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Characters from Pinky and The Brain include:

The Main Duo

The Brain

"I am a mind -- a Brain! I am the Brain!"

A genetically altered lab mouse with a large head who plans to - you guessed it - Take Over the World (OF COURSE!). Voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

Tropes associated with The Brain:


The Brain's dim-witted assistant. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Tropes associated with Pinky:

Other Characters


Snowball 5804.jpg

A hamster who was put through the same gene splicer as the mice and also schemes to Take Over the World, but does not intend on making it a better place like Brain would. As such, he is The Rival to the Brain. Was eventually changed back to an ordinary hamster in his last appearance. Voiced by Roddy MacDowall.

Tropes associated with Snowball:


Another genetically altered lab mouse that Brain sometimes romantically pursued, despite her being as ditzy as Pinky. (Does This Remind You of Anything?) Voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Tropes associated with Billie:

Phar Fignewton

A grey and white race mare (female horse) with whom Pinky fell in love in the segment "The Kentucky Derby". The relationship between them obviously Squicks Brain.

Tropes associated with Phar:

Roman Numeral 1 "Romy"

A clone of both Brain and Pinky created from their combined DNA. (Does This Remind You of Anything?)

Tropes associated with Romy:

Brain's Parents

Pinky's Parents


Pinky's "Sister"



"Hi there! I'm the one named Larry."

A dopey chubby mouse with frizzy hair that sticks out in the sides like Larry Fine of the Three Stooges, he accompanied the duo during one of their schemes, he did little except constantly introduce himself and provide useless observations, eventually Brain tires of him and tells him to leave, he later joins up with Paul Simon. He was voiced by Billy West.

Tropes associated with Larry:


Brain: Tonight's plan is my masterpiece, Pinky... and, ugh, Larry.
Larry: Hi there!
Pinky: I like the lines, Brain, and, ugh, Larry
Larry: I'm Larry!
(and it goes on the whole episode like that)


Brain: It's all about teamwork. A special chemistry. The Yin and the Yang
Larry: And Larry
Brain: No, it's just the yin and the yang, without any Larry
Pinky: Edgard, Brain! Am I the yin or the yang?
Brain: I don't know, Pinky. But he... he is definitely Larry!



A black-haired mouse from the black and white Pinky and The Brain episode, "The Third Mouse."


Mousey Galore

Russian lab mouse and rival to Pinky and the Brain in "To Russia With Lab Mice".


Dr. Mordough

DrMordough 3222b 4157.png

The scientist who built the gene splicer that turned Brain, Pinky, and Snowball into their anthropomorphic forms. Appears only in part 3 of "Brainwashed".

Tropes associated with Dr. Mordough:

The Evil Clown

EvilClown 2 4724.png

Precious's confidant.

Tropes associated with The Evil Clown:


PreciousTheCat 5001.jpg

Dr. Mordough's cat who was the Evil Mastermind of the scheme the mice had to foil in "Brainwashed". Like the mice, she too gained brainpower from the gene splicer, but lost her feline beauty and swore vengeance on humanity as a result. Voiced by Nora Dunn.

Tropes associated with Precious:


A humanoid alien who scouts planets to eat the being with the highest intellect's brain, he attempts to steal Brain's after sending him an email promising to help him take over the world, after his defeat he decides to settle for Dick Cavett's. Voiced by Jeff Bennett

Tropes associated with Zalgar:

Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain Characters

Elmyra Duff

The annoying redhead from Tiny Toon Adventures. She turned up to chase the Warners in one of their segments, but is listed here because of her being shoehorned into Pinky and the Brain. Voiced by Cree Summer. See Tiny Toon Adventures for her tropes.

Mr. Pussy Wussy

Elmyra Duff's pet cat.

Tropes associated with Mr. Pussy Wussy:

Mr. Shellbutt

Elmyra Duff's pet turtle.

Tropes associated with Mr. Shellbutt:

Rudy Mookich

RudyWithHisPetSnake 2774.jpg

A fat slob who replaced Montana Max as Elmyra's love interest in Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. Has the hots for Brain's occasional alter-ego, Patty Ann. Voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

Tropes associated with Rudy:

Vanity White

VanityWhite 3 8173.png

Tropes associated with Vanity:

Wally Faust

WallyFaust 1361.jpg

The seldom-seen antagonist of Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, he is a man pursuing the mice to use in his own world domination schemes. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Tropes associated with Wally:

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