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Buzz: In just a few hours, you'll be sitting around a campfire, with Andy making delicious hot schmoes!

Woody: They're called s'mores, Buzz.

Buzz: ...right. Has anybody seen Woody's hat yet?

Pixar is a company famous for appealing to both young and old audiences - for more reasons than one.

The Toy Story Series


Buzz: Excuse me; I think the word you're searching for is "Space Ranger".
Woody: The word I'm searching for, I can't say because there's preschool toys present.

  • In the second movie, Buzz gets a luggage tag reading "BUTTE" (Montana) stuck on his rear end.
    • At the beginning, before setting out to save Woody, Buzz and Bo Peep share this bit of dialog:

Bo Peep: This is for Woody, when you find him. *kisses Buzz on the cheek*
Buzz: *clears throat* Um, alright, but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me.

  • Not to mention that Hamm and Mr. Potato Head are apparently playing strip Battleship...
  • Buzz's reaction to Jessie's Hot Wheels stunt at the end of Toy Story 2...
    • The junior novelization of the first movie had this (which I'm putting here because it's similar to the above example): After Bo Peep sashays away from Woody (following her thanking him for saving her sheep), there's a line that goes, "Woody's heart boinged like a jack-in-the-box." Right, his heart. The example can be found here (Scroll to page 12 if it doesn't direct you there).
  • Or Bo Peep flirting with Woody in 1 and |2, especially in 1 where her line about "find[ing] someone else to watch the sheep tonight," can be taken another way, given Woody's giggly, awkward response.
  • Speaking of!

Rex: Maybe Andy'll get another dinosaur, like a leaf eater. That way, I could play the dominant predator!


Mr. Potato Head: It was cold and dark. Nothing but sand and a couple of Lincoln Logs.
Hamm: Ehh, I don't think those were Lincoln Logs.


Oh, that... that's just a dinosaur toy down the street, that's nothing.. let me just take care of that... (types frantically) ... just a dinosaur!

  • Barbie saying to Ken, "Nice asscot."
    • Before that, Ken remarks "I love your leg warmers."
  • Ken in general. He's the butt of so many gay jokes.
  • From the beginning of Toy Story 3, the Ship Tease with Buzz and Jessie in the toy box when the toys stole Andy's cell phone.

Jessie: Hi, Buzz. Mind if I squeeze in next to ya?
Buzz: Yes! No! I mean... I mean, why would I mind squeezing in next to you... Is it hot in here?

  • And later, at the end,

Woody: You'll be okay in the attic?
Jessie: 'Course I will. Besides, I know about (whispering) Buzz's Spanish mode.
Buzz: My what?

  • "Woody". Lampshaded in Toy Story 3 when one of Bonnie's toys questions Woody's decision in keeping his name.
  • When Ken's modeling for Barbie, there's a lingering shot... seriously, how did they get this past?
  • In the first movie, just before Buzz is about to 'fly', he pops out his wings. Hammy states "Impressive Wingspan" and shares a look with Mr. Potato Head.
  • Also in the first movie, at the very end when the soldiers announce that Andy got a Mrs. Potato Head for Christmas, Hammy says "Way to go, Idaho!". And if you look in the background behind Mr. Potato Head, Mr Spell spells out "Hubba Hubba".
  • The Bookworm noticing Barbie (diguised as Ken) wearing high heels, then dismissing it.
  • In the early part of the second movie, Buster ambushed Andy's room and all the toys hid to avoid him. He crashed into a wooden lodge toy just to show Mr. and Mrs. Potato kissing, inside the lodge. The last time they were on screen was this lovey-dovey scene where they all got kissy kissy and stuff. Make that as you will.
  • Mr. Potato Head's line in the third film: "Nobody takes my wife's mouth but me!" ...when referring to humans, "taking" someone's mouth does not mean literally taking it off.

The Incredibles


Dash: She'd eat it if we were having Tony-loaf!


Kari: What's the S [on his shirt] for?

Syndrome: For... "Sitter"! Yeah, "Sitter". At first I was thinking of getting initials for "Baby Sitter", but then I would be walking around with a big "BS" and *starts laughing* you understand why I couldn't go with that...

  • The attempted suicide at the beginning of the movie.
  • Am I the only one who caught the "Let's take a drink every time they scream" line from a henchman as he pops open a bottle of champagne while they watch Syndrome's rocket start to terrorize the city?
  • Don't forget Dash's disgust when he realizes that he had been sleeping on top of Violet.


