Pirates XXX

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A 2005 Porn film that was made, possibly only in part, to cash in on the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean. The story follows the pirate hunter Captain Edward Reynolds and his First Mate Jules Steel as they try to catch the dreaded Captain Victor Stagnetti. The first film is about helping a young woman find her husband, whom Stagnetti kidnapped on the first night of their honeymoon. The second is more about finding the pirate queen Xifeng who decided to bring Stagnetti back to life.

The work has been praised for decent costumes, sets and acting (which improved considerably by the second flick) from most of the cast, especially Evan Stone who plays Reynolds.

The film is notable that it was the most expensive porn at the time and, as one of the lead actresses confessed, took several weeks to shoot as opposed to three to five days. The creators were so proud with their work that it was cut down to an R-rating and sold in regular video stores and rentals. In 2008 a sequel was made with a much bigger budget, better CGI and better dialogues. An original soundtrack has even been released.

Tropes used in Pirates XXX include: