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Play the Pokémon TCG Online.

The Pokémon TCG Online (Aka Pokémon TCGO) was mainly the mobile/digitalize version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and a spinoff of the main Pokémon series. It was release in 2011 as the Pokémon Trainer Challenge. The online game follows a young nameless trainer as he learns how to play the card game and makes his way through to go to the Pokemon championships.

Guest Mode

This is primarily a demo mode.

Tutorial Mode This mode is separate from the other modes and can be access at any time, this is were Professor Holly and a few characters, like Ella, teach the gamer the basics of how to play the game, like using energy cards, potions, and how to fight.

Trainer Challenge This is separate from the tutorial, it's a story mode were the trainer battles AI bots to get to and compete in the Pokemon Championship.

Versus Mode is were human players compete against each other, the reward is tokens, tournament entry tickets, and Versus Points that adds to reaping the rewards from the Versus Ladder, which resets every three weeks to give whole new prizes.

Tournament Mode has eight players duking it out in three rounds, these are an elimination style contest. Tournament rewards increases the more the player continues, until he wins the last match were the reward is a tradeable booster pack.

Store is were trainers can buy virtual goods, like card packs, sleeves, tokens, card decks, and even skins. Also, the trainers can digitalize the physical cards to be used in the game, via code or scanning a QR code.

Not to be confused with the Game Boy Color version or the actual trading card game.

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Tropes used in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online include:
  • Addressing the Player: Characters, like Professor Holly and Ella, talks to the player in tutorial and signal player modes.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Zigzag with code cards, they're used to unlock in-game stuff, like promo cards, a small deck, and promo cards.
    • They can be obtainable by QR code or buying the physical card decks from the store.
  • Card Battle Game
  • Character Customization: The player can dress up the boy or girl avatar.
  • Demo: In the Guest Mode let's potential buyers get a taste of what's in store.
  • Digital Distribution: But ONLY for the Pokémon Trading Card Online.
    • Averted. Gamers can buy the physical cards, boosters, and set, enter the code and digitalize the cards straight for online play.
  • Digital Avatar
  • Discard and Draw
  • Demo: Guest Mode shows a taste of what's in store.
  • Elemental Powers: It's Pokemon! This comes with the territory.
  • Experience Points
  • Emoticon: In the modes, like Versus Mode, emoticons are used to communicate to the other gamers. Since there's no chat box in the game.
  • Free to Play
  • Going Mobile: The game also has Apple and Android forms.
  • Heads or Tails: A token is use in a "heads or tails" way to see who will go first.
  • Level Scaling: Both the AI characters and the actual players get harder the higher up one goes.
  • Licensed Game
  • Loot Boxes: The game uses microtransaction or in-game money to buy virtual card packs, which functions akin to loot boxes.
    • This game even breaks the fourth wall, since real life pokemon trading cards, special codes, or QRs codes can be scanned into the virtual game.
  • Main Window: It doesn't take up the whole screen.
    • The window can be toggled to whatever size.
    • Played straight when playing the PTCGO on the smart devices.
  • Microtransactions: Played straight that one can use real money to buy gems.
    • Averted by participating in battling both the AI and real rivals and doing log in bonuses, the player can gain trainer tokens, without the microtransaction part.
  • Play Every Day: Logging in each day will give a reward, like a deck of cards, tokens, and tickets.
  • Player Versus Player: The Player can battle other players in the "Versus Ladder."
  • Pokémon Trainer Club: In order for the gamer to save their progress and even log into their game, they need to become a member of the Pokemon Club.
  • Role-Playing Game
  • Spin-Off: Of the main Pokemon trading card games, that appeared in the Game Boy and the physical trading card game.
  • Tutorial Level: This is the mode were gamers, both old and new, learn how to play the card game. It also gives some form of story mode as well.
  • Virtual Paper Doll
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: When a pokemon attacks, the elemental powers are unleashed upon the enemy trainer's mon and the card mat.
    • This can be toggled off in the settings menu.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Cosmetic?: Played straight, since players can win boxes, cases, tickets to participate and compete in virtual tournaments, and card packs to build one's decks.