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    A nice followup to Human Revolution, but not without some flaws

    GethN7 (talkcontribs)

    Deus Ex; Mankind Divided follows directly from the plot of it's predecessor Human Revolution, and important fact to keep in mind for newbies, as without playing that game, the player will be lost as to the plot.

    Assuming you played it (and the original Deus Ex), the story is loaded with tons of Continuity Porn, and without spoiling anything, a lot of things from the original Deus Ex will fall into place, so if anyone is worried whether this game does the series canon justice, it does that and more. It does end on a cliffhanger, which is somewhat disappointing, though.

    The gameplay is an even more refined version of the gameplay from the previous game, only this time combat sucks a lot less, and true pacifist runs are now possible. There is a grand total of one storyline boss fight, so those who liked the boss fights might be disappointed, though there are still several social battles.

    The music and sounds are just as good as before, and the voice acting remains top notch.

    The only real complaints would be the game optimization for PC, which is very bad, as anything above Medium-High settings will cause crashes on any computer that does not meet the max requirements or better, though this aside, even on lower settings the game looks even more stunning than Human Revolution"

    The game does have microtransactions, but with the exception of the Breach mode (a secondary game mode with a side story that runs parallel to the main game), they are negligible and not needed, though annoyingly, some DLC items can only be used on one save only and will never be available in any future game on another save file, which hopefully does not become standard in any sequel.

    Overall, though, I don't regret buying this game, it was worth the money, and it, at worst, is still a worthy title in the Deus Ex series canon.

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