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Sara (from The Most Evil Sorcerer) is the ancestor of Alice (from My Sister the Witch)[edit | hide | hide all]

Quite ironic since Sara hated magic and yet Alice became, well, a witch. This could also mean that Gresilda will take her revenge out on Alice and Pete for what Sara and Ned did to her.

The Show seems to take place in a rather Crapsack World[edit | hide]

Judging from the suspiciously similar neighborhood's in "Really You", "Game Over", "Catching Cold", "Brush with Madness", etc you can probably assume that all the episodes in this series (except maybe "Scarecrow") take place in the same universe. So if you think about the main characters live in a world full of ghosts, aliens, monster clowns, etc. that's pretty creepy!

  • Unless you count "Scarecrow" as the end of the world and takes place after the (possibly not for a long time) episode.

Steffani Howard was a victim of both The Ring and Evil Phone.[edit | hide]