Photo Booth Montage

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A specific form of Photo Montage.

Some characters, usually a romantic couple, rush into a photo booth, and the audience is treated to a brief Montage of the photos they took there. The last picture must feature the characters making silly faces or mugging in some way—it's required. This is a common feature of girls' night out, too, and can usually be spotted as a small part of a greater montage.

Examples of Photo Booth Montage include:

Anime and Manga


  • Harley Quinn and the Joker indulge in this.

Film -- Live Action

Live Action TV

  • Mr. Bean once used a photo booth, and this trope, to check the back of his haircut.
  • On Scrubs, JD and Alex do one, and get interrupted by JD's pager.
  • Arrested Development with Buster and the sheep. Soon used again with Lucille getting her grocery store card.
  • In a first season episode of Veronica Mars, a girl manipulates her blackmailing, emotionally abusive boyfriend into doing this so that she and Veronica can doctor the photos to make it look like he is gay, and thus get him kicked out of the navy.
  • The opening credits of early '90s Canadian series Ready or Not features the main characters posing like this.


  • In the video for Aerosmith's "Crazy", the two runaway delinquents (played by Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler) hop into a convenience-store photo booth to change clothes. Averted in that the audience never sees the photos, but the girls hand them off to the store clerk. His reaction to what he sees kinda makes you wish you could have seen the photos.

Western Animation

  • 6teen has one in its opening sequence.
  • Beast Boy and Terra's date in Teen Titans has one of these.
  • The first season finale of Code Lyoko has one as Jérémie lead Aelita through her first day (not really) on Earth.
  • Here is a good one, starring the girls of Totally Spies!.
  • Happens in the intro of Fish Hooks.
  • Platonic version on Jimmy Two-Shoes, between Jimmy and his hero Wreckum.
  • “Eeny Teeny Maya Moe,” an episode of The Simpsons, has a sweet one for Moe and Maya. The same episode has one for Marge and a drunken Homer.