple of Sap", Gretchen uses a certain word to get a "Saying A Word No One Else In The Room Knows" patch. The word? Sesquipedalian. Really, where else could they have gotten that from?
  • A dictionary? A trivia book of obscure words? A Classical Languages class?
  • Confirmed by way of this troper sending Swampy an email asking if this was true. It is.
    • Which now brings up the follow-up question: How much of "one of us" are they?
      • Maybe they'll mine Wild Mass Guessing when they start to run out of ideas.
  • I mean, a troper always dreams of this, especially one that loves it when writers take and interest in their fans.... I wonder how many of the ideas everyone loves are theirs?
    • In Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon, Dr. Doofinschmirtz says it is too soon to make a Call Back. That is all.

Conk (the caveman) was just a frozen hobo.

He understands and speaks English, mostly, even if it is broken.

All the young girls in Danville (except Isabella) have the hots for Baljeet.

The reason why Milly and Katie kept removing Ginger's "I just saw a cute boy" patch - they want Baljeet to themselves.

Major Monogram has a personal vendetta against Doofenshmirtz.

How else to explain all the times he sends Perry after him when Doof isn't actually doing anything bad?

  • This might relate to the WMG way above.

Suzy has 'friends on the other side'

This actually makes sense, as there's cannon proof that she's just faking that cheerful disposition, and the fact that she's the closet thing to an actual evil villain on the show (Doofenshmirtz is a Harmless Villain, and Candance wouldn't bother trying to bust the boys in 90% of the series haven't her own mother didn't play favorites)

  • What she uses it for? To keep her brother safe for man eaters(sans herself), and to hide her true natures to everyone, and going out of control.
  • However, she only pays with Jeremy's girlfriends, thus her true nature is only shown to Bullies and the people she's trying to pay them with. More so with the former, due to karma.

Part of all of Perry's missions is to make sure none of the boys' inventions are ever seen by their mother

Hence why 90% of all their things are for some reason gotten rid of by Perry's spy missions. Why? Two reasons:

  1. Seeing how she overreacted to the boys making these things, causing things to go horribly wrong in the 'What If' episodes, he decided to prevent that from happening.
  2. The spy base are the only characters aware of the Fourth Wall, so they figured it was the only true pinpointed way to end the series. They want the series to run long enough that people won't shout 'Too Good to Last' once it ends. That, and give the older people something to watch on that channel that isn't live action sitcoms.
    • The show's creators don't just voice Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz; they are them. The daily battles-of-good-and-evil are all a pretense to ensure the plot continues.
    • That would explain why Perry always leaves immediately after Phineas has said: I know what were gonna do today! - He's only waiting for Phineas to decide on a project, so he knows what sort of oversized contraption he's supposed to move out of sight later that day.
    • Perry doesn't always do that, but that's the general way of things.

Johnny from Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together is Jeremy's older brother.

By somewhere on the order of ten months to a year and a half. We know nothing about Jeremy's family, and even less about Johnny's, but Jeremy's parents are fine will the Alliteration, and I see nothing that prevents them from having named their son Jeremy Johnson only because Johnny Johnson was taken by his elder brother. And while they don't quite have a Strong Family Resemblance, Johnny almost definitely dyes his hair (though whether he just dyes the purple streak, or dyes all of it is to be determined) and looks more like Jeremy than Candace's kid in the future who's supposed to look a lot like Jeremy, so there's enough resemblance there for it to be plausible. The possibility exists that they are fraternal twins, but I highly doubt that they are in the same grade (though differing social groups could account for the lack of crossover) and have deemed circumstances that one or the other would have been held back or skipped a grade to be implausible (in this guess? Who'd have thought it?). He also says "Hey, Vanessa" and "Hey, [name], is that your [family member] [engaged in unusual activity]?" As well as the way he compliment the party Doofenshmirtz threw for her that seems similar to the way Jeremy states the things Candace or her brothers do are cool (it's not much, but he only shows up for about eight or ten seconds in the entire series so far).

  • There's a little more known about Jeremy's family, but none about Johnny's. It's possible. If you do the math, Candace is 15, and mentions that Jeremy is a year older than her. Johnny could be around 17 or 17 1/2 and still be in high school (and still be dating Vanessa, who is a little older than Candace).

Vanessa isn't Doofenshmirtz's daughter by blood.

Assuming the Doofenshmirtzes were already together by the time she was born and Charlene isn't just in a run of failed relationships like Doofenshmirtz, this may be the cause of Heinz and Charlene's separation. Vanessa has neither the Doofenshmirtz nose nor her mother's, and Dr. D. recieves alimony and acts as wanting of Vanessa's approval because of this. The "best dad ever" thing in Finding Mary McGuffin was important to him as much because of the "dad" part as it was the "best" part, and Vanessa's approval would (apart from her personally respecting him) mean that there is at least one exception to everyone in his family abandoning him and giving him no respect. Vanessa probably doesn't know this.

Buford has gay parents.

Recall the naming of his goldfish? Buford stated he named his goldfish Biff 'after his mother'. Biff is regarded as a male's name, and while this was most likely the joke, it makes you wonder...

  1. Let's not also forget, he immediately had a distaste for even THINKING about kissing Baljeet in the Christmas special, maybe he's offended about it? We never see his parents.
  • Jossed. His mom actually made an appearance in "Not Phineas and Ferb".
  • He would still have a biological Mom, but maybe he also has two Dads.
    • Nope. It's his mom. Linda calls her "Biffany" at the very end of "Not Phineas and Ferb".
      • He could have two moms.
      • A troper implies the above WMG because he named his goldfish after his mother, which, as it turns out, Buford has a mother whose name seems to be "Biff", short for "Biffany". U Nless if there's a reason for him to have two moms...
        • Sex change operation?

Vanessa will become the President

In the time travel episode, we find out Ferb is at Camp David for some reason. He'd be too young at the time, plus he's British, so he couldn't be the President. However, Vanessa would meet the requirements. Ferb must have managed to marry Vanessa, who was later elected President.

  • Camp David is FULL of people who aren't the President. Ferb could be a member of the President's cabinet, a member of the President's secret service detail, a politician or supporter meeting with the President, or ever a member of the media covering the President. Hell, he could even be there as a janitor or plumber. "Being at Camp David" does not automatically mean "he must be President."
    • This troper used to work at the Pentagon. That doesn't mean that he was the Secretary of Defense.
  • Jossed, at least the part about Ferb being married to Vanessa. If Ferb was married to Vanessa in the future, Future Candace would not have been wondering "Who is Doofenshmirtz?!" when she came to the bad future; otherwise, she'd be familiar with the Doofenshmirtz name due to knowing Vanessa as her sister-in-law.
    • She doesn't necessarily have to know her sister-in-law's maiden name. I don't know my brother's wife's.
      • And it's probably fairly easy to remember. Keep in mind: Candace couldn't remember the word "aglet," you think she can remember "Doofenshmirtz?!" ;-)
    • Also a recent episode had a gag where the staff of a fast food restaurant was unable to remember Doof's name, even after he told them he was the mayor's brother (and they had no trouble with Roger's name). Candace could've had the same problem.
    • It is strange that Candace would forget that there was a mayor Doofenshmirtz during her teen years. What about she knew all three Doofenshmirtz: Her sister in law, the (possibly) former mayor and Ferb's father in law. It is also likely she would not know about either of them being secretly evil. Then actually knowing all the three Doofenshmirtz would make her question valid as she would have no idea as to which of the three the people were referring to.
    • Or maybe she simply detached herself from the family. Her father IS a mad scientist, after all.
      • And her mom never believes her.

Vanessa changes her name and becomes eeevil dictator of the United States. ...In the Good Ending.

Evil doesn't have to be bad, and the Doofenshmirtz name was (in Vanessa's mind) inextricably bound with the theme of inept, petty eeevil. The presidential stuff was all kept, like Camp David and the White House, since they're pretty nice digs for an Affably Evil dictator. Of course, she had to hire the green-haired British kid (who was at this time around twenty) who kept helping her with her evil schemes in previous years, since he was cool in her book and a political genius on top of that (@Verbshippers: relationshippy stuff may have subsequently occured. Everyone else, ignore that last statement). The Good Future is not, however, the Perfect Ending, as Doofenshmirtz is still ineptly trying to defeat Perry the Platypus for petty eeevil reasons (the cause of Vanessa distancing herself more and more).

  • I think you're confusing evil with darkness.

The part of Phineas And Ferb Get Busted where Perry gets relocated was separate from the rest of the episode.

The hallucinogenic moss experience from the Badbeard episode gave Candace the "Perry is a secret agent" mind worm, and Perry's nightmare was the result of Candace telling the family about the dream that morning potentially leading to him being called off from the mission. This explains Kevin. It was All Just a Dream, but most of the episode was Candace's doing, not Perry.[4]

Some semi-omnipotent force is manipulating the fate of Doofenshmirtz.

The crazy coincidences are far too odd to be sheer coincidence. Some higher force is manipulating Doofenshmirtz and Perry so that they'll nearly always clean up the boys' inventions. In fact, unlike other forces on this page, this force has been doing this to Doofenshmirtz since he was born. It's reason is simple: Phineas and Ferb create an incredible future, they will never stop making inventions, and if they're ever found out, they'll stop. So, this force stole Doofenshmirtz's Lawn Gnome for the greater good.

  • You mean... Like some sort of a cosmic writing staff, that wants to keep the universe going for another season and need to keep Phineas, Ferb, and anyone who cares about them (except Candace, mostly) in a good mood? That's a bit far-fetched, don't you think?
    • This is WILD mass guess. No theory is too far-fetched!
    • From the standpoint of, were the world not fictional, then, but still unchanged.
  • If that force has a name, then that name could only be God.
    • Or Santa Claus. In the Christmas special he manipulated Doofenshmirtz and all of the other major characters to set up a chain of events which would end with all of them having achieved their Christmas wishes. Too bad Isabella is Jewish, and therefore didn't make her own Phineas-related request to Santa...
  • If not for the "since Doof was born" clause, that force could be Phineas and/or Ferb themselves, subconsciously keeping their fantastic adventures confined to afternoon amusement. Hey, they're already Reality Warper material...
  • As of the movie, Candace believes that there's a "mysterious force" causing all the inventions to be cleared away (and in the deleted scenes, there's a whole song about it).

Peter the Panda was an actor hired by Doofenshmirtz.

Remember the speech he made after he and Perry made up? He STAGED the new nemesis thing AND talk show to get all the agents together. The shot of Peter and Doof fighting? That's the beginnings of Peter's Becoming the Mask.

Judge Doom is Doofenshmirtz's grandfather

That's right, Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is Doofenshmirtz's grandfather. When Dr. Doof screams in panic and terror, he sounds indistinguishable from Judge Doom. Dr. Doofenshmirtz looks exactly like Doom would've looked like under the mask; the hair, the facial shape, the crazy eyes, the lanky frame.

  • On his mother's side, or his father's side?
    • More likely his father's side, since he's the meaner one, but if you talk about genetics, it's his mom, since they have the same nose.
    • Along with genetics, D's mom may have recognized stuff in her son that she'd seen in her hybrid dad. She sided with D's dad in punishments to develop her errant son's comic side, at least so he'd survive as a Toon. Notice how the future Dr. was punished much more than his "normal" brother, yet in absurd ways such as being a lawn gnome.

This takes place in an alternate world where the only villains are mad scientists that only the OWCA know about

Charlene is adamant that no one can be evil. So, it's either this, or history isn't her strongest course and doesn't watch the news.

Stacy is Bi curious, and has a crush on Candace

However, she didn't admit it to Candace, and knows how much loves Jeremy. So, She lets Candace go on with her crush/tried attempts at busting her brothers (while being unaware of her feelings) while being a Shipper on Deck for her/Jeremy, minus the occasional slip.

    • That would be one explanation for why she always helps Candace "bust" the boys even though she has no personal stake in it.
    • Stacy's a Dogged Nice Guy? That would explain her actions in 'Spa Day'--dragging Candace away from Jeremy, acting frustrated when she constantly talks about him, and forgiving her when normally one would be angry for a week.
    • She also has a habit of getting quite jealous when Candace spends more time with Jeremy or trying to bust her brothers than with her. It's especially evident in 'The Lemonade Stand' and 'Canderemy', both episodes where she wants to spend the day alone with Candace, to varying degrees of success.

The first camera in the Lake Nose incident was destroyed only coincidentally, by the orca.

Not the one from Backyard Aquarium, the other orca. You know, the one that was never on screen, and never mentioned by any character close enough to the camera to get a voice actor? The red herring really wasn't a red herring, because it didn't lead them to Nosey. It just led them to the orca. So... It was a red herring about... being a red herring... about being a red herring? ... * snaps fingers* Okay!

Baljeet has proof of Nosey filed away in the Video Phone Log (Chronological), Video Phone Log (Phineas And Ferb, Subfolder: Lake Nose Headquarters), Proof Of Creatures That Don't Exist (Subfolder: The Lake Nose Monster), and Video Record of Buford Intentionally Making Me Look Stupid (Summer 200X, Volume C) folders of hard drives A, C, and E, he just doesn't care that the video capture would make him famous.

Because I refuse to believe that Baljeet doesn't obsessively keep a record of his videophone calls, considering his obsessive planning of everything else.

By the same logic, Irving once had screencaps of Nosey.

They probably got ruined at some point, though. That, or Irving had already run off anyone who might care that he had clear photos of Nosey with his obsessive Phineas and Ferb fanboy-babble.

Badbeard Lake (if that is its real name) is part of a chain of lakes on the Alimentary Canal, a man-made river formerly used for transport of food and garbage through the Tri-state Area.

Back when commercial travel wasn't readily available, and the City Dump seen in Phineas And Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo hadn't been started yet, Joseph Watson Alimentary founded the canal, allowing the Tri-State Area to be a reasonable site for the future city of Danville. My main source of WMG fodder is Spleen Island (Lake Nose is almost definitely a natural formation near the beginning of the waterway, and not just for the "___'s real nose" pun. I doubt people would care as much if someone had simply built a giant cement nose on a mountain)- However, my only source on the name of Lake Badbeard is the Phineas and Ferb wiki, since I never heard them call it that in the episode, so if the Wiki is incorrect on that count, the Theme Naming may go even further with the lake name.
On a related subject, Joseph later founded a school in the Tri-State Area: Joseph W. Alimentary Junior High, which does tend to cause some confusion when people refer to it by its abbreviated name of "Joseph Alimentary".

Pinky's a girl

You can never know for sure

Characters in this universe reproduce by some mixture of meiosis and mitosis

The Identical Grandson thing is just a little too steep a coincidence, but at the same time nobody's exactly like his direct parent. Either it's a mixture of meiosis and mitosis or it's simply mitosis and the genome is severely unstable so that wild mutations can occur (Ferb looking like Lawrence, but somehow getting green hair). Two partners may not be necessary for reproduction, and it would explain the lack of partners for Linda and Lawrence.

Candace and Vanessa became friends after "Hail Doofania"

While trading back their clothes, they talked about how annoying their inventing relatives are, and after realizing they have so much in common, they became friends. As for the whole 'not knowing about Doofenshmitz' buiz, Vanessa never mentions his name to her.

  • In "Summer Belongs to You", the two do recognize and casually chat with each other.
  • Vanessa and Candace both have to avoid mentioning anything about a platypus named Perry.

The Doofenshmitz and Perry Foe Yay is intentional

The writers want to poke fun at how fangirls love shipping the enemies together, so they snuck subtext in.

  • This isn't a WMG, this is canon. Have you seen "It's About Time"?
    • Yes. Yes I have. That enforces this.

Candace will have a nervous breakdown

The whole world seems set on messing her around. Surely she can only take this for so long before cracking up

Phineas and Ferb is a self insert flick by Isabella

Isabella is just a girl who lives near Phineas and Ferb, Phineas always rejected her affections so she began writing amazing things they would do together. Ferb barely speaks because Isabella doesn't really care about him.

    • Then how do you explain Pery and Doofenshmirtz?
      • She needs to justify how the amazing things they do in her delusion are wiped out. Or maybe is kind of a plot element to mock Candace. She is jealous that Candace has something closer to a boyfriend... so she creates the Perry story so Candace never got proof to bust Phineas and Ferb. However... is still unclear for me the Ferb and Vanessa moments. Maybe Ferb is her kind of "draft" for some parts in the story that involve Phineas and her.
    • Jossed. Serval episodes didn't have her appear in it at all, and if so, they'll hook up imeditally at the first episode if this was true.
      • Well, she just might be a good writer. Plus sometimes she wants to focus on Phineas—one occasionally gets tired of writing herself all the time, especially if writing herself involves as much pining as Isabella's story does.

Jeremy Johnson is an evil mastermind.

He's sickeningly nice all the time, even in the face of Candace's insanity. This alone arouses suspicion—how many teenage boys are like this? Suzy seems just as nice, if not nicer, on the outside, and we know how evil she can be. So who's to say that Jeremy doesn't do the same? He's had a lot more time to perfect his masquerade, and is probably helping Suzy with hers.

  • In fact, it's not unlikely that the whole Johnson family is working together to permeate the whole Tri-State Area, or at least Danville, with this false sweetness. They know that Danville is the world's hive of activity, where the most interesting things happen, and that if they can gain control of it, they can probably gain control of the whole world as well. Unlike Doofenshmirtz, they do not display their evilness in story-high letters for the world to see, complete with jingle. No, they're subtler, cleverer, and much more of a threat.
  • However, Suzy's pretty new at this sort of thing, and she doesn't fully grasp the objective yet. She can't restrain herself from tormenting Buford and Candace. In fact, she always torments Candace and then acts totally sweet around Jeremy so that she can show off how convincingly she does an innocent act after an act of malice. Jeremy would, in turn, ignore this in an attempt to dissuade her from such behaviour. However, it got out of hand and people started calling Suzy evil, so he finally had to restore the status quo. He did so by instructing her to tell Candace she's a Punch Clock Villain in 'Suddenly Suzy' so that she can still have hands-on practice without being thought of as actually evil.
  • Jeremy's role in 'The Lizard Whisperer' involves him visiting both Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram—who would, 'coincidentally', be the two largest threats for an aspiring villain. After realizing what a joke Doofenshmirtz was, he visibly lost interest and met the offer of evil lessons with scorn, presumably because he knows such an incompetent villain has nothing to teach Jeremy's superior subtlety. Note that he was unimpressed by Doofenshmirtz's theatrics and showed particular interest once a nemesis was mentioned. With neither Monogram nor Doofenshmirtz did he make any attempt to deflect the ranting, as any good spy will gather as much information as possible without arousing suspicion.
  • Also, watch the Christmas Special carefully. When Candace is standing next to Jeremy's display, the words beneath his display are quite clearly red—red designates 'naughty', while 'nice' is shown in green.
    • That kinda makes sense. To move the theory along, he's only dating Candace is simply he's waiting for the right moment for her to snapped, as she's slowly falling to insanity, with him the only one that prevents her from doing... things that'll make it actually Auidence Shift intended for the Periphery Demographic(Not to mentioned the genre), which shall furter his plan along, to break up with her. He's actually in loved with Mindy, and/or Stacy.
    • Wait... what? Why would he play the Morality Chain if he wants her to snap and further his plan? Unless of course he's waiting for the opportune moment. My assumption was that he was linking with Candace not because he actually likes her, but because it would be advantageous to keep a girl who's in love with him around. He knows that she's very insecure about her place in his life and takes care to keep her that way (note him liberally calling Suzy 'my favorite girl') so that she'll be at his beck and call when he wants to use her to his advantage, starved for approval. If he's got a girl spreading the word that he's a sweet and loving boyfriend, it's good for PR. On top of that, she's close to Phineas and Ferb, the biggest influences in Danville.
      • Perhaps the plan is to get close to Candace's family. There's Perry the platypus which would remain a threat even if he defeats Monogram and Doofenshmirtz, plus he also needs access to Phineas and Ferb's technology as it appears only Suzy has technological skills.
  • Don't forget about Jeremy and Suzie's Badass Grandma Hildegard - An aging virago who's still very buff and formidable-looking, and looks like she might have been quite the Dark Action Girl in her time. Nowadays, she's probably the family's evil matriarch.
    • Jeremy being an evil mastermind is interesting theory, but he stuck on phase one of his diabolical masterplan and forgot what to do next. In episode I forgot what exactly Stacy said that Candace can't deny Jeremy anything, so he can ask her something like "Uh, Candace. I have a little trouble with the government - can you please raid some secret laboratory and steal some unobtanium so I could conquer the ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA?"
    • That would most likely end in failure, getting Jeremy nowhere and even tipping some important people (brothers?) off to his true nature
  • Combine this with the theory that Johnny (Vanessa's boyfriend) is Jeremy's brother. No wonder Johnny never pays attention when Vanessa claims her dad is evil!

Jeremy is evil as suggested before, but he does like Candace

In fact for some reason he thinks she would make the perfect evil girlfriend (and perhaps wife someday if he's thinking ahead). He also likes her brothers and thinks they would be a great addition to an evil family. His sister however believes something quite different. He may even be a nice guy who thinks the world would be better off under his (and maybe his family's) rulership.

Jeremy used to be evil, but because he cares about Candace and her brothers so much, he's had an off screen Heel Face Turn

Doofenshmitz was the one that forged the photo of the bombers of Japan's identities.

It was another Contrived Coincidence that the same day the bombings happen was the exact same day Elizabeth left him for the whale, so he forged the photos as petty revenge. Why dolphins too? Something childhood related, I guess.

90% of 'Quantum Boogaloo' didn't happen[5]

Notice how little continuity it has consistent in a series that normally does? Well, only a few scenes actually happened (he scenes of them getting the wood-steel welding tool, and the showing of what the good future's like)

In reality, they didn't see/meet the Future!Candace, Future!Linda, and Candace's children. She just remembered the day that they went to the future on that day, and the high council decided to show what would have happened if she was actually successful in ruining their training. As she finally realized, they gave her sons a creative boost (though still in denial about it) and had Linda finally realize it.

  • Jossed: the two Candace show up in 'Rollercoaster: The Musical'. The Candaces probably just set the time machine wrong, and thought they were going back to the first rollercoast, but hit the second, instead.

