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It wouldn't be Power Rangers without the Ho Yay.

Tropes used in Power Rangers/Ho Yay include:

  • From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Tommy and Jason, who even had several "breakup" episodes; Rocky and Adam, who were best friends; Kim and Aisha, who were also best friends, briefly lived together, and there's a cute scene where Kim kisses Aisha on the cheek to cheer her up after a local sorority-ish thing rejects her.
    • Plus Jason and Zack before and after Tommy shows up.
    • Rocky/Adam to a much lesser extent.
  • Carlos with T.J. and Justin, T.J. with Justin and Carlos, Justin with Nico. Cassie and Ashley also got some Les Yay in.
  • Andros with both Carlos and Zhane.
    • Andros treats the then-comatose Zhane in a manner suspiciously similar to how Victor Fries did his comatose wife.
    • From the same season, Psycho Yellow's One-Winged Angel form is a wasp. Pink's is a giant flower. Sure, you could say it just signifies how Pink, even as her teammate, was just a pawn for Yellow's plans, but it's not hard to get the vibe that they were literal Psycho Lesbians.
    • A case could probably be made for Ashley and Astronema/Karone. In the final scene of the season, Ashley is the first to touch Karone.
  • Leo also gets two fandom boyfriends: Mike and Kai.
    • Maya/Kendrix is also extremely popular.
  • Carter and Ryan, being the Red and Sixth Rangers. Particularly due to Carter staring at Ryan's naked back during the cobra tattoo arc, but lack of screentime between the two poses some drawbacks.
    • Same can be said for Joel and Chad in "The Mighty Mega-Battles".
    • On the Les Yay side, Kelsey/Nancy (from "Riding the Edge") has long been read this way by fans.
    • Kelsey also does this with Dana.
  • Wes and Eric acted like they had broken up a while back and were still bitter about it.
    • At first glance, Eric could easily be interpreted as an angry ex of Wes' and it wouldn't require a word of dialogue to be replaced.
  • Danny/Max also has its fans.
  • Hunter is shipped with Cam, Dustin, or both.
    • Dustin is also shipped with Shane.
  • The Red and White pairing strikes again with Conner/Trent.
    • Conner is also paired with his Blue, Ethan. Seeing as his popular het pairing is with his Yellow, it's safe to say Conner has chemistry with all of his team.
  • Sky/Bridge, which seems to comprise all of the slash that isn't Wes/Eric or Tommy/Jason.
    • Cloudcuckoolander Green Ranger Bridge, who falls asleep during an important meeting, is prodded by the Police Chief and responds with a half-asleep "Five more minutes, Sky." (referring to the Blue Ranger). Just one of several Ho Yay moments involving these two.
    • Jack/Sky is another popular pairing.
    • Z/Syd for the Les Yay. The high-five? Adorable.
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force has a nice example of Les Yay in the finale. The Rangers see Necrolai as a human, and Vida VERY enthusiastically backs up Xander's assessment that she's hot. Of course, this puts a new spin on the two-parter where Necrolai sired Vida as a vampire.
    • Nick/Xander was also a thing.
  • Mack has this with Tyzonn and Dax.
  • RJ/Casey has fans.
    • As does Casey/Theo and RJ/Dom.
  • Taken to ridiculous extremes during Power Rangers RPM, when the fans would routinely pair every character with just about everybody else. Dillon/Ziggy was the most popular, so popular that even one of the actors commented on it. Dan Ewing, who played Dillon the Black Ranger, was being interviewed once and mentioned how supportive the fans had been to the RPM cast. Then it got weird.

"Even the creepy fan-love things. People, creepy. Like, okay, if anybody listening to this is doing any creepy love stuff between me and any of the other Ranger males ... stop that shit."

    • What was so brilliant about that is Ewing was less annoyed that slash fanfic existed, and more annoyed that everybody was pairing him with the wrong guy. When told of the love for Dillon and Ziggy (Diggy, as it was called), Ewing exclaimed, "How would that be a good match?", and then wondered why people hadn't paired him with Eka Darville, who played Scott the Red Ranger. Brilliant.
    • Scott/Gem was apparently also a thing.
  • At the end of the episode of Antonio's debut, Antonio walks up to Jayden, pops up his collar, and declares that he's, "ready for action", just as what could be interpreted as mood music starts playing. Most of the viewers almost expected the two to start making out instead of sparring.
    • They've replaced Genta's oversized suit and gong from his big arrival at the Shiba house with a suit and shiny tie for Antonio, making it look like he's taking Jayden to the prom.
    • It doesn't help that both Antonio and Jayden are reuntied childhood friends, if that's indication.
    • The end of "Broken Dreams" adds a whole new level of Ho Yay when Jayden and Antonio are limping to the bench, panting and catching their breath while saying things like "Every muscle hurts" and "Just like old times."
    • Super Samurai just makes it more blatant. Antonio literally tells Jayden to hit his Zord in the butt. Granted, it's to get it to work, but still.