R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series/Heartwarming

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  • The end of the episode "Bad Feng Shui" in which Jessica fights back against the dark Chinese spirits who kidnapped her mother by playing her violin -- as her mom loved her violin playing. Also the part where she buys a horse from Mr. Ling's store, as the horse is a sign of perseverance and she says that her mom would never give up on her, so she won't give up rescuing her mom.
  • The penultimate moment in "Game Over" may count (or may not, he may have merely been thinking of strength in numbers) when Kelly "Kellraiser" is told to choose his weapon, "anything you want", he chooses his friends, which brings them back to life to join him in the final battle.
  • The ending of "A Creature Was Stirring". The monster burns the family's house to the ground, but everyone survives, and the disaster causes the parents to cancel their divorce, as their kids need them more than ever. As Timmy puts it, "This is the best Christmas ever."
  • The ending of "Pool Shark" where Kai learns that he and his father are really Nanaue (mythological Hawaiian creature that can change from man to shark). Kai comes to terms with this, and wins Alexa's heart by taking her on a ride through the water. Alexa is completely unafraid of his transformation.