The OWCA used to have a system that involves turning humans into animals.

The OWCA used a system to change agents into animals in order to keep their disguises better. Related to the WMG that Perry's Phineas and Candace's father, and maybe... just maybe, Pinky's Isabella's dad as well. Not sure how to explain the koi, though...

  • Jossed. They suggested Steve to join them (but didn't plainly because they didn't have a hat big enough, and its plainly obvious he wasn't turned into an animal.
    • Used as in the OWCA didn't use the system anymore by this time. They might use any other kind of training and sorts.
  • Perry might be a human turned into an animal. He acts like a human and probably as smart as one. He even wouldn't eat the food platypi would usually eat (insects).

The Talking Zebra uses "Kevin" as a Verbal Tic

Maybe it's because his name is Kevin or something.

  • Seemingly jossed in the movie when we see him in another reality reading a newspaper with a headline mentioning Kevin winning an election, and the subject of the article's photo appears to be a silhouette of Candace. This suggests that he's a dimension-hopper and thinks all Candaces are named Kevin.

at least most of the cast is Bi/bi-curious

Which explains why no-one raises an eyebrow on any Ho Yay content.

  • Not everyone is either bi or bi-curious, though. Some are either straight(Jeremy), gay (Bobbi), or have a Single-Target Sexuality (Isabella)

The Reguritator's Previous Nemesis was Peter The Panda

And Peter quit knowing Perry would replace therefore breaking up his Relationship with Doofenshmirtz

Buford's Fish Is A Secret Agent and The Giant Squid was his Nemesis

  • Aargh with the unfilled WMG markups! The giant squid doesn't even need to be a nemesis, though it could have been a nemesis-evilified animal. I really do see where you're coming from with Biff being a secret agent. He could have something to do with the Koi detachment, and really, once you imagine him with an agent hat, it's practically impossible to have a mental image of him without it.

The Giant Squid is a secret agent.

One if the non-nemesis ones, like Agent E and possibly Agent G.

Buford Has A Crush On Candace

If the end of The Bully Code is any indication...

    • Plus in a recent episode, The Lemonade Stand, Buford was a contact in her phone, and she didn't know how he got in. That mans he put himself in by stealing her phone, or that someone else put him in as a prank
    • How about this: Buford was stalking Candace during Suzy's Character Establishing Moment and that is how he knew Suzy was evil.
    • In a promo for the upcoming movie, Alternate Candace is shooting lasers or something to that effect, generally just being a total Badass. Buford's response?

Buford: I have never been more in love with her [Candace].


The "Wizard of Odd" was also Perry's dream

Candace may know about Doofenshmirtz and Agent P from the time when she got high on orange moss, but not in that much detail, and I don't think she ever met Major Monogram. This also explains why Perry disappears towards the end - he woke up before Candace.

    • This also might mean that Perry brought Candace onto her bed. And if the "Perry is Candace's biological father" theory is right, it might be Perry who was giving her a message on fun.
    • Actually, Candace saw Monogram when Perry was getting his mission breifing
    • There are some scenes where there's only Perry and some with only Candace.

Roger isn't a goody two shoes as Doof claimed to be

In fact, he's just as bad (if not, even worse than) his parents. Doof lied about the whole goody two shoes thing for reasons unknown.

  • Well he IS a politician after all.

Doofenshmirtz's parents are not his biological ones.

It makes sense, because he said his parents 'didn't show up when he was born', therefore his mother could have died of childbirth. Also the fact that he has extremely Abusive Parents.

  • But doesn't Heinz look similar to his mother (especially the nose). Maybe they're his uncle and aunt who would never tell him the truth.
  • And his dad named their dog "Only Son" because basically Heinz is not his son.
    • This Troper thinks that due to that Heiz came from a non-English country, his father (who does not speak English)'s dog's name is only pronounced "Only Son" and might mean something other than "only son".
      • So you mean "only son" is German for " The ugly kid I never loved"?
      • It may be that "Only Son" is spelled "Onlisun" or something like that back at Druelselstein.
  • His parents never intended to have a second son. His birth was an accident. It might be family tradition for the second son/child to be the abused and least favorite and cursed to be a failure.
    • Roger is the second son. Heinz was the first one.
      • Oh, so then, its the first son/child who is to be abused/neglected/cursed. With Roger, they don't want to repeat the same mistakes they did with Heinz (or rather they don't him to become a mistake like Heinz).
    • Doof2 didn't seem to have a bad relationship with his parents. Maybe Doof1 is the product of new some new-fangled (by Druelsestein standards) science like artificial insemination or surrogacy, and Doof2 isn't. So Doof1's parents don't think of him as their own, but Doof2's do.

Perry's dream was within Candace's dream.

And Ferb may have dreamed Candace's dream, within which was Perry's dream, if he knows about the secret agent thing and pays attention to Candace's rambling about Jeremy. Zhuang zi must be rolling in his grave. Or his bed. Whichever.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is part of a secret organization project to create Supervillains

...As well as the other Mad Scientists in the show. We all know that every supervillain has a Freudian Excuse. Therefore, an secret evil organization ( possibly opposed to OWCA ) has chosen child geniuses all over the world and put them in harsh upbringing condition with ridiculously Abusive Parents, in the hope to create an army of angst-riddened dangerous supervillains. However, their experiments went horribly wrong and most of their test subjects end up becoming pathetically Harmless Villains.

    • That would explain why there are so many mad scientists in Danville.
    • And Perry's second job is to keep an eye on Phineas and Ferb, preventing those guys from doing the same thing with the boys.
    • They have already named the organization in the show, the League Of Villainous Evildoers Manically United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness, or L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. for short

Norm, the giant robotic man, is the real villain. Not Doofeshmirtz.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

All of Candace's hallucinations that are supposedly "due to the orange moss" (except the first one) are because of a head injury.

Her first hallucination is psychosomatic, and right after that she falls out of a tree, and it looks like she lands on her head. Head injuries can cause hallucinations. That along with the fact she thought orange moss caused hallucinations caused her to have them. However, she IS high when she touches the blue moss.

  • Or you know, she might just be high the entire time, including when she told Grandma she felt fine. The beard was part of the hallucination.

In the "Wizard of Odd", Vanessa is the Tinman

Based solely on the Rusted! song. She takes a more Vanessa-like form when oil is applied.

Norm is in the closet.

I mean, come on he practically LIVES there. Actually, he DOES live there. Well, if robots lived.

  • I guess his popsicle-stick bride is going to be upset.

Irving is a Real Life Phineas and Ferb Fanboy who accidentally ended up in the Cartoon Universe.

It makes sense doesn't it? As for Albert and Irving's Mom...maybe they came with him.

Suzy was actually plotting to break Candace and Jeremy up in "Suddenly Suzy".

In "Bowl-R-Ama Drama", we see from an Imagine Spot that Candace is willing to believe that the act of busting her brothers will somehow impress Jeremy so much that he'll propose to her right after she's done it. In reality, given how well he seems to get along with Phineas and Ferb, he would more likely be pretty upset if he were to see her getting them in trouble and/or sent to reform school for one of their projects. Therefore, likely Suzy was hoping that once Jeremy came back to pick her up, he'd find out that Candace had gotten the boys in trouble and would dump her right there. And she would've succeeded, too, if it hadn't been for that meddling doctor and his nemesis.

The Old Coot is Phineas from the Future.

If you've seen the episode then you would know that Candace busted Phineas and Ferb but time was reversed by Doof's latest invention. You see, thanks to P & F getting busted Phineas grew up to be an old coot who loves gold. He found some kind of Time Machine and went back and time and messed with Doof's invention and reversed time so it never happened. Then he became the mayor for some reason.

Isabella is an robot created by a future Phineas.

Let's see. Phineas, for some reason, is constantly happy, more than seemingly possible. And one of the things that gets people really happy is love. He's happy because he loves Isabella, she loves him back, and she'll never stop. Why? Because she's programmed that way. Isabella was built by a future version of Phineas - "awards ceremony", anyone? - and sent back in time to live with a normal family in Danville, who may or may not know the truth about her.

  • Adult man built a little-girl-robot to be his love interest. Even considering sending her back in time doesn't make it less squicky.
  • Didn't she get hiccups in one episode? I don't think robots get hiccups.
    • Unless it was a hiccup in her programming.

Bucky and Kindly Old Man Simmons went into a timewarp

They spend the rest of their lives in prehistoric times. More about a billion years later, their fossils were found and put into the Museum, to show the mystery of a modern person (and a dog) in the prehistoric time.

Bucky was also a member of the OWCA

Possibly even Doof's nemesis, though arguably "It's About Time!" implies Perry was his first. In any event, he passed his hat on to the Flynn-Fletcher's new pet, a tough young hatchling named Perry.

The aglets being known by everybody is their true sinister purpose.

Noticed their strange effect on people who knew about them? that's their purpose; to brainwashed everyone into worshipping them so they could Take Over the World. Those who are evil, don't know them, crazy/ProperlyParanoid, or don't care about aglets are immune to their power.

Irving has a crush on Candace

Isn't it obvious? Besides, If Irving eventually married Candace then that would make him somewhat related to Phineas and he would like that.

Candace actually busts the boys in EVERY episode

You know how in "She's the Mayor" where Doofenshmirtz creates that machine that makes time reverse to the start of the episode? You see, he actually built that on the day of the rollercoaster and Candace DID bust the boys, but the machine made time reverse to the beginning it was changed so he did something else and Candace didn't bust the boys. He tries building it every day and Candace busts the boys every day but the machine always reverses time and changes it so he doesn't build it and Candace fails in busting the boys.

Danville is a huge film set, and Candace is a centre of a Truman Show Plot

Everything is set up to make entertainment out of her trying to bust her brothers. Linda never sees the boys latest work, because she's hitting her cues and her role means she should always hang back until it's gone. Everyone else in town is an actor, so they're ready to fill their role, cover up anything out of place and cue the running gags, such as "Aren't you a little young to...?"

    • Theirs kind of a loop hole in this, how do you explain Perry and Doofensmirtz side plots if all of Danville is part of a TV show (Unless Perry or Doof are also unaware of this as well.)
    • Pardon me for asking this, but... HOW DO YOU FILM SOMEBODY'S (expletive) DREAMS? Seriously, there is absolutely no way to tie "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" or "Wizard of Odd" into this WMG.
      • They make it appeared to be dreams, but it all happened as a joke. They than knocked her out and filmed the whole just a dream ending for the show.

Not everything is a metaphor!

Everything IS a metaphor

When Carl messed up with giving the right blueprints to Vanessa it was for the same reason as Ferb

  • He only says he was 'in character' to appease Monogram, but when you think about how he reacted to Candace (when Perry was inside her body) and Vanessa's got way more shape...... Face it, the girl had an effect on geeky guys.

Vanessa will eventually become a villain.

Ever since she started bonding with Doofensmirtz, they've strongly implied this a bunch of times. (For example, Finding Mary McGuffin and Summer Belongs to You.) She'll prove to be much more competent then her dad, and actually pose a major threat. They probably won't use this for a regular episode, they'll most likely save it for a special or the movie. If only because it should be Ferb to take her on.

One of Phineas' inventions was a musical-machine.

