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"You don't know what a mink coat does for a girl's morale."
Elizabeth Lane, Christmas In Connecticut
"Man, this is great! I always wanted to nail a dame in a fur coat, and now's my chance."
Bender, Futurama

Friend: "Patsy, it's warm outside... you'll roast to death in your new fur coat!"

Patsy: Oh, but what a wonderful way to die!!!"

"This is for you." And the centaur gave her a fresh fur with a fine silver lining shown in, which gleamed with the splendor of unlight after storm.

"Ooooh," Irene breathed, melting into it. "It's soft as cloud!" Dor had to admit, privately, that the decorative apparel did enhance her appearance.

Big Boy Caprice: "If a woman don't wear mink, she don't wear nothin'."

Breathless Mahoney: "Well, I look good both ways."
Dick Tracy the movie
Skeletor: "My wand can do anything! It can kill people, destroy cities, and make fashionable fur coats!"