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  • Rizzoli and Isles: In the pilot episode Jane is sleeping over at Maura's house while the police search for the Surgeon and his apprentice. While Maura is at the door getting confidential information from an FBI agent, Jane watches, and then plops on the bed as Maura returns. We see Jane in baggy clothes on one side, and Maura in a dress on the other.

Jane: Is this a sleepover or are you trying to say you're attracted to me?

    • Rizzoli and Isles could also be titled, "How Can We Make Jane and Maura Look Like An Old Married Couple This Week?"
    • If the "say you're attracted to me" line doesn't sink you, Jane's passionate, "Please - do this for me!" about ten minutes later most likely will.
    • On the death of the brother of Maura's ex-boyfriend, Frost admires said ex-boyfriend's car.

Maura: Garrett always did like the finer things in life.
Jane: Yeah, he liked you.

    • And:
    • The entirety of the episode "I Kissed A Girl". There's even a scene with Maura in a skintight waitress outfit where she walks up to Jane - cue two second stare at cleavage.
    • In a recent promo for the new season, it shows the two going through speed dating with all male candidates not exactly being up to their standards. By the end, they are sitting together and enjoying each other's company.
    • And the promo where Rizzoli has her arms around Maura. Calling themselves "LLBFF's"
    • And let's not forget when in order to get Maura out of a relationship with the mechanic Giovanni They admit to being LLBFF's. (Life Long Best Friends Forever And how they are... more then friends...
    • In this scene they pretend to be together again and Jane touches Maura's boobs. Notice how Maura snuggles up to Jane and Maura looks kind of disappointed when Jane tells her to "Get off me".
    • Same episode:

Maura: He's just like you!
Jane: But you don't want to sleep with me.
Maura: *thinks*
Jane: Do you?
Maura: Of course not.

    • Jane and Maura have switched clothes:

Maura: Yeah, and your suit is a real booty call magnet. I got hit on twice. By women.

    • And of course, The Declaration:

Maura: Look, I like Tommy. A lot. But I love you. And I hate it when you hate me.

  • This little exchange:

Jane: Maura and I are not an item!
Jane's Mom: ["You're kidding me, right?" face]

  • The Les Yay on Rizzoli & Isles can be summed as this: On After Ellen, they review many shows that are popular in the lesbian community, but because they lack a lesbian or bisexual actress or female character, they only get a 1-page snap cap. While Rizzoli & Isles may lack said actresses and characters, it's the only show to fit the previously-mentioned description to get a full recap (three or more pages). The reasons being because it is insanely popular in the lesbian community and has, as the site puts it, "enough chemistry and subtext to fill a body bag."
  • In "Remember Me" Maura acts quite upset and lets out a Big No when Hoyt threatens to kill Jane and when Hoyt goes over to taze Maura Jane gets pissed despite being in a life-threatening situation and screams out "HOYT DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!" She then breaks free of her binds and attacks/kills Hoyt, furious that he tried to kill Maura.
  • The number of times they've seen each other naked
      • Changing into her uniform
      • Switching clothes
      • "I don't like it when you drive and undress!"