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Short, Sweet, with a nice deconstruction of Vampire tropes thrown in

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

I've read some works by Fei before, particularly Kiss of the Dead, and I have to say that while the parody Fei does is generally good, this original work isn't too shabby itself.

It starts with a typical teacher and student romance scenario and ends with a vampire turning someone they love into another vampire angle, and it gets more interesting from there, adding in a love triangle, a bit of good intentioned if emotional driven lying, and ends on a slightly bitter yet mostly sweet note.

However, the more interesting thing as far as the story goes is the deconstruction of how awesome vampiric immortality is. It's shown to actually be hard to deal with, since vampires find it hard to conceal their lack of aging in modern day due to the internet, and they aren't so much loners by choice and as much as it's a necessary survival tactic, even though they are aren't half as persecuted as they used to be.

They also find romantic entanglements to be a problem by the same measure, a fact that causes all parties involved considerable angst.

Another interesting deconstruction is the sexual desire aspect of being a vampire, and how it can drive a new turned one nuts if it isn't kept in check. The cure, given this is a hentai manga, is tons of sex instead of blood, but the same principle applies, and despite the fact it's considered enjoyable by the protagonists, the downsides are also a cause of considerable angst.

I do have to admit I found the ending, while foreshadowed, a bit abrupt, and while I have no other major complaints with the main story, the additional, unrelated maid and master short story tacked onto the end of this manga has never been clarified as connected to the main story or not (likely not, save for the resemblance of one character in both), and if they are related, the epilogue is, at best, bizarre.

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