Rain Aura

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The appearance of a faint white or grey fog or glow around and above objects and people during a rainstorm. This is a representation of a real-world phenomenon—a kind of mist generated by the shattering of raindrops impacting on a surface—which normally can only be seen under the right angles and light conditions, but which in anime can be seen all the time during a rainstorm. Adds an almost otherworldly air to rainy scenes, but also makes drawing rain much easier.

See also Redemption in the Rain.

Examples of Rain Aura include:

Anime and Manga[edit | hide | hide all]

Theater[edit | hide]

  • This is simulated using a fog machine in the Les Misérables song "On My Own", in which Eponine sings about how the rain makes the pavement look like silver.

Western Animation[edit | hide]

  • The episode "Haunted" from Teen Titans subtly gives away a secret early on when Robin has a Rain Aura but Slade does not...

Real Life[edit | hide]

  • Go somewhere that's at once miserably hot and horridly humid. Stir in one (1) cloudburst. Observe the steam rising from the pavement. Repeat as necessary.