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  • Labor Party: There are two relevant stereotypes.
    • Socially conservative proletarian union-member that only wants more welfare handouts and hasn't realized that Marxism is wrong. Will go on strike at the slightest provocation. Is a closet racist. This stereotype is typically directed towards the ALP's Union base.
    • Politically correct Ivory-tower intellectual that still believes that Language Equals Thought and dreams of being a Platonic Philosopher-King. Latte-sipping Francophiliac Foucault-loving intellectual snob that looks down upon the lowly workers yet uses them for political gain. Probably gay or bisexual, likes visiting art galleries and secretly is ashamed of Australia's alleged lack of culture. This stereotype is typically directed towards the ALP's supporters in the academic left, as well as wealthier persons that vote for the ALP.
  • The Coalition: There are two relevant stereotypes.
    • Inner-City Big Business Corrupt Corporate Executive worker-exploiting heartless capitalists. May or may not be religious or racist, but will exploit people's religious or racial sentiments in order to win elections. This stereotype is typically directed towards the Liberal Party (one of the members of the Coalition).
    • Rural redneck religious racist protectionist pork-barrel-loving subsidy sluts. Broadly similar to the rural religious right of the American Republicans, but with less emphasis on religion and more emphasis on subsidies and protectionism. This stereotype is typically applied to the National Party (the other member of the Coalition).
  • The Greens: Drug-addled nature-worshipping anti-industrial anti-capitalist homosexuals that want us all to return to the caves and hold hands around the (communal!) fire and sing "Kumbaya" together.




  • United Russia (ER): The party of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, and 40% of Russia. A centrist-conservative-left party that supports the Kremlin's plans for centralization and unity, turning Russia from The Federation into The Republic. Supporters are mocked as either nostalgic for the days when the Soviet government ruled everything, plutocrats who are tied up with the Russian Mafia, neo-militarists, or unimaginative people who follow Putin because so many others do.
  • Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF): The second-largest party, supported by about 19% of the people. Mostly supported by old people and scientists who miss the security of the Soviet days before the Russian Mafia took over, plus the Josef Stalin fans, but have placed a Nostalgia Filter over the tyrannical aspects of the Soviet Union.
  • Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR): The LDPR is the Politically-Incorrect Villain of Russian parties. It is pro-Russian and hates Jews, Americans, Asians, and anything else non-Slavic. Fascist, nationalist, poor. Appropriately enough, led by half-Jewish aggressive demagogue Zhirinovsky. At its most friendly, it is a Sour Supporter of the Kremlin.
  • Fair Russia (SR): A social-democratic party that officially acts as the voice for progressive social reform and human rights. In the Duma, it is seen as the Fox News Liberal of parties, not daring to say much against the Kremlin lest it provoke the ire of Vladimir Putin. It has picked up many supporters from...
  • Yabloko: A liberal-democratic party that promoted democracy, social reform, and human rights. Its supporters were derided as soft middle-class liberals who are trying to import American liberalism. Was kicked out of the Duma for insufficient returns in elections.
  • Right Way: as it is seen in the name, classic right-wing party. Supports capitalism, pro-western politics, human rights and can be viewed somewhat like the British Conservative Party. Has little support because pro-western politics and other became increasingly unpopular in the Russian public.
  • National Bolshevik Party (Nazbol): A mad party who want Russia to form a massive Eurasian empire. Hates America and authoritarian governments, such as that of Vladimir Putin. However, its symbol looks like the Nazi flag with a hammer and sickle in place of the swastika. Naturaly, it is banned.
  • Russian Communist Workers' Party - Revolutionary Party of Communists (RKRP - RPK): The party of the real, old-fashioned Communists, who consider the KPRF to be too soft and too bourgeois-fascist. Stages demonstrations and claims to be behind the biggest strikes, earning it a reputation as a Glory Hound. This party really does want to bring back the Soviet Union.
  • Party For People Freedom" (PARNAS): Everyone who don't want to cooperate with Putin. Party is banned.


  • The PAP: The ruling party. Has been in power for a longer time than the country has actually existed. Supporters are mocked as extremely conservative, well-off, bureaucratic and stuffy white picket fence traditionalists who would happily give up freedom of speech and expression just as long as the money keeps rolling in.
  • The Opposition: Every other political party in the country falls under this, such is the domination of the PAP. Citizens often cannot tell the Worker's Party, the Singapore Democratic Party, the National Solidarity Party etc. apart. Supporters are mocked as young, naive, Internet-addicted starry-eyed idealists who don't have real jobs and complain for the sake of complaining.


  • Christian Democratic People's Party (CVP): Wishy-washy, nice Cloud Cuckoo Landers whom nobody's listening to, anyway. Want to uphold the social market economy to neither offend the big business capitalists who propagate economic freedom nor the wacky socialists in their quest for, well...social justice. Due to the "C" in their party name, they are always stammering about social/family values just in order to sound relevant.
  • Social Democratic Party (SP): Damn socialists (see above) and pacifist sissies who hate guns and aim to ruin the country through welfare programs, universal health care and above all, dragging poor Switzerland into the European Union, seeking to destroy her great heritage of independence, neutrality and her strong economy. Oh, and they are drug addicts, of course.
  • Free Democratic Party (FDP): Greedy loan sharks who promote big business and a strong, capitalist economy (see above). Libertarian to the core.
  • Swiss People's Party (SVP): Retarded, right-wing xenophobes who want to keep Switzerland isolated from the influence of every country which is not so great as her, which would happen to be every nation which does not tend to begin with "switzer" and end with "land". Despite pretending to be on the farmer's side, they suck up to the rich ones by propagating tax cuts for them.


  • Kuomintang (Nationalist Party, KMT): The KMT leads the Blue Coalition in Taiwan, and is the oldest Chinese party, dating back to 1919. It used to be the only party in Taiwan until about 20 years ago. Its supporters are plutocrats who want to take control of all of China under a "One China" policy, and have sold out to the Communists by promoting rapprochement.
  • Democratic Progressive Party (DPP): The DPP is the Bourgeois Bohemian party of new-age progressive democrats who want Taiwan to become its own country, but do not realize doing that would risk war with Red China.

United Kingdom

  • Labour: working-class benefits scrounger, illegal immigrant, asylum seeker, or all three. Plus the "champagne socialists" (rich progressives), who are seen as eating tofu and hummus, as well as being knee-jerk Anti-Tory and having an obsessive desire to be identified with the working-class. Will inevitably morph once in office to become ultra-authoritarian. Spend all the money they have and indeed, the money they don't have. If this spending results in increased efficiency (however small), it is obviously a massive success. If it doesn't work, throw more money at it and the problem will sort itself out.
  • Conservatives: Upper-class public-school toffs who want to take more money from the poor to give to the rich, and have duped the workers. They are either mocked as ultra-traditionalist "Shire Tories" who live in the countryside and are obsessed with the nobility and Victorian values; or otherwise slimy young middle-class libertarians who want to abolish the NHS while everyone's backs are turned.
  • Liberal Democrat: Cloudcuckoolander who believes his party will ever get in power, or alternatively Labour-lite or, more recently, Tory-Lite. Now actually in power. Once a party which was seen as 'trendy' to support, 'cos the others were too mainstream or something like that. These days, also stereotyped as somewhat hypocritical for jumping into bed with a party they had previously talked about as if it was their archnemesis.[1]
  • Green : The Bog-Standard Green Stereotype. Bunch of bonkers hippy throwbacks, probably want to extend voting rights to fish, want the NHS to give more priority to crystal healing than heart transplants, are inherently suspicious of anything that could conceivably benefit humanity.
  • British National Party: Racist. Although they've recently been forced to allow non-white members to join and many actually have. These non-white members are also racist. For example, a Sikh man who hated Muslims was delighted to find like-minded comrades in the BNP. Their main enemies are of course the awful Muslamic ray guns. Specialize at being losing incumbent councilors and having leadership crises.
  • UKIP: A bunch of xenophobic Little Englanders. Obsessed with World War 2 and compare the Third Reich with the EU constantly. Either seen making tired national stereotypes about the French or fervently campaigning against political correctness. Reads the Daily Express. Believes the EU had banned bendy bananas and cars with more than three wheels. Has obsessed fantasies about launching their own resistance movement against the evil nasty Europeans. Managed to forget to put down their own name on the ballot at the recent London Election.
  • SNP: Bunch of whiny Scots who watched Braveheart and decided that it should be brought into the 21st century. Basically Labour but more mawkishly nationalistic. Leeches money off English people while claiming they don't need it.
  • Plaid Cymru: Have a stupid name, obsessed with the necromancy of a long-forgotten and incomprehensible language, physically incapable of doing anything constructive in power. Basically think of all the stereotypes of a Welshman and imagine a whole horde of them. Charming, eh?
  • Respect: A hodge-podge alliance of aging, unwashed liberals ready to scream "Military-Industrial Complex" if they so much as see a soldier walking to the newsagents, and bearded Muslim Fundamentalists hell-bent on imposing Shariah law in London.
  • Sinn Fein: Terrorists who have accidently become politicians. Never show up for work, not that they would get let in if they did.
  • DUP : Really, really, really conservative. Thinks gay people are abominations or something like that
  • Independents : Principled egalitarians who prefer to stay above the pettiness of party politics. In reality though, they are jusr too egotistical/ugly to join a real party.

