Princess Mononoke/Heartwarming

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  • "Live. You're beautiful."
  • Moro, despite having lost the use of her legs, rips an unconscious San from the oozing mess that was Okkoto and gives her to Ashitaka, as if she knows that her daughter will be in good hands. The beautiful soundtrack only adds to the emotion.
  • San and Ashitaka's Cooldown Hug after Moro dies.
  • After watching humans fighting against humans, humans against animals and even animals against each other, seeing Ashitaka overcoming these barriers and befriending and making peace on all sides was both a CMOA and a CMOH.
  • When one of San's brothers has just gotten free from being trapped underneath all the bodies of the boars and pretty much all the humans backed off after seeing it. Ashitaka isn't the only one who knows how to reach out to others. His faithful steed Yakul, despite being injured, hobbles over to the wolf and they briefly and gently touch noses with each other, almost like saying "it's going to be all right".
  • Another thing is the friendship between Ashitaka and Yakul. No matter what, whether it was being shot down or treading on sacred ground or even threatened with being eaten by wolves, Yakul always stuck by his master.
  • The final scene when the Irontown residents are out on the lake watching the mountain heal itself and plants return, and the lepers are cured of their illness.
  • How about the scene where San is feeding Ashitaka because he's too weak to eat?