Which gave people exposed to it the ability to make well-versed songs that rhyme and good dancing on the spur of the moment, which is why everyone is good at singing and choreography. It's still operational somewhere; that's where those songs that no one on screen is singing comes from.

  • Which actually explains the entirety of Roller-Coaster: The Musical. Phineas wasn't simply being Genre Savvy, before suggesting the plan to Ferb he cranked the machine Up to Eleven!

The Klimpaloon from "Summer Belongs To You" will become a Memetic Mutation sometime in the near future.

Admit it, the way it acts in the episode is just asking for a trippy Youtube music video.

  • Isn't he already a meme?
    • Well, even more of a meme, then.
      • It hasn't gone viral...yet!

Klimpaloon was created by Dr. Phineastein and Ferbgor.

Well, he had to come from somewhere, and the time period seems about right, given that the song mentions 1883...

  • That's about 70 years too late, if we go with the Frankenstein parallel.

Neither the blue moss nor the orange moss is hallucinogenic

They only cause hallucinations in combination with each other. Notice that at the end of the episode, the blue moss is right by Candace's hand in her tent. That means she touched it at some point during the night, but paid no attention to it. Touching the orange moss later triggered the hallucinations, and touching the blue moss a second time retriggered the orange moss.

  • Unless her whole body was in her sleeping bag the entire night, making it unlikely for her to touch it.

Isabella won't marry Phineas OR Ferb, but remain a close family friend, thus earning the title "Aunt Isabella."

This makes the most sense to me.

Isabella will marry Candace.

Hey, it could happen.

  • Amanda (Candace's daughter) referred to Isabella as 'Aunt Isabella'. Quite the shame, as this would be really really awesome.
    • Perhaps Amanda is actually Phineas' daughter. You see, Phineas has probably been traveling for a long time, making every day a great day in every nation across the globe. Amanda calls Candace "mom" for one of two reasons: either it's easier and faster to say "mom" than it is to say "Aunt Candace," or she's lived with her so long it's second nature (like how the kids call Lawrence "Dad"). She only calls Isabella "Aunt Isabella" to differentiate because she calls her biomom "Mommy." I also have another more complex theory, but I think I'll just make a new WMG out of it.

Phineas and Isabella will end up switching roles.

Isabella (and the shippers) has a tendency to think the acts made by Phineas are romantic. Enough of these small gesture and some time will result in Isabella thinking Phineas is acting like a good friend. Some time later on, Phineas will start noticing Isabella and will try to, unsuccesfully, flirt, leading to him being frustrated.

The show takes place in the Marvel Universe.

Phineas and Ferb's extraordinary building skills can be explained by them being mutants, much like Forge. As for the OWCA, its simply an offshoot of SHIELD (involving genetically altered animals) to take care of lesser threats, so SHIELD or any of the various superhero teams dont have to bother with any of these lesser threats.

  • Two things: Disney owns Marvel so this is entirely possible, and The Beak in the Avengers would be epic.

During "Nerds Of A Feather," Candace was making the quacking noises herself.

When I first saw the episode, I assumed that the Ducky Momo (or however you spell it) suit had a built in voicebox that quacked everytime you moved. But that didn't make much sense, since Candace moves a lot without the quacking. Clearly, Candace herself was quacking because she was getting into the role.

Also during "Nerds of A Feather", Susie knew Candace was Ducky Momo all along

It was yet another Evil Plan from evil Susie, she chased Candace to reveal Candace's secret to Jeremy.

If you play "Wizard of Odd" and "Doof Side of the Moon" together, they'll sync up.

You know you want to try it.

  • Tried it. They don't.

The credit gags are non-canon.

Sure, there's a few holes in the theory, but it would explain "Big Laundry" having two meanings AND Phineas saying "We've traveled through time... twice!" in Summer Belongs to You when the second case was erased from time during the end credits.

  • Going back to the time of the dinosaurs and then forward again (in a different time-machine) could certainly be counted as traveling through time twice.

The show will do a shout out to Neon Genesis Evangelion

Simply because the shows are so opposite in nature, and the creators have done references to other things that would go over most kids' heads. It will cause everyone to freak out and start imagining what could happen...

Off screen, Suzy treats Buford the same as Candace in her earlier episodes; only worse.

We never sees what did Suzy did to Buford, so it could either be an extreme form of abuse done by Candace, or much worse. No one cares because he's a bully, and Abuse Is Okay When Its Female On Male if they witnessed it, though. That, and Suzy make it looked like he done it.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz uses the "-inator" suffix on everything for copyright and trademark reasons

He gets a portion of his income through mass producing and selling the more useful inators, like that aging ray he initially used for aging cheese. The rest is alimony and child support.

Amanda, Xavier, and Fred are actually the biological children of Ferb and Vanessa.

Isabella and Candace are, as theorized in an above WMG, married. Ferb and Vanessa didn't really want children, what with their hectic political life, so when Izzy and Candace said they wanted kids and were looking for surrogates, Vanessa was happy to oblige for her sisters-in-law. Izzy and Candace decided before they had any children, that they would call Candace "Mom" and Izzy some other variation of "Mom." However, as Amanda got older, kids teased her more for having 2 moms, so when in public, she calls Izzy "Aunt Isabella" in an attempt to avoid embarrassment.

  • As long as this troper knows, Amanda and Xavier had inherited some physical traits from Jeremy and Candace, not Ferb and Vanessa.

The Wendy that competed with Candace wasn't in the job for Jeremy.

She just wanted the job for other reasons. The writers made sure that any other possible Love Interests barring Mindy were given reason to not be with them (ed. actually a man, his cousin, ect.), so it could be possible that she's either asexual, Invisible to Gaydar, or in love with someone else. And this show's main point is Coincidence Magnet, so that would explained a few things.

  • Or she could just want a job. Not everyone needs to be involved in some kind of relationship.

Candace will marry Stacy

It could happen.

Roger is the series Big Bad

We've already seen that he isn't the kind, loving, trustworthy mayor his reputation makes him seem like (Using an important defense document as a coster, setting his brother up to take the blame for the attacks), perhaps he is just a Villain with Good Publicity that will present a huge danger to the main characters at the end of the series?

  • Or perhaps he's the Doofenshmirtz in the movie...
  • You can be sure about the Good publicity part. In the Clip Show episode, he used wires to make him appear to be able to fly in a documentary.

Charlene always knew about Doof's "evilness"

She actually came to the conclusion that "nobody is really evil" after years of living with Doofenshmirtz 'evil' plans and seeing that Doof is really not as evil as he wants people to believe.

Charlene knows everything and is the boss of the OWCA

She knew all about Heinz before she even married him and has made all of her money by exploiting the commercial potential of his inventions. She divorced him after she developed feelings for him (side effect of those silly maternal hormones) and needed distance to keep the business running. Rodger is totally corrupt and is on the take both to stick it to his brother and as part of the Doofenshmirtz gang's actual control of the tri-state area. So the entire series is Atlas Shrugged, inverted.

The Mix-and-Mingle machine will become a ride at Disneyland.

Oh please make this CANON!

The Fireside Girls are actually CIA Trainees

Which would explain why their manual contains information on Time Traveling and Giant Robots, and why they have the Wrestling an Alligator Patch.

  • And the patches like, "Saying a word that no one else in the room knows." Is that an important CIA trainee skill?
    • Yes, yes it is.
  • This troper thinks they're ninjas-in-training if they're anything-in-training.
  • Or that the Fireside Girls are affiliated with the O.W.C.A.
    • It seemed that the resistance from the movie had some O.W.C.A. roots. At the end The fireside girls seem to be under Monogram's command.

The panda teacher mentioned in "There's a Platypus Controlling Me" is Peter The Panda.

He chooses to pose as a human instead of the usual pet disguise. That kid is the only one who sees through it, but no one listens.

  • This.
  • Definitely. Yes.

Peter the Panda is the mascot of Better Panda.

It makes so much sense, doesn't it?

Every possible future action mentioned in the title sequence will be referenced in the show eventually.

This isn't particularly meant to be "Wild," per se, it's mostly just to keep track.

[X] Building a rocket (they've been to space a lot)
[X] Or fighting a mummy (well, it was actually Candace wrapped in toilet paper, but they thought they were fighting a mummy)
[X] Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower

[X] Discovering something that doesn't exist
[X] Or giving a monkey a shower

[X] Surfing tidal waves
[ ] Creating nanobots
[X] Or locating Frankenstein's brain (technically their ancestors). Since "Last Train to Bustville" we know the ancestors' experience doesn't count, but it possibly counts that it was in Buford's balloon.

[X] Finding a dodo bird
[X] Painting a continent (well, painting a painted desert anyway)
[X] Or driving your sister insane (pretty much every episode)
* You can't forget
[X]Crossing the tundra (The All-Terrain Vehicle)
[X] building a rollercoaster
[ ]Skiing down a mountain of beans

[ ]Devising a system for remembering everything
[ ] synchronizing submarines
[X]Racing chariots

[ ]taming tiger sharks
[X]constructing a portal to Mars
[X]Building a time machine (Tectonically they modified an existing time machine, and the Fireside Girls built one)

[ ]stretching a rubber tree
[X]wailing away on guitars.
* ...and from the Christmas Special:
[X] Turning our beds into dual taboggans
[X] And sliding down a ski jump tower
[X] Building a snowman the size of colossus (happens while decorating Danville)
[ ] Or giving a yeti a shower

[ ] Staging a snowball fight with giant catapults
[ ] And snow angels that really fly
[X] Rocking a Christmas carol
[X] Wrapping a present (technically Isabella, but the boys probably did some offscreen)
[X] Or shoveling snow off the drive (if the aside during the song counts, that is)

    • They actually lampshaded the giving-a-monkey-a-shower bit, so it seems rather likely.
      • In merely four episodes from season 3, the list and the things you get to see in the title sequence were Lampshaded twice already. It seems that the creators are set on finishing the list.

Charlene Doofenshmirtz was an 80's pop idol

  • Let me guess... she caused a scandal that destroyed Lindana's career? They really need to do a Back to The Future parody sometime.
    • Linda said she was lip-synching, even back then. Maybe Charlene was the actual singing voice of Lindana.
      • Think about it, Vanessa's voice actress is the one singing for Linda's when she sings her song. So maybe Vanessa inherited her voice from her mother.

Jeremy's parents are both highly neurotic

That would explain why he is so calm around Candace! Being raised by neurotic parents, he either had to always remain calm or get caught up in their craziness! Compared to one or both of his parents, she is a walk in the park!

  • This could also explain Suzy's attraction to him. With him being the only responsible parental authority figure in the home, of course she would latch on to him!
    • They're seen quite a bit in Season 3, and appear to be stable.

Perry (and most if not all OWCA) agents have multiple personalities

The "pet" and "agent" personalities are fully aware of each other and swap control on the fly as the situation calls for. Perry does not have to swap back and forth with the hat, it is just a habit he is so use to he does it without thinking about it.

Doofenshmirtz and Perry are not trying to defeat each other anymore

While they started out as enemies some time ago they formed a secret pact to maintain the illusion despite having put aside their differences. Doofenshmirtz enjoys doing his science experiments while Perry does not want to be reassigned to a new family so they both win. Why do you think it bummed Perry out so much to be replaced by Peter the Panda for a short bit?

Phineas and Ferb takes place in a post-scarcity utopia.

This is how the boys can afford all that stuff for their experiments and how Doof can keep a large Corporation afloat with just alimony from his normal-looking ex-wife, and why the boys don't charge people anything for their cool rides. In fact, actual dollar bills only show up a few times in the whole show, and people don't really mention banks or not being able to afford something, IIRC. Maybe money is just a relic of the past that has no concrete value.

Suzy has feelings toward Jeremy.

  • How exactly is this a Wild Mass Guess?
    • I think the OP meant these kinds of feelings...

Phineas and Ferb take place in the same universe as Psychonauts

The reason why they managed to build the things very well in that short ammount of time? They're psychic. They just didn't discovered it yet.

  • Doofenshmirtz is also a psychic, but is driven insane by his inner demons like the other inmates in the place. He escaped to Danville before the events of the game, so Raz couldn't really cure him.[6]

Phineas and Ferb are fans of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Well, there was the whole "Believe in me, who believes in you" thing with Candace in "Summer Belongs to you". They also take the motto "Kick reason to the curb and do the impossible" very seriously.

Perry really IS Doofenshmirtz's best friend...

Given Doof's exceptionally tragic childhood, it's likely that the Owca figured out early on that he'd never had a true friend aside from Balloony who'd abandoned him, so along with his need for vengeance, he never understood how to be friends with someone. That's why Agent P. is allowed to always let him go after defeating his new maniacal plan, and will, in fact, often help out if Doof's doing something innocuous like setting up his daughter's birthday party, buying supplies for a giant baking soda volcano, hanging out in the suburbs, exchanging Christmas presents, etc. and also why he saves the poor scientist from certain doom on many occasions. In fact, the only times Perry has ever tried to actually lock Doofenshmirtz away are when a) the boys were in danger ("Journey to the Center of Candace") and b) when Doof broke too many laws to be allowed to go free ("Summer Belongs to You"), though both seemed to be quickly forgiven and forgotten. The clearest signs we've gotten that this might be true are in "The Chronicles of Meap" when Heinz actually CALLED Perry his best friend, "It's About Time" when they both regretted losing each other as nemeses, "Oh, There You Are Perry" when the doctor defeated the Regurgitator just to get Agent P. back, and "Brain Drain" where Perry 'defeated' Doof by tricking him into DJ-ing in such a way as to impress Vanessa and her friends, shooting his 'enemy' a thumbs-up as he made his departure.

The creators expected the song "Truck Drivin' Girl" to be in the Top 10 for the Musical Cliptastic Countdown

The song was one of the votable options and Doofenshmirtz and Monogram quoted the "Okay, that didn't make any sense." "It doesn't have to, I have a monster truck!" exchange that immediately preceded the song in the original episode.

The Agents Are Paired With Children who need watching.

Phineas and Ferb are obviously bound to be ridiculously influential to the course of history, (in Quantum Boogaloo, Phineas is receiving some award in Switzerland, and Ferb is at Camp David) and Isabella has got great leadership skills (with the fireside girls) and is quite the Action Girl, and does nearly as much ridiculously impossible stuff as Phineas and Ferb. Perry was sent to watch over/keep off the path of evil Phineas and Ferb, and same for Pinky and Isabella. (in addition to fighting crime). By this logic, Baljeet may get a pet as well.

  • Could be canon. In the latest issue of the magazine there's an article with bios of the kids written by Major Monogram, telling Agent P to keep an eye on them all, since they're suspicious—especially Phineas, who "seems to be their leader".
  • Monogram did seem pretty quick at believing P&F turned evil when Carl got confused in under cover Carl. In the movie it really looked like Carl's mission was to give Perry to the Flynn-Fletchers.

The creators planted the "Doofenshmirtz is Candace and Phineas' father" theory themselves.

Either because they meant for it to be true or because they thought it'd be fun to watch people speculate, the creators put the idea online themselves. They thought it'd be cool to tease the idea in the actual show as much as possible and see what fans picked up on (which turned out to be a lot).

Candace and Jeremy will break up.

It just feels that the relationship will eventually need to go back to question marks to stay entertaining. They may come back together eventually near the series finale.

  • This troper sure hopes not. For Dan and Swampy's sake...
    • Since "Christmas Vacation!" takes place after the rest of the series (Perry gets his present that Doofenshmirtz bought in "Gaming the System," and Candace refers to the boys driving her crazy all last summer), and they're a couple in that special, they can't break up permanently.
      • *puts on nerd glasses* : First of all, I think that Rollercoaster: The musical happens after the first summer vacation, because Santa does appear in Carpe Diem. Then I think I remember that we have Word of God stating that season 3 happens a year after season 1-2's summer vacation.
        • Santa was a character as far back as "I, Brobot" so that doesn't really mean anything.
          • *New nerd glasses* Santa appears in I Brobot, but not his elves. They all appear in Carpe Diem.

The day that the Future Candace's visited in "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" was not the first day of summer as they thought, but much later, the day of "Rollercoaster, the Musical."

The sequence would be:

  1. The original Rollercoaster day, completely undisturbed by time travel.
  2. In "It's About Time" they use the time machine for the first time.
  3. In "Quantum Boogaloo" (first part) they make a simple visit forward in time and collect the bonding device.
  4. In "Summer Belongs to You" they say, correctly, that they have traveled in time twice.
  5. In "Rollercoaster: The Musical" they decide to repeat the Rollercoaster day with music.
  6. Good Future Candace comes back to Musical day (by mistake) and busts them, creating the dystopian future.
  7. Bad Future Candace comes back and undoes this change. This is the version we see, with the two Future Candaces lurking in the parking lot during the Musical.
  8. Eventually, Isabella undoes the whole second time trip by giving Phineas and Ferb the tool they need.
  • At least the premise of this is confirmed. If you pay attention to the scene in which Candace and Linda leave the supermarket in "Rollercoaster: The Musical"f you can see the two future Candaces at a car hiding and watching the scene.
    • The only problem with this that some scenes and dialogue confirm that it's the original Rollercoaster, though ignore this and it fits perfectly.

The final scene of the series will be a satellite crashing into the Fletchers' house...

and Candance screaming, "I'M IN CHARGE!"

  • Seconded, For The Win.
    • Thirded. Yes, just Yes.
    • Fourthed. Please let it be after an epic musical number!
    • For bonus points, there could also be a stampede of moose.

The final episode will end with Candace successfully busting Phineas and Ferb

And them being banned from building their projects until further notice. This will occur on the final day of summer vacation.

Ferb and Vanessa will join the Secret Service in the future.

Because, come on. The "man of action" who's at Camp David in the future and the Action Girl who will (according to Word of God) end up with him probably won't have typical cubical jobs.

There is still one thing left to do with the time machine

The boys will eventually use it to see their (and Linda and Lawrence's) pasts. Something will change the present and they will have to fix it, the episode will end with a Stable Time Loop.

What Jeremy likes About Candace is..

  • Gets cut off by soccer*
  • Or it's because Candace is obsessive and full of energy, at least in one piece of information this troper can't get, it's one of her charms.
    • Maybe winning Jeremy as a BF was the good luck that the Universe gave her to balance out the bad luck she's had at...everything else.

Isabella will marry a long-lost biological sibling of either Phineas or Ferb.

She'd still be an "aunt" to Amanda that way.

If Candace ever got over the busting bit and just helped out her brothers, they could fix the world.

Related to both of the above, the show seems to suffer terribly from Reed Richards Is Useless. This is because neither of the boys has the patience or the foresight to do anything that will actually help the world and/or they are incapable of maintaining those inventions. If Candace were ever to help out, she would provide the needed guidance to do truly extraordinary things. In short, Phineas brings the imagination, Ferb brings the capability to build it, and Candace COULD bring the planning and advertising.

We're viewing the entire series from Irving's spy cameras

  • Gah, you beat me to it. This actually makes a lot of sense, considering that the same clips Irving had in "Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!" just happen to be the same ones we see at home.

Irving is Gay for Phineas

I can't be the only one thinking this.

  • Actually, I think so many people think this that it doesn't even classify as a wild mass guess.

There will be an episode with Rocky Horror people in it.

  • Maybe it has something to do with aliens
  • ..or a Halloween special!
  • The creators have said that Meat Loaf was their dream guest... It could happen!

The giant floating baby head is behind the show's Contrived Coincidences.

It's a giant floating baby head that nobody seems to know where it came from ( or at least Phineas and Ferb don't).

  • Or alternatively the giant floating baby head is the big bad and is spying on Phineas and Ferb.

The show takes place in a time loop.

Once the 104th day of summer happens, the next day will reboot at the first day of summer again, meaning that its ALWAYS summer on P&F (The Christmas special can be seen as an alternate timeline).

The talking zebra is Candace's Spirit Guide.

His role is to make sure Candace has some sort of epiphany (probably something to do with how she should stop trying to bust her brothers). As for why he always refers to Candace as Kevin, I have no idea.

Katie (the blonde haired Fireside Girl whose hair is tied up into pigtails) has a twin sister.

During Rollercoster: the Musical there's a scene where two different Katies can be seen. This isn't an error but rather Katie just hanging out with her sister.

  • As for her sister's name, it's Suzette. This would explain the scene where Phineas asks Suzette if she wants a crepe, which would otherwise not make any sense since all the girls on the rollercoster were the Fireside Girls (including Isabella), and none of their names are Suzette.

Norm's full name is Norman Ator.

It makes sense.

  • You win an Internet.
    • -mind explodes- You win five internets.

Buford's bet with Phineas in "Summer Belongs to You" was a Batman Gambit in order to give everyone their bikes back.

Buford really wanted to be nice for a change and give everyone back their bikes, but he knew that the others would consider this out of character for him so came up with the idea of a bet with Phineas when he found out about Phineas and Ferb's latest idea.

Having Candace and/or Stacy in a cool costume is slowly entering Running Gag territory

Let us see the recent examples:

  • Rollercoaster: The Musical!: Obviously tons of those in You are going down.
  • Make Play: Candace in the princess' dress.
  • Canderemy: Stacy and Candace both try plenty of costumes.
  • Run, Candace, Run!: Stacy as half of a donkey. Averted with Candace.
  • Last Train to Bustville : Multiple Candaces in chorus outfit.
  • Phineas' Birthday Clip-o-Rama: Blink and miss and very minor, but Candace does get a Top Hat.
  • The Belly of the Beast: Both in Sailor costume.
  • Moon Farm: Both in Chef costume.
  • Ask a Foolish Question: Nope.
  • Misperceived Monotreme: Nope.

That is 8 episodes out of the last 12 ones. I mean, it is already more likely to see this happen in a new episode than to hear the "Aren't you a little young to..." catchphrase).

    • This Stacy Fanboy hopes this is true.
    • Ok, updated the numbers from 8/10 to 8/12: Bad streak with the last two episodes, but the percentage of new episodes affected by it is still large.

The P in Agent P really does stand for Phineas.

This theory relies on the Perry and Candace are telepathically connected WMG and the Agent P personality was overwritten onto Perry's mind WMG. When Candace and Phineas were both really young and before Ferb came along the two of them got along pretty well. Candace realized even back then that Phineas was pretty smart for his age (although at the time she didn't realize how smart he really was), and in her spare time made a series of comics (all of which of course looked like they were made by a little kid) called the Adventures of Agent P in which Phineas was secretly a secret agent and whose Arch Enemy was a guy named Kevin who always wanted to bust Agent P, but for different reasons than present day Candace wants to bust her brothers. Eventually when the OWCA. decided to make Perry into one of their agents they had to create a telepathic connection between Perry and one of his owners (to ensure that Perry would remain loyal to his owners). In order to do this they had to scan Perry's owner's minds for any sort of imaginary friend or favorite action character or something like that, so that they could overwrite Perry's personality with a more human like personality that could act like a secret agent (eventually they scanned Candace's mind and found out about Agent Phineas and decided that it was a good choice for Perry's new personality). By doing this they were able set up a connection between Perry and Candace because Perry's new personality came from Candace's mind.

  • This would only make sense if Candace has any interest in drawing at all. Or story making. So far this troper has yet to see Candace like this.
    • Yes, I know that that part is a bit of stretch. But it was the only thing I could think of to make this theory work.

This leads me to my next theory...

Perry and the talking zebra are one and the same.

Perry has been making use of his connection to Candace by trying to communicate with her, but not wanting her to know it's him (at least not yet any way) he takes on the form of a zebra when ever he's in Candace's mind. However he still doesn't have much control over his attempted telepathic communication with Candace, and can only appear when she's deep in her own subconscious (such as when she's dreaming or hallucinating) and can only appear to her for about a few seconds before the connection gets broken. The reason he's trying to talk to her is because he wants to try to get Candace to stop trying to bust her brothers and just have fun instead. He keeps calling Candace, Kevin because he thinks that by calling her that it would cause her to remember the Adventures of Agent P comics she drew as a kid (this is not something that actually appears in the show, but rather something I theorized about in the WMG above), and thus remember the good times she had with her brothers.

Suzy has a crush on Phineas

Well, the reasons I have start with One Good Scare Oughta Do It. We know that Suzy tortures Candace and the first thing that we think of is because of Candace is a potential threat to becoming Jeremy's favorite girl, but later we find out that she also tortures Buford. Why you ask, well, my theory is that she has a stalker crush on Phineas. She knows about how much Candace tries to get her brothers busted. She also seems to also go after Buford, maybe because Buford bullied Phineas once, but she did not know at the time that he was now friends with Phineas. Next comes from Crack That Whip. Suzy knew that her grandmother Hildegard would do anything to win that Rollerskate Derby and she too wanted to win. So she had Candace go into Phineas' place as a way to keep him out of danger. I know what you're going to say, you're going to say that it was Jossed in Suddenly Suzy because she tried to help Candace bust Phineas and Ferb, but I'd like to take a moment and disprove that...or at least try to. I think that she at least knew about how Phineas and Ferb's inventions disappear, plus she probably now wants to get into Candace's good graces, so she had a Gambit Roulette in which ends up with Phineas trouble-free and she knows now that Phineas will do what she says. Not to mention she also knows that Isabella is the jealous-type, much like her, so a battle between Suzy and Isabella with cool action scenes to get Phineas to go on a date with one of them.

P&F actually developed a system for remembering everything.

  • It was actually their first project, which is why they're so smart now.

Django was sent into a special summer program.

Probably some art class, since he rarely appears after the episode where his father saw his artwork. He probably wanted Django to advance his art skills. He sometimes have breaks, which explains his minor appearances.

  • Alternatively, his artistic father just has to travel a lot and takes him with him.

Phineas knows he's in a cartoon.

  • His suggestions for what they're going to do today are over-the-top because he knows that's more likely to make them happen.
  • He's (almost) always so calm and cheerful because, hey, it's just a cartoon. In Summer Belongs to You he gets upset because was worried the cartoon was going to have a bittersweet you-can't-always-get-what-you-want ending.
    • That kinda bothers me...he'll get upset if the cartoon might have a Bad Ending...Isn't that kinda selfish? Phineas isn't selfish at all! Unless his old personality is still there somewhere trying to fight its way free. Creepy, but it makes for a potentially good Fanfic.
  • For the clincher, in the Christmas special, he kept trying to "wake up from a bad dream," deliberately trying to to invoke that trope as a way out of a possibly depressing episode.
  • Major Monogram and might be aware, too. During one episode, Carl mentioned that they're in a cartoon, while Major Monogram scolded him for Breaking the Fourth Wall.
  • Ferb is also a good candidate for knowing about the format, since he makes comments like "It usually takes us at least a montage" and "Well, it is Candace's dream"—not to mention that he knew that Perry was making a guest appearance in the (very fourth-wall breaking) musical clip show. Then there was the one where Buford called the background characters "lousy extras", and the bit where Doof announced the change of scene before it happened—heck, it's possible they all know that they're in a cartoon. (Except for Candace. She would be the only one not in on the secret...)

Candace will marry Albert, Isabella will marry Irving.

And that's why Amanda said Isabella looked like Aunt Isabella.

  • lolno

Vanessa will be the next Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

Except that she'll be a real doctor.

  • But what will her evil jingle be?
    • I don't think she's going to be evil. She's just going to be a health doctor and the name "Dr. Doofenshmirtz" will be used for laughs or something.

The show will cease to have quarter hour episodes.

The half hour episodes are getting more and more frequent, and that format seems much more popular with viewers.

Druelselstein is in North America

It's depicted like a stereotypical eastern European country, but its location is never stated. Even though Doofenshmirtz's family seems to be poor and based in Druelselstein, the Doofenshmirtz family reunion was held in Danville. Doofenshmirtz moved to the Tri-State Area after adulthood, and his brother, whom he despises, lives there as well. One of Doofenshmirtz's childhood bullies also lives there. Maybe Druelselstein is close to the Tri-State Area.

    • Jossed, it's actually somewhere in Europe.

Doof won't call Norm his son because he's homophobic and Norm is gay.

Far, FAR above this WMG is one stating that Norm is in the closet. This is my starting point for this one. Norm IS in the closet, but both Doof and Vanessa have figured out he's gay. At some earlier point in the series, Doof started to think of Norm as a son, but as soon as he started to suspect that Norm might be gay, he pushed the thought out of his head because, to Doof, gay people are not normal, and he could not have a gay son. However, Vanessa is totally fine with gay people and does think of Norm as a brother, hence her having no objection to calling him "bro."

Norm wants to be Doofenshmirtz's son only so Doof would feel better.

Norm started to say that he wants to be his son after he heard that Dr. Doofenshmirtz wants a son, or at least someone who's part of the family. While in the ending, Dr. Doofenshmirtz said that Perry could be like part of his family, which after that Norm forgives him for ranting about not having a "son".

Suzy Johnson will become a Li'l Spark or Fireside Girl

It seems like a logical and funny development that the writers wouldn't pass up.

Rollercoaster: The Musical is the real Grand Finale

It just has that type of feeling, especially Carpe Diem. It would have made an awesome and somewhat even emotional finale.

Mitch was Meap's father While it's possible that his mother-in-law was one of the many displays, she's seen roaming free around Mitch's ship at the end of the episode, unlike the other creatures.

Phineas and Ferb are Narcissists

In regards to a previous WMG, Phineas and Ferb are aware of their celebrity and, and posted most of these WMGs to up their fame amongst the tropers.

  • In-Universe, they know they've become famed for doing things in one day, and don't make much of their celebrity to garner more of it. People rarely ask them if they're too young to be doing X anymore, since they know the boys can handle themselves.

Irving's hobby of stalking Phineas and Ferb is an offshoot of his hobby of stalking Candace and/or Stacy

He tries to chat the girls up in "Moon Farm," which led me to first think of this theory. Given his character, there's pretty much only one direction a romantic plot with him could go. Then in "Misperceived Monotreme" his least likely action is to chat up Isabella, which seems odd since it doesn't play off of any clearly-established character trait...unless it's one that's being set up for a future episode (note that this show tends to subtly introduce plot elements a few episodes before they will be important, such as Ducky Momo). It seems like the leastlikelyinator scene is setting up that Irving has a specific person or type (e.g. older girls) that he's attracted to, and Isabella isn't included.

Irving has No Fourth Wall, or can otherwise communicate with the show's creators.

The guy shows up out of the blue, apparently living in Danville without ever being seen before, with a scrapbook of nearly everything they've done. Now we come to discover that his cameras have recorded EVERYTHING ON THE SHOW. Clearly the "spy cameras" are what the show is filmed with and Irving has a deal with the Disney that allows him to tag along with the gang, etc. in exchange for filming an amazing TV show. The cameras also somehow see into dreams.

All of the inventions happened in 1 day.

  • And the reason why is because of one unheard of invention of people life (The game of life Phienase and Ferb style.) [7] Phinease and Ferb constructed it to have cards representing certian characters, game pieces of the characters, ect. ect. ect. The parents were highly amused at the idea and helped the boys with it. Candace just came home with her boyfriend Jeremy, and decided to tag along, as well for their friends and family members. Suzy isn't really evil, just overprotective with Jermeny, so Suzy decided that she should be the kid trying to kep Candance away from Jermeny. Buford and Baljeet are actully friends, maybe too close. Buford actully looks like a bully, but isn't, so Baljeet decided to see what will a relationship with a bully and a victim if they are friends. Dr. Doofenshmirtz actully is a good successfull scientist in a pharmasist coat. Perry is truely a platypus who can't do much and is the pet. He also finds a way into Dr. D's house. Unlike other places, Perry is always welcomed there as much as his own house. And with Major Monnagram being the vet they visit, Phinease decided to make a Perry piece AND also make it turn into the agent known as Agent P and make Dr. D the bad-guy that is still friends with Perry, and Major Monnogram the OWCA[8] leader with Phinease being the controller of the piece since Perry is a platypus, he can't do much. Isabella truely does have a crush for Phinease, she is just she of saying it. Phinease ACTULLY aware of this, made some of Isabella's cards about her love. The other people easily fall into place from there on, like Irvan, the other agents, and maybe Kevin the zebra. The goal of the game is to have the most X points with X being the character the player is.[9] Phinease than made the cards like these samples.
    • Phinease's cards.
      • Card 1: School let out! Choose between a kid character. If they are NOT Baljeet, add 600 points for each. If it is Baljeet, steal 100 points for Baljeet.
      • Card 2: I KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING TODAY! Add 500 points to Phinease AND Ferb and advance each token to any invention of your choosing.
      • Card 3: Wrong parts for the invention! Subtract 400 points.
    • Ferb's cards.
      • Card 1: Meet a pretty goth girl. Add 250 points.
      • Card 2: Make a successfull invention. Add 300 points to Phinease and Ferb.
      • Card 3: Lost a tool! Deduct 400 points.
    • Ect. Ect. Ect. Make more cards for other characters if you want.

Dr. Gevaarlijk wasn't just mean to Doof.

She was mean to ALL her students. Because she's evil.

Fred is Buford and Candace's son

Related to the WMG that Buford has a crush on Candace. After something happened to Jeremy, Buford marries Candace and has a kid with her.

  • Supported by the fact that Fred doesn't look anything like Jeremy, yet looks a little like Candace.
  • And Fred looks similar to Buford
  • We also didn't see future!Jeremy in the Quantum Boogaloo, despite Candace and Jeremy being an offical couple...
    • Hey, there's this new thing: It's called a job.

