Record of Lodoss War/Awesome

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  • Kardis' resurrection is repeatedly stressed as the unstoppable obliteration of every living thing on Lodoss, from merest insect to man to mighty dragon, which indeed proves to be the case in Chronicle of the Heroic Knight… Up until the phantasmal tidal wave of death washes over King Kashue's formation, soldiers dropping dead all around him, he (a completely mundane human being) manages to ward them off through through sheer Badass, urging his men that they can fight and win, whereupon Etoh and his paladins arrive on the field, successfully slicing through the whirling swarms of The Destroyer's influence. While all of this is soon undone after the main characters temporarily resurrect Marfa, it's tremendously inspiring that even if Wagnard's scheme had played out perfectly, someone would've remained to oppose him.
  • Mixed with a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming during the final showdown in the TV series during Kardis' ressurection. Neese is being possessed by Naneel, the dark priestess of Kardis, and is shooting waves of dark energy at the heroes as the resurrection and The End of the World as We Know It are coming to a close. Neese's consciousness is almost gone, and Spark is getting pummeled. However, Spark is desperate to save Neese, and he continues to get to her as he is being hit by wave after wave of dark energy. Spark calls out to her, and remarkably, he is able to get through to Neese, allowing him to get to her subconscious mind in order to free her soul of Naneel.