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A Pure Magic Being is magic incarnate. Such beings have extraordinarily strong magical powers, sometimes approaching godlike levels. For Pure Magic Beings, magical energy is frequently indistinguishable from Life Energy, so that running out of magic power means death, or fading out of existence. Things that consume or drain magic can be very dangerous to Pure Magic Beings.

Although reminiscent of Energy Beings, Pure Magic Beings usually have physical forms, though those forms are sometimes rather mutable.

See also: Cast from Hit Points, Pure Energy.

Examples of Pure Magic Being include:

  • Dormammu from Doctor Strange.
  • The enchantress Mara, from the 1981 cartoon series Blackstar.
  • In The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant:
    • The Elohim people are Earthpower incarnate.
    • Covenant himself is transfigured into a being of pure Wild Magic at the end of White Gold Wielder.
  • One episode of Disney's Aladdin TV series featured Genie being hunted by a magic-eating creature.
  • Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura is in danger of ceasing to exist because Sakura is too young to generate enough magic to support his existence.
  • Simkin from the Darksword Trilogy'
  • Espers and the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy VI. You can actually kill Ultima Weapon by draining its MP to zero.
    • Several normal enemies (generally with a consistent techno-organic design scheme) also follow this, down to dying if their magic points are zeroed out.
  • In some way, this could be said of the majority of the Magic World's denizens in Mahou Sensei Negima.
  • The fairies from The Last Rune series by Mark Anthony. When they travel to Earth, where magical power isn't nearly as common as on Eldh, they suffer horrific pain and slowly die unless they take special drugs.
  • The Big Bad of Neverwinter Nights 2, the King of Shadows is a creature of pure shadow weave magic.
  • The Fair Folk in Gargoyles.
  • Big Bad Pain Elemental Chzo of the Chzo Mythos. He'd actually die of magical starvation if he ever crossed over to our dimension since there isn't enough magic to sustain him.
  • The "Aggregate Sentiences" in Tales of the Abyss are this, and since the same spirits show up as summons in most installments of the Tales Series, it's theorized that this is the case for other instances of the spirits as well.
  • The Wolkenritter of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Made especially apparent near the end of A's, where draining them of their Mana caused them to disappear into light.
  • The gods in Trudi Canavan's Age Of The Five.
  • The mazoku in Slayers are primarily astral beings, so their physical manifestation is only a projection amounting to a fraction of their true power. Also, since the astral domain is ruled by Psychoactive Powers (being the domain of the mind/soul) this gives them the ability to be directly bolstered or harmed by emotions, and the Weaksauce Weakness that the harm to their ego caused by fully acknowledging more powerful beings could literally cause one to disappear in a Puff of Logic.
  • Anodites are Made of Mana, essentially making them lesser Reality Warpers without casting any real spells.
  • Ghosts and other strange things in Atelier games effectively have 0 HP, but they will, uh, die when they have 0 MP. It's possible for a ghost character—such as the recurring character Pamela—to, well, kill themselves by casting spells that require more MP than they have.
  • Xerath is League of Legends performed a ritual to turn himself into one of these, as a human body was limiting his power.
  • The Father, the Son and the Daughter in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • The Fae in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are described as beings of pure magic. This actually works against them—the Prismere that empowers the Tuatha warps their minds due to the Prismere screwing with the magic within them, which is why all of them are such brutal destructive warmongers. Mortals on the other hand can wield Prismere with no ill effects.