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    A Progressive Metal band from Seattle, Washington, best remembered for their epic Rock Opera Operation Mindcrime and for their Top 10 single "Silent Lucidity". The band's lineup for the majority of its career was:

    • Chris DeGarmo: guitars
    • Eddie Jackson: bass
    • Scott Rockenfield: drums
    • Geoff Tate: vocals, keyboards where necessary
    • Michael Wilton: guitars

    They also frequently worked with the late Michael Kamen.

    Starting out as something of an Iron Maiden-esque Euro-metal band, Queensrÿche has experimented with many different sounds and styles over the course of their career. For example, for their second album Rage For Order they utilized highly industrialized orchestrations (dubbed "techno-metal"); and Hear In The Now Frontier featured a raw, stripped-back sound with little to no audio effects other than natural overdrive for the guitars. Albums such as The Warning, Mindcrime and Empire, meanwhile, featured comparatively straight-forward arrangements.

    Like most hard rock bands from The Eighties, Queensrÿche's popularity waned in The Nineties with the rise of grunge (which, ironically, has its roots in Queensrÿche's hometown of Seattle). Nonetheless, Queensrÿche continues to record and tour, although founding member Chris DeGarmo left the band in 1998 to pursue personal interests. While a number of musicians have worked with the band in his absence, a permanent replacement has yet to be hired.

    • 1983 - Queensrÿche (EP)
    • 1984 - The Warning
    • 1986 - Rage for Order
    • 1988 - Operation Mindcrime
    • 1990 - Empire
    • 1994 - Promised Land
    • 1997 - Hear in the Now Frontier
    • 1999 - Q2K
    • 2003 - Tribe
    • 2006 - Operation Mindcrime II
    • 2007 - Take Cover
    • 2009 - American Soldier
    • 2011 - Dedicated to Chaos

    Tropes used in Queensrÿche include: