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Because even IRC channels can be funny.

  • One time, Bpen tried to say "fair enough, theres a reason I like pens and paper". But due to spelling error, it came out as "fair enough, theres a reason I like penis and paper". Best. Typo. Ever.
  • Flash's reaction to "Go Animate" crapping out on him, after hours of work which wasn't saved (funny for us, at least).


  • On one of Bpen's Swedish love poem's to Audrey, he meant to write "...Sing with you." but accidentally misspelled it so it became the equivalent of "...Impregnate with you.".
  • Poptart posted a drawing consisting of several possible offspring of some different parental combinations. Some of these were Stacy/Albert, Candace/Albert, and Candace/Jeremy. Now, what Dan MEANT to say was, "When did Candace and Albert get married and divorce, leaving Candace to marry Jeremy and Albert to marry Stacy?" However, it came out as:

Dan: [...] And Albert to marry Albert?

  • The entire "hoe" conversation. Words cannot describe it. Poor J Severe...
  • Two words:
  • Running Gaga. That is all.
  • The "Crabs don't have uvulas" moment. One of the most shining examples of It Makes Sense in Context in history.
  • This is so immature, yet so funny all the same. After a brief argument about which of the planets the group destroyed, Gurgy (Stacy Fan) commented that it was good that he lived on Venus, which was followed by:

[16:47] <superflash101> venus is just gas
[16:47] <superflash101> you might as well be living inside a fart
[16:47] <Stacy Fan> which is why this is the planet for me

    • Fridge Logic makes it even better: Venus is, in fact, not a gas planet and is completely solid.