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  • In Doonesbury, the author pushed to allow B.D. to swear ("SON OF A BITCH!") when he wakes up after losing a leg in Iraq. This is significant because newspaper comics have extremely strict clamps on their subject matter. A few papers dropped the strip, most simply edited the line; a few kept it as-is, with the paper's editor stating it was justified.
    • More recently was Melissa saying "That's sergeant bitch to you" which seemed to just be for the sake of the punchline.
  • The 15th July 2010 strip of Pearls Before Swine featured Pig's sole direct[1] use of Symbol Swearing as a Take That against British Petroleum[2]. He even said that he's "never said a bad word in the strip before".
  1. His first actual use was back in 23rd June 2003 when he repeated something Rat said
  2. The company indirectly responsible for the the Deepwater horizon oil spill