United States

If you are from another country, please feel free to put in your stereotypes.

In any case, there are lots of variations on stereotypes. Not all stereotypes are bad, and not all of them are entirely inaccurate (or defamatory). But they can offend people.

This trope is about any kind of way that media tries to make the "other side" look bad.

See also: Blonde Republican Sex Kitten and Granola Girl.

If a negative stereotype was created just to make the hero look good, or his views seem right, then it is a Strawman Political.

Examples of Political Stereotype include:


  • The Film Actors' Guild (FAG), from the film Team America: World Police, is a parody of strawman liberals, to the point where they ally with Kim Jong-Il (the film's Big Bad) in a misguided attempt to bring peace to the world. The heroes approach the conservative side, although they are clearly a bunch of bungling destructive idiots.
  • The movie Shooter had the cartoonishly evil Republican Senator Charles Meachum.
  • Forrest Gump depicts the '60s counterculture and the antiwar movement as being naive at best and smug, hypocritical, and violent at worst. Note that it's not a strawman to point out that many radical leftists were violent; at some anti-war meetings, members actually discussed what politicians to try to kill if they supported the war. The film also features the Black Panthers, who openly advocated (and used) violence. That said, Ginny is treated sympathetically in her opposition to the war-it seems to be more showing that diverse opinions existed within the movement, which was true.
  • General Ripper from Dr. Strangelove, who launches a nuclear strike on the USSR because he believes water fluoridation to be a Communist plot. Some Truth in Television in that one—that belief was actually held by some members of the far-right John Birch Society.
  • Stephen King's The Mist has as an antagonist a crazy old lady, Mrs. Carmody, who rallies the scared people to offer a human sacrifice to appease the deadly mist... apparently as demanded by God in The Bible, citations of actual verses be darned.

Live Action TV

President Josiah Bartlet: We agree on nothing, Max.
Senator Lobell: You know why?
President Josiah Bartlet: Because I'm a lily-livered, bleeding-heart, liberal, egghead communist.
Senator Lobell: Yes, sir. And I'm a gun-toting, redneck son-of-a-bitch.
President Josiah Bartlet: Yes, you are.
Senator Lobell: We agree on that.

  • In Dharma and Greg the main characters parents were this, Dharma's being a mix of Democrat and Green and Greg's straight Republican, especially Greg's mother and Dharma's father.

Western Animation

  • American Dad - Stan Smith, the gun-toting CIA-operative lead is a Strawman Conservative, played for laughs. His daughter Hayley is a Strawman Liberal, played for laughs as well. Hayley generally comes across as the more sensible of the two. In a departure from this trope's norms, Stan is consistently portrayed with sympathy and insight.

Beyond being a Strawman Conservative, Stan's major "thing" is that he will latch immediately onto any ideology that catches his fancy. For example, he once briefly converted to Islam because Francine was bugging him and he liked the idea of being able to control his wife. Stan is a universal strawman: an impulsive zealot, but lovable enough that the writers can use him to parody and pillory the excesses of any political position without losing the audience.

  1. ok, that's every other party in this list...