Rob Roy/YMMV

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  • Complete Monster: Cunningham, the murderer, thief, and rapist. By the time he's finally dealt with, you'll wish it were possible to kill him five or six more times after all the horrific things he did. Montrose and Killearn ("He's got the devil in him!"), too.
    • Oh, definitely Killearn. His very first on-screen action is to feel up the unfortunate Betty Sturrock, which pretty much sets the tone of his character for the rest of the film...
  • Historical Hero Upgrade
  • Moment of Awesome: The final fate of Archie. Damn.
    • To elaborate, Archie has been soundly beating Rob throughout their entire duel, with Rob being unable to land a single blow on him. Archie gets Rob to his knees, puts his rapier to his throat, and prepares to kill him...then Rob grabs the rapier and uses it as leverage to deliver one hell of a fatal blow. