Poker Night at the Inventory/Funny

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  • This exchange:

Strong Bad: I hear the Cold Ones here are pretty good.
Tycho: Aren't you, like, ten?
Strong Bad: You, shut face. They also shake up some decent... bananaang. Banang. Banaaa-aaang. Baaaaa-
Strong Bad:...nang.

Strong Bad: (after a beat) That is some bleeped'''''-up bleep''''', man!!!

    • When the story gets violent, Tycho responds by saying "Christ!" One video on YouTube interrupts the dialogue with the player winning the hand, resulting in Tycho resuming the conversation as such...

Tycho: Where was I? Oh...Christ!

  • One response by Tycho if you beat him one-on-one.

Tycho: I commend your restraint. Gabe would be showing me his balls... unless you're planning to do that now.

  • Tycho busting out and deciding to reach for a granola bar in his pants to comfort himself leads to a hilarious situation where all the other character misinterpret the action as reaching for a gun and try to shoot them. Cue them aiming their guns at him in defense, then reeling back as they realize their error. Except Strong Bad, who demands Tycho to hand over the granola bar anyway. Tycho refuses, and walks away.
  • Tycho talking to Max about...giraffes.
  • This troper always cracks up when Strong Bad sings "This suuucks!" before folding. Also, in the same context, "Aw, man! These cards is bloke!"
  • Heavy recalling the Russian version of "The Gambler".

Heavy: You must know when to hold onto your cards, and you must know when to burn them in fire. Because if you lose you bring insufferable shame to Republic and are sent to a work camp in forest.

  • The Heavy deduces from Tycho's usage of hand cream that Tycho is a Spy. Heavy doesn't like spies...

Heavy: You have hands like young girl!
Tycho: I got a regimen, yo. I keep them shits moist.
Heavy: So you are more of sneaky, stabbing type?
Tycho: In an extreme cirsumstance, maybe. Or if someone's being a huge asshole.
Heavy: ...I keep my eyes on you.
Tycho: Nononono! I wasn't implying...
Heavy: [Gives him a ridiculously angry face]
Tycho: ...shit.

  • When the heavy loses with a good hand and a considerable stake in the pot, he gets understandably and visibly angry. He then proceeds to flip the table and spin up his minigun while roaring one of his inarticulate battle cries. That's funny enough, but then he realizes It Works Better with Bullets.
  • Strong Bad's victory song.
  • When having a showdown with Max, if a card comes down that causes him to lose or that helps the player, Max will sometimes give out an oddly cheerful shout of "Frustration". This troper can't help but laugh at it cause of the cheerful way Max says it. If anyone else said it, it wouldn't work.
    • This troper (the same one who talked about some of Strong Bad's fold quotes above) finds it hilarious when Max says "Make a calm and rational decision!!!" in a (perhaps intentionally) stressed and unnerving voice, and he's got an aggressive look on his face to go with it.
  • Tycho and Strong Bad discussing drinks:

Strong Bad: What's your poison, nerd-monger?
Tycho: A gin-fizz, depending on the occasion.
Strong Bad: Ha! You're a girl. You pledged to a sorority in college, and you learned to make that drink there.

  • When Strong Bad and Tycho discuss video games, Strong Bad mentions this gem of a title: Snake-Boxer VI: Now the Snakes Have Fists Too. Tycho says that he can see where that would be more challenging.

Strong Bad: That's the point!

  • Max's response to Tycho in this clip.
  • When Totalbiscuit did a pair of "WTF is" videos on this game and ended up with the Heavy as his final opponent, there was a particularly funny exchange between the two in this video.

Totalbiscuit: Do you have the testicular fortitude Heavy?, will you risk everything?
Heavy Weapons Guy: NO!, [*folds*]

  • Personal favorite:

Tycho: So Heavy, find any rare drops lately?
Heavy: I do not understand.
Tycho: When you get a kill, sometimes you get a present, right?
Heavy: When I get kill, I get honor of team! ... Sometimes, I also get nightmares. A man does not go home to his wife and children.
Tycho: So... no loot then?
Heavy: OH! You mean HAT! Yes, I LOVE hats! Sometimes I get these!
Heavy: (Creepy stare towards camera and large smile) They are the best!

Heavy: These cards are weak, like BLU baby team! *folds*
Tycho: *flatly* Fuck this shit. *folds*