Reverse Psychology

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Molly: Johnny, I mean what Dr. Cox did was classic reverse psychology. And so is this: [backing up] Behavioral modification can sometimes be brought about through classic conditioning.
(Smiles hopefully as J.D. looks confused)
Molly: Reverse psychology? Nothing? 'Cause that really kills at the psychiatric conferences.
J.D.: I must go to one of those.

Scrubs, "My Old Friend's New Friend"

"If somebody put a big red lever in a hidden cave with 'End Of The World Lever - Do Not Touch' on it, the paint wouldn't have time to dry."

Terry Pratchett, in several Discworld novels.

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It's really a stupid idea, but some characters will give warnings or orders with the expectation of being disobeyed, and will in fact count on this disobedience. Any character who is told not to go in the basement, stay away from the woods, get out now, etc. ... will do exactly the opposite, often playing right into the hands of the very person who told them what to do/not do. It's really best if you put it out of your mind, since this trope heavily relies on using the pride, perversity, or curiosity of someone else to manipulate them. I'm sure it would be both impossible and impractical to use this as a central tool in a Batman Gambit, especially when you need to make your pawns feel like they are making their own decisions. Sometimes this can overlap with Do Not Do This Cool Thing, by making the forbidden attractive just because it is forbidden.

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Sub-Trope of Batman Gambit.

Don't even bother seeing Too Dumb to Live and Genre Blindness. It's not worth comparing to Could Say It, But.... And do not, under any circumstances, take this trope to an extreme, as it may approach Mind Screw.

Feel free to check out Reverse Psychology Backfire, though.

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