Candace will bust the boys, but Linda will pretend to punish them, thus curing Candace of her obssession.

  • Perhaps she will actully APPROVE of whatever they did since htey have degrees, and Linda will pretend to punish them, and perhaps that Linda could give them a clearing or whatnot, and this could be part of the series Grand Finale.

Vanessa is actually evil

She is rebellious to her father, because she's a teen, and sees no reason to act like him at all. This was changed when he got her the doll. She began being nicer to him, and gave up rebelling. In the movie Dr. Doofenshmirtz is the leader of a parallel dimension, he say's it came from losing his toy train making him more evil, but actually his daughter teamed up with him. He found the doll by accident, much sooner, and gave it to his daughter while he searched for his train.

Norm is aging in reverse.

Granted, the episodes aren't necessarily supposed to be in order, but look at how the creators developed him:

  • The first episode in which he appeared was "Greece Lightening". His collection of stock phrases included, "The enemy of the Platypus is man", and "Let's invite our wives next time!" In other words, he was clearly designed as an adult man. (Doof calls him his "man robot".)
  • He didn't get any real character development until "Nerdy Dancin'", in which Doof is surprised to find him talking back and generally acting like a Servile Snarker. In fact, he's acting kind of like a rebellious teenager.
  • Finally, in "A Real Boy", we find out that Norm wants to be just that—a real boy. He also suddenly wants Doof to be his father, play games with him and take care of him.

It wouldn't be unlike Doofenshmirtz to put some part of the programming in backwards and accidentally create a Benjamin Button effect.

The entire series is another of Phineas and Ferb's projects, possibly the last one.

On the last day of summer, they decide to make a cartoon about the best summer ever so they won't forget it. Also, the shenanigans which take place just barely preventing Linda from seeing the cartoon on TV, or walking in on a store aisle with merchandise, are positively legendary.

  • This presumably happens after something (maybe an invention of theirs or Doof's) causes them to recover their memories of "2nd Dimension," explaining how that movie can exist and why Agent P and Doofenshmirtz are in the show - or they made up the Agent P subplot to make things more exciting, and in reality Perry is just a platypus.
    • And going off "in reality Perry is just a platypus"- Doofenshmirtz is actually a teacher of the boys and, impressed with their creativity, asks if they could make him a funny nemesis for their secret agent platypus. The boys make him a not-so-bad guy because they like him so much, explaining why the "evil" Dr. D. puts so much effort into being a good dad, and especially why he's so kind to Phineas and Ferb in the movie.

Baljeet is madly in love with Phineas' mother, Linda.

If you think about it, the signs are obvious. He knew exactly what she would want (A slide rule), they SMILED at each other, and I'm sure they've stood next to each other at least once. Standing next to each other = hardcore sex by the way. Linda may or may not have some attraction to Baljeet. This ship is known as Baljinda.

Ginger is one of Stacy Hirano's numerous cousins.

You heard it here first.

Stacy's numerous "cousins" aren't her cousins at all.

They're just random Japanese girls. Phineas' "Wow, Stacy has a lot of cousins!" was an "All Asians Are Alike" joke.

  • Or the Only Six Faces joke, knowing that this is Japan we're talking about.

One of the "evil scientist" members of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. owns the Floating Baby Head.

In the episode where Doof breaks his leg, Monogram shows pictures of various evil scientists heading into Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc. to sign his cast. The Floating Baby Head comes in with one of them. Given that the movie shows a whole dimension full of Floating Baby Heads, it doesn't seem unlikely that another evil scientist created something similar to the Otherdimensionator and retrieved a specimen for himself. The Floating Baby Head might act to this evil scientist as a servant and sidekick, much as Norm does to Doofenshmirtz. Or maybe he just keeps it around to intimidate everyone, considering the effect it has on other characters in the show. Occasionally, it escapes. The evil scientist probably owns, as a cover, one of the companies from which Phineas and Ferb buy their building supplies, and the Baby Head likes to stow away on the trucks. That's why it's usually seen hanging around the daily projects.

Phineas and Fern

One of the stars will die and be replaced by a potted plant. This will cause no noticeable changes in the series.

    • Sounds like a Robot Chicken sketch. (Don't tell Seth Green though!)

The creators of Phineas and Ferb are fans of Lexx.

They cast Malcolm McDowell, Barry Bostwick, and Tim Curry, who were all in the first season of Lexx. Plus the theme song mentions three things Kai accomplished while on Earth in the final season: building a rocket, fighting a mummy, and creating nano-bots. The movie is even about two universes. Coincidence?

The difference between the old and new Druselstein.

The dismal Druselstein of Heinz Doofenshmirtz's youth was transformed into the well-to-do Druselstein of today through the remittances of the large expatriate community residing in the Tri-state area.

Ferb is the son of a Nereid.

Hence the hair color.

Ferb is really an alternate version of Beaker.

Same head-shape, hairstyle, doesn't really talk much...

Doof names his inventions inators'...

as a tribute to his Grandma, Gertrude Zupermühltienatör. She was the Doofenshmirtz who was nice to heinz, so he paid tribute by naming his inventions after her.

  • Jossed: It's not just a name used by Doof. Other mad scientists are also seen naming their inventions inators during the Inator Creator competition in "Robot Rodeo", and even Phineas and Ferb use the name once (the rainbow-inator). It is more likely just a common name for (usually evil) inventions in the Phineas and Ferb universe.

The Baby head and the zebra are spies sended by an evil version of Phineas and Ferb from another dimension

Their mission is to watch Phineas, Ferb and Candace to make it easier for Evil Phineas and Evil Ferb to conquer their dimension

Phineas and Ferb have a machine that recycles dance animations

I've noticed that the dance Phineas and Ferb do in "Mother Nature Won" (at 0:07) has been used in "Mix N' Mingler" (at 0:22) and "What Do it Do?" (at beginning). The EXACT. SAME. DANCE. They must have a dance animation recycler or something! Either that or they really love that dance.

== In the Bad Future and the good future Suzy will be an intern for DR. HEINZ DOOFENSHMIRTZ == You know it's true.

Jeremy got replaced by the Skrull during The Movie

Want evidence? He was supposed to go out of town to see his Dad's college. Yet when Candace and P&F return to Danville, he suddenly appears next to Candace in one scene (pay attention, it happens very quickly). Then what happens the very next time Jeremy appears in-series after the movie? For the first time ever he snarks Candace. The Skrull weren't very accurate.

Charlene Doofenshmirtz was Lindana's voice

That's where she got all the money. Linda admitted that she is no the real singer, then we have that even in the soundtrack, the one singing is not Linda's VA, but Vanessa's VA, and who is related to Vanessa? That's right.

  • I second this.

Perry gets found out prior to (or in) Meapless in Seattle

Speaks for itself, really—based on the "I want your hat on my desk!" thing from "Chronicles of Meap's" stinger. Granted, that was just a gag before Fan Dumb got its way... but it's still an entertaining thought.

  • There probably won't be an episode about Perry getting found out so soon after the movie (where he gets found out, but every witness' memory is erased). But only time will tell.

If Candace busts Phineas and Ferb, reality will break

Perry and Doofenshmirtz are destroying their machines on purpose to prevent it from happening, or else everyone will turn into convoluted versions of the characters of the Regular Show!

Vanessa's Goth best friend is sister to the child clown

Really, take a look at them.

"Kevin" is Candace from another dimension. One with Rule 63 versions of all the main characters.

  • Also, psychic, talking animals.

Dance is more closely associated to the Path Sinister than Song.

Dr. Doofensmirtz and other Mad Scientists tends to get all the big dance numbers. There's also Major Monogram's statement that "No one has ever defeated evil while dancing." and Dr. Doofensmirtz's creepy exercise program that he works out to.

Before the summer, Phineas and Ferb built an infinite improbability drive.

All the strange coincidences really are coincidences, but, well...

Nerds of a Feather's resolution was supposed to be a Pet the Dog moment

It's doubtful that Candace has managed to keep the Ducky Momo thing a secret from everyone—given the number of times that the boys have wandered into or been invited into her room, Candace's lack of subtlety where they're involved or plain old common sense (like the Lindana 'revelation' from Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem) it's likely that Phineas and Ferb are aware of her fondness for the show. When 'Ducky Momo' happened to show up in front of the monster, they might have seen letting her 'kill' it a way to do a favor for Candace—at any rate, they were the ones who made sure that she knew about the convention, which may have been a favor in and of itself.

All the mad scientists have SRMD

SRMD is easily treated, but requires that the scientist progress through their illness using memes. Apparently, animals count for the purpose of being chased.

Hatsune Miku will show up at some point

Why not? She's a robot (basically). And they threw in Caramelldansen and the leek spin. Either Doof will create her either by accident or on purpose, the boys will create her, or they'll take a trip to Japan and run into her there.

"Kevin Flynn" is a nod to Tron.

Just ask the creators at the next convention.

  • Fletcher-Flynn's, home of Jump 'n' Duck
  • It's not just a nod—they're all programs in his computer. The zebra calls her Kevin because it recognizes that her being is a manifestation of her creator. Where did you think all that Cartoonland Time was coming from?

"Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!" wasn't a dream.

Everything in Candace's dream actually happened. Monogram and Carl wiped their memories, but something went wrong with the Amnesia-inator (or some other device) and the family was left with Deja Vu the next morning. Monogram had been surveying them in case of this and was ready to take them away again. Perry had to beg them to try one more time with the Amnesia-inator (Or some other device).

  • This makes so much sense.

Doof isn't really evil, he just wants company from Perry the platypus.

Doof wants Perry to win every time, and this is why his inators are so easy to destroy.

What a Croc! will somehow parody Australia.

Seasons 2 and 3 happened at the exact same time, but in different timelines.

The timeline split into two in Unfair Science Fair and Unfair Science Fair Redux. In Moon Farm, Candace remembers Phineas and Ferb going to mars, which means that season 3 takes place in the Unfair Science Fair Redux timeline, meaning season 2 is the timeline after the original Unfair Science Fair.

Carl is Major Monogram's Adopted Son.

They have a close relationship, moreso than boss and intern, and even though Carl only appears to be in his mid to late teens, he never seems to leave OWCA (he was even there at night during the episode "Traffic Cam Caper"). We never see if he has parents or not, nor does he ever mention any. Even the Major mentions having a wife, and we've seen the more minor characters have relatives (I.E; Irving's brother, Albert, and Buford mentioned naming his fish after his mother). Carl was orphaned within the last five or six years and the Major adopted and recruited him. Carl doesn't call him "dad" because he either isn't comfortable with it, or Monogram just told him to call him Major Monogram or "sir". It might even be so that Carl's parents were involved in the agency and knew Monogram themselves. After they died or had to relocate, they entrusted Carl's care to the good Major.

  • Or nephew. They're probably related somehow.

Phineas and Ferb will be busted by someone other than Candace

Candace is always too late to show their mom what Phineas and Ferb are doing, but their inventions are frequently seen by other people. Sure, most of them ignore it or only make a remark about Phineas and Ferb being too young for this, but Candace can't be the only one who thinks that Phineas and Ferb are doing something dangerous and their parents should know about their activities. It will only be a matter of time before someone else does manage to show Linda evidence of the boys' activities. Also, Linda will have to believe it's true if more people than Candace start claiming they saw Phineas and Ferb do all these things.

  • Candace would probably try to prevent Phineas and Ferb from getting busted by anybody but herself. Actually, that would make a cool episode ending.

Danny from Love Handel is secretly evil

Carl is somehow related to Arnold from The Magic School Bus series

They look almost exactly alike and share similar neurotic personality traits.

Alimony is not the only source of income for Dr. Doofensmirtz.

He also collects rent from the tenants in his building.

Jeremy Johnson and Charles Pipping IV are related in some way.

They sure do look alike, and in Moon farm, Phineas mentions that Jeremy has a British background. It just can't be coincidence that they look like eachother.

In the last episode's credits...

Phineas and Ferb will be going to school, talking about something... And then it gives an idea to Phineas and he says "Ferb. I know what we're gonna do next summer."... Then the show ends.

  • That is beautiful. Sort of makes this troper want to cry.

The entire show is one big flashback.

Basically, the Characters are remembering this either during school or when they are grown up. Obviously, if a Character is in a scene it's something they remember. Also, this obivously isn't true for every episode.

Candace's hypnosis triggers in "A Real Boy" were not subject to Snap Back, and will come up in a later episode.

Stacy will need to snap Candace out of her "bust my brothers" obsession for some reason, and will eventually blurt out something like "Holy guacamole, Candace, will you give it a rest for one day?!" and poof, Candace will be over it. Naturally, Candace will be back to normal by the end of the episode, and will angrily demand that Stacy de-hypnotize her.

Season Three is hinting at possible changes that will happen in Season 4.

Nothing major right now, but mostly minor changes like Isabella having a different hair style and Gretchen no longer wearing glasses.

Phineas and Dr. Doofenshmirtz will clash more often either directly (when they can get away with it) or indirectly

Carl the Intern is obsessive compulsive.

He fears the smell of garlic and in the Dr. Coconut music video, his dorm room was spotlessly organized.

Inspector Initials is Major Monogram's wife.

They do a fair bit of flirting, but Mongram is otherwise happily married to a wife we have never seen. Flirting with his wife would be fine. But flirting with a random British colleague? Probably not on a Disney show.

The supercomputer wasn't suicidal. It has plans.

Oh, what Plans...

Phineas is actually deeply fatalistic and overly fixated on his own mortality/future.

Like many intellectually inclined children, Phineas has spent more time than he probably should dwelling on the subject of his own limited lifespan and (especially) his limited period of largely responsibility-free childhood. His fixation on making summer last and doing something exciting every day stems from him associating summer with freedom and school with responsibility. Deep down he knows that he's brilliant and will likely be tackling the worlds real life-and-death matters (world hunger, diseases, etc) when he's older. He wants to enjoy his fleeting childhood phase and throws himself into wild projects, his optimism being a side effect of him being distracted by his otherwise morbid or existentialist thoughts.

... or Phineas (and Possibly Everyone Else) is Dead.

At some point a boy named Phineas died, possibly in a large-scale disaster or war. Danville is a sort of pleasant Lotuse Eater Machine where he lives out happy little existence on the edge of life and death (or maybe death and crossing over in some fashion). His fixation on summer has something to do with the line between life and death; Fall is when all the leaves die and fall from the trees after all. This could explain the somewhat formulaic nature of the episodes: real!Phineas has a big imagination, but is still a normal child and only has so many ideas to keep his fantasy world going. He can whip up a new invention, but he can't always think too far outside the box.

Doofus Khan is the show's usual Doofenshmirtz

Remember in Lotsa Latkes that Doof is thrown to the Mongols' time?. He probably couldn't get a head to build a time machine and instead tried to take over China for a while. That's probably how he knew that the Crane thing was going to become really cliche..

The events taking place in the show are all the delusions of a group of kids in a children's psychiatric facility.

That's why the parents never see anything and why everything is so easy to do in that world. In reality, Phineas and Ferb's inventions are made of toys. The reason nobody ever gets hurt on anything is because (since they're locked up) the toys their inventions are made from are childproof to prevent their use as a weapon. The reason they "disappear" at the end of every day around the same time is because they have scheduled time to play with them.

The reason the parents go away so often during the episodes is because, while they visit as often as possible, they aren't allowed to be with their children all day. The kid's minds make the grocery excuse to explain why the adults are so often absent.

In reality...

Phineas is Schitzophrenic and detached from reality. He's so happy all the time because of the mood stabilizer's he has to take to keep him from becoming depressed and suicidal. The 3 subplots that run in the series are all his mind's interperetation of the everyday occurances that go on around him.

Ferb is a nonverbal Autistic whose social withdrawal got so bad that he couldn't go to normal schools, because he would have a meltdown if he did. He inexplicably became attached to Phineas. In their world, Ferb chooses not to speak but can still mantain healthy relationships as he was unable to in real life. His kinship with Phineas is the reason why they're "brothers" without being related.

Isabella has an unnamed psychotic break from reality, caused by abuse from her father (which is why he's never seen) and the reason her mother is so friendly and motherly is to compensate for her real mom's inability to protect her. Her obsession with Phineas is caused by Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Candace has multiple personalities, including Perry, which is why she and Perry are so deeply connected and why Perry experienced Candace's dream. This is why her moods cycle so much. Jeremy, Stacey and Jenny are all her personalities, which is why Stacey was her "eyes, ears and mouth" in "Put That Putter Away!", and it's also why she acts so differently when they're around. The other children recognize Candace's personalities as different people as well and treat them as such. Candace's mom's frustration with her busting the kids isn't even about the busting, but instead about her giving into Phineas's delusions and being so aggressive to her counselors.

Buford has bipolar disorder, which is why he goes from deep and sensitive to aggressive and spiteful so often.

Baljeet is Obsessive Compulsive.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is a Doctor at the facility who, while not a bad person, is unliked severely by Candace. When she's in her Perry personality she's more prone to break rules, which is why Doof "traps" her so often and why he only fights her if she attacks first.

Carl is an orphan who had nowhere else to go. He got involved in the kid's games once (in Undercover Carl) and was still in reality, which is why he was so reluctant to play along. He grew attached to Monogram, since he was the only adult who was ever really kind to him.

Major Monogram is Carl's social worker who interacts with the kids from time to time. Candace has an unexplained fondness for him and when in her "Perry" personality sees him as a part of their separate reality as his boss, since he always tries to encourage "him" to fight the illness. What Phineas and the other kids involved see as him bossing Carl around is simply his tough-but-fair way of trying to help the boy have a future.

Django was depressed, but after connecting with the boys, he was checked out by his dad, although he's relapsed once.

The Fireside Girls are Isabella's friends from her old life who come to visit often and play along with her delusions.

The recurring background characters are random Doctors, visitors, social workers and other patients. The "did you think it was just going to fall out of the sky?" couple are the parents of a patient who are always fighting about their kid's illness and the father is usually right. The extras from the first episode were kids who were almost done with treatment and were checked out soon after.

This also explains why it's perpetually summer, why the kids always wear the same clothes, why nobody goes to school and why none of the adults ever see what the children do.

Dr. Doof will become both Gru and Dr. Eggman in the future.

One day Dr. Doof will finally realize that he is not profiting from his petty revenge schemes. He decides to sell his building and move to the suburbs. There, he lies low for a while, building his new lair and genetically engineering his minions (who he has finally realized to be far more competent than a giant robot man). Eventually, the OWCA catches on, and assigns his neighbor's dog to him as a nemesis. He quickly disposes of the dog nad continues onw withh his scemes. Eventually, after several profitable ventures, he has enough money to start his own company, Eggman Industries. Shortly after this, Sonic the Hedgehogis assigned as his nemesis.

The similarities between Gru and Dr. Doof are astounding. They both have the same nose and body type, give or take twenty pounds. Again, Gru looks similar to Dr Eggman: give him a nose job, another thirty pounds, and a mustache.

Phineas (and possibly Ferb) will die violently in the near future.

Eventually, Phineas and Ferb will run out of ideas for inventions. They've already covered an amazing amount of territory, but how much more can they dream up? In the recent episode Bully Bromance Break-up, it's already shown that Phineas goes through withdrawl when unable to build something. At some point in the near future, Phineas will start participating in more and more dangerous activities just for the thrill of it(i.e. "Let's go skydiving from space- with no parachutes! We can build them on the way down- with things we find in the air!) One of these attempts will go horribly wrong, and Phineas will die.

Buford is Moses

Hence the ability to intimidate even water. Candace remains God of course. (In a Haruhi Suzumiya way.)

Candace is Changeling

Phineas and Ferb will create GLaDOS and Aperture Science.

At some point in the near future, Phineas and Ferb will run out of adventures and thrills to take part in. To alleviate theor boredom, they create a superintelligent AI to keep them eternally occupied with testing. Something of this magnitude will not go undetected, and Candace will finally "bust" the boys. The government will take intervention, and create false stories , such as who Cave Johnson was, and how the portal gun was inveted, while Phineas and Ferb will be "testing" for the rest of their lives.

On the last day of summer vacation Phineas and Ferb will

The mysterious source that was interfering with the Cute Tracker in "Chronicles Of Meap"...

...Was the Bango-Ru convention.

Possible plots for the possible second movie.

Not counting the one for theatrical release that is. List your ideas for a second movie below...

The events of Phineas and Ferb Get Busted DID happen

After the group saw Perry, he had their memories erased. As for Perry's dream, he had a nightmare about the possibility of losing his family, and the incident was very close to that.

V.D. will get a middle initial.

This will of course happen after a letter writing campaign, after folks notice that those are her initials.

Ferb is Yuki Nagato

The silent competent one yes

Perry is an experiment made by Dr. Jumba Jookeeba from Lilo & Stitch with adorable hypnotize clone powers :)

I mean, real platypuses aren't really turquoise with beaver tails! Real ones are poisonous and brown. He made him to hypnotize people into doing whatever he wants, which explains Phineas and Ferb liking him so much ( Candace being so focused never had the time to really look at Perry, leaving her sane.), and the reason of so many of these odd-looking platypuses all over Danville. But he was created accidentally without any evil like Ace and was disposed of by the doctor to Earth, since he thought he didn't work. But Perry's true plans are yet to be discovered. *Dun, Dun, Dun...*

The scene(s) with Love Handel playing Centurians' "Bullwinkle, Part II" in the truck from "Delivery of Destiny" was a tribute to Dylan Klebold.

There's a video tape of the late teenage Klebold, driving to school with a friend, while the Pulp Fiction soundtrack plays in the stereo (which was filmed just a few weeks before the incident). The first song heard is the exact same one Love Handel played while driving with Paul the Delivery Guy. If this wasn't some sort of referance to make the person who rode with Klebold that day to remember, I don't know what is.

MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! Phineas and Ferb are Wild Mass Guessing!
* not looking* Of course they are, Dear.

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  5. ... including The Stinger
  6. He did set first base on fire with his mind, though the machine controls his psychic energy so they'll hit more on target, and to hide his ability to the public to avoid being discovered.
  7. Phinease and Ferb just have overactive imaginations.
  8. Organization without A cool Acronym
  9. By that, basically a most points win game.