Report Siht

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"This Troper" spelled backwards. He (or she) has appeared in Her Codename Was Mary Sue and Meta Fiction, is the All The Tropes "God of Examples" and makes The Cameo among the Tropes of Legend. Basically, he (or she) is the All The Tropes Author Stand In version of John or Jane Doe. Not to be confused with the Alien Hive Queen of the same name who hosts our page on The Galaxy's Greatest Comics.

If you want to use two people, however, go with Alice and Bob.

Although, it might be taken for someone referring to "Report This" with "This" spelled backwards. Or "reports it," though that would make almost no sense at all. Or the word "Report" followed by a rather different four-letter word.[1] Or an order to report any Sith sighted. Or an order to report some guy from the Indian subcontinent (what for, we don't know. Nor do we know who to. But you should report him nonetheless!)

As a small note, few are aware that Report Siht was an illegitimate child. He's fine with people knowing it, though. In fact, he thinks it's magnificent.