Rise of the Robots

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Rise of the Robots was an infamous Fighting Game released in 1994 for the IBM PC, Amiga, Game Gear, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and Philips CD-i.

The game's premise was dead simple. The Supervisor, a T-1000 Expy, is the central robot in charge of a large robotics plant. All is going well, until a computer virus suddenly gives her sentience. She transmits the virus to the rest of the plant's robot workers, causing them to kill all the humans inside and try to find a way to connect to the outside mainframe. The only way to prevent The Supervisor from uploading the virus to the rest of the city is to kill her. Enter Coton, a cloned Cyborg programmed to fight his way to the Supervisor's lair and kick her ass.

A sequel, Rise 2: Resurrection, was released in 1996.

Tropes used in Rise of the Robots include:
  • All There in the Manual
  • The Bad Guy Wins - The Supervisor manages to defeat and absorb the Cyborg, destroying his body and copying his brain patterns to the rest of her robots.
  • Body Snatcher - Coton in Rise 2 simply possesses whatever robot you chose to play as.
  • Digitized Sprites - The graphics used pre-rendered 3D backgrounds and sprites, with incredibly fluid animations for each character.
  • Failsafe Failure - Subverted. The Supervisor's programmers actually thought ahead, and didn't give her access to any network outside the factory in case something like this happened. Doubly Subverted when she absorbs the Cyborg's mind, letting her transmit the virus over a larger area.
  • A God Am I - The Supervisor's view on things, post-virus.
  • Home Version Soundtrack Replacement - The game was heavily advertised as featuring music by Brian May. However, they got into rights issues with EMI. Rather then delaying the game to resolve them, the developers completely replaced May's music with techno music by Fuzzy and Clownlogic.
    • The Brian Mays soundtrack was included on the 3DO and CDi versions, letting the player choose between it or the techno soundtrack. YMMV on which is considered superior.