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Evan: Oh my god, Jill and Hank. Jank! Jank is back! That's hilarious. Hey. We made a pretty good team. We should have a combo name, in fact. Evan and Divya--Evadivs. Eva... that's weak. Divya and Evan... Divyan. Divyan?

Divya: Okay, here's one. Divya... and Idiot. Diddiot.

Evan: Not bad.
Royal Pains, "Astraphobia"
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, known to their friends as 'Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie', and to absolutely no-one as "Brangelina" except the writers of rubbish magazines.
The Now Show Book of Records, "Most Irritating Made Up Nickname"
Whenever two of us in Glee Club would get together, we'd get a nickname. Rachel and I were Finchel, Rachel and Puck were Puckleberry. And today a new union is formed - Furt. You and me, man - we'e brothers from another mother.
Finn to Kurt, Glee.
Chris and I have discussed this, and we've decided that "Kurtofsky" sounds like a mean, famous male Russian ballerina.
Max Adler on fan-fiction

Comicon Attendee: My question is "Bartie or Brittana", and it's for the entire cast.
Darren Criss: Those are ship names, for the non-nerds on the table.

"Zaang" and "Kataang" sound like sound effects I would hear in an episode of Highlander. "Topokka" sounds like a Pokémon. And I'm pretty sure "Zoph" is Hebrew for something.
Television Without Pity poster Chrysaor about Avatar: The Last Airbender couple names.

Penny: Wait, wait, for the past two months I've been asking, "What's new?" and you never say, "Sheldon has a girlfriend."?
Sheldon: She is a girl. She is my friend. She Is Not My Girlfriend.
Leonard: We call it Shamy.

Penny: Awesome! I am so digging the Shamy!
"Oh, don't even start, "Tarla" or "Curk" or whatever you're calling this two-headed judgmental freak-show."
Dr Cox, Scrubs