Religious Edutainment

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Religious Edutainment is that genre which seeks to teach children (and sometimes adults) the tenets and values of their religion. (Or at the very least, their care-givers' religion.) The name shares a root with a portmanteau of Education and Entertainment, and shares many of the same tropes.

Examples of Religious Edutainment include:




  • Shari Lewis and her puppets Lamb Chop, Charley Horse and Hush Puppy
    • Lamb Chop's Special Chanukah (in 1995)
    • Shari's Passover Surprise (in 1996)
  • The Israeli version of Sesame Street, which was recorded in English and featured many American Jews on the show
  • The Magic Door
  • Rugrats had a couple of episodes centered on Hannukah and Passover.