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Fridge Brilliance

  • Before the aforementioned shower scene, not long after Marion retreats to her motel room; Bates checks the ledger again. This was because after their conversation, she referred to herself as "Crane." as her last name. Whereas in the motel she used a fake name, "Marie Samuels." He seemed both amused and annoyed that she lied to him. It could be what set off his mother half, on top of in her POV: Allegedly seducing Norman and suggesting that she'd be put in an institution.
  • When Norman is going after Lila, who was snooping around his house; the first place he runs is up the stairs. At first glance it would seem he was merely searching the rooms as it's the most likely place to hide. It was really because Norma took over and he was rushing up to dress for the part.

Fridge Horror

While the sequels omitted it, Norma seemed to plan on escaping the institution. Her final monologue at the end, stated that after confessing Norman's crimes, pinning the whole thing on him; that she simply planned to do nothing but the basics until they let her out. Meaning she was waiting patiently for her next kill.

Fridge Logic

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