  • Lightning McQueen gets towed several times by Mater. Each time the tow hook is swung under his bumper, he gets a comical expression of surprise and a squeak of pain.
    • Not to mention Lizzy (the car version of a Dirty Old Woman), who has a habit of literally slapping "Nice Butte" bumper stickers on unsuspecting male...er, bumpers. Each time she does this, it is accompanied by the same surprised squeak.
  • There was also a scene where a couple of giggling teen girl cars flash their headlights at Lightning. Especially notable when you remember what part of a woman's anatomy "headlights" is a euphemism for.
    • A deleted scene has these two as waitresses at a seedy truck stop Mack stops at on the drive to California. It was marked as a "top-down" truck-stop, with all-convertible waitresses.
  • Don't forget: "He did what in his cup?!" (After Lightning mentions the Piston Cup). And that was in the trailer.
  • There are several moments near the beginning of the movie, when Lightning makes the appearance for his sponsors. When we first see inside the Rust-eze tent, a pair of Click and Clack-esque spokescars[1] are performing a comedy set; their routine contains -- among other things -- a rather obvious Double Entendre:

Van: Winter is a grand old time!
Rusty Rust-eze: Of this there are no ifs or buts!
Dusty Rust-eze: But remember, all that salt and grime...
Rusty: Can rust your bolts and freeze your--
(Lightning appears)
Dusty: Hey, look! There he is!



  • When Linguini is trying to tell Collette about Remy, he stutters "I have a tiny... little...!" Her eyes noticeably flick briefly down towards his groin.
  • And a bit earlier, when Linguini comes up with the excuse that he's just familiarizing himself with the vegetables as to why he's in the food locker, his boss yells at him "It's possible for one to become too familiar with vegetables!" Worried for his carrots and cucumbers, perhaps?
    • Some people thought that he meant 'become like a vegetable': Utterly braindead.
  • There's also a brief scene of Male Gaze when Linguini is staring at Collette's ass.
  • Linguini's reaction to Remy using him as a "puppet" on his first day at Gusteau's is...a bit much.
  • When Linguini shoves his bike into his apartment, listen carefully: you'll hear him say something along the lines of "this SON of a... DAMMIT!!"
  • When Remy is first in Paris, along with the party and the Slap Slap Kiss couple one of the rooms he runs past has a bowl of fruit and an artist. The easel shows the fruit bowl along with a naked woman seen from behind. Since we can see the fruit bowl, the obvious implication is that there is a naked woman juuuust off screen.


  • Nothing, unless you count Fanon.


  • I'm surprised they got away with Carl's daydream of accidentally dropping Russel to his death.
    • And the fact that he calmly says "No, that wouldn't work," implies he probably didn't even care he just thought that.
    • There's actually a story behind that scene's inclusion: originally Carl really was going to lower Russell on a Bedsheet Ladder. The animators made the "Russell gets dropped" ending as a joke, never meaning to include it in the final cut. It was liked so much around the studio that it was kept and the scene turned into an Imagine Spot.
  • Indefinite whether it's this or Accidental Innuendo, but there IS that one line when Carl and Ellie are under the blanket...
  • The soundtrack has a track called "Giving Muntz The Bird".
    • Michael Giacchino was the composer for the movie score, and his soundtrack titles are notoriously punny.
  • When Carl tells Muntz that he and his wife were his biggest fans, Muntz replies "You're a man of good taste". He's pointing off-camera here in what appears to be Russell's direction. At this point he has no way of knowing what Carl and Russell's relationship is. Consider what conclusion he is likely to have come to, and what this suggests about his own tastes...

Finding Nemo

  • The fish have to make the fish tank dirty, so they can escape.

Gill: Everyone has to make sure this tank gets as filthy a possible. Think dirty thoughts."

    • "Don't you guys realize we are swimming in our own--!" "Shhh! Here he comes."
  • The sharks' support group sounds a more than a bit suspiciously like an AA meeting. Also, Bruce's desire to have fish seems similar to having a relapse to alcohol or drugs.
  • The fish tank also bears strong resemblance to a mental ward.
  • "He touched the butt."
  • The decorative volcano in the dentist's fish tank is called Mt. Wannahakalugi. Say it out loud.
  • When Bruce accidentally sends a torpedo shooting out of the shipwreck he, Marlin, Dory, and the two other sharks are in and blowing up the "balloons" surrounding the shipwreck, we immediately cut to the surface of the ocean where one pelican notices bubbles rising from beneath another pelican's rear end (actually from the exploding mines), causing the first pelican to groan in disgust and fly away.
  • "False alarm." (watch this in fullscreen)


  • Merida wears a white shift underneath her dress, and we see more of it as more of her dress gets torn apart during her adventuring. There is also a shot of her being dressed in a corset.
  • "FEAST YOUR EYES!!!" Lord Dingwall lifts his kilt and moons Lords MacGuffin and Macintosh.
  • There is male rear nudity of King Fergus and the lords without their kilts on.

Pixar Shorts

  • At the end of Tokyo Mater, the villain Kabuto (an obnoxious Japanese racing car) is stripped of his modifications as a result of him losing to Mater in a drift race.
  • In the short film El Materdor (where Mater imagines himself a bulldozer fighter) at the end he is between "the twins," teenage girl Miatas Mia and Tia, who are fawning over him. He swings his hook over and yanks one of the girls closer by her rear bumper. Her surprised facial expression, though momentary, pretty much confirms that he's grabbed her butt.
  1. played by the real Click and Clack from Car Talk