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  • It's hard to tell in the first volume of the Read or Die manga whether Yomiko is falling in love with Nenene Sumiregawa's books, or the author herself. It's further complicated by the fact that Nenene plants a First Kiss (for her, anyway) on Yomiko as inspiration for one of the three novels she's writing at the same time. Yes... she's just that good.
    • In the TV series however it's Nenene who brings most of the Yay, spending a great amount of her time pining for Yomiko, with the not-so-subtle implication her life almost collapsed when Yomiko left (at the very least losing all motivation as a writer).
    • And then there's the OVA, where Yomiko and Nancy dance on a knife edge between whether they're really good friends (despite the personality clash early on) or if Nancy's finding Yomiko more attractive than her current lover, the manipulative leader of the I-Jin, for whom Nancy is a spy. Not helped by two of the rare times that Yomiko shows visible emotions over something other than books include Nancy being critically injured by one of the I-Jin, and her visit to Nancy's clone "little sister" after the latter's death, where she starts telling her about her "big sister" the hero.
    • The TV series and the Read or Dream manga have Anita and Hisami; Hisami is very explicitly smitten by Anita, even implicitly turning down her Unlucky Childhood Friend because she is in love with Anita.
    • In the Read Or Dream manga Maggie meets an Ill Girl who, thinking Maggie is male, becomes massively infatuated with her, to the point of trying to kiss her and eventually writing fanfiction starring the two of them. Maggie herself clearly cares deeply for the girl, but her feelings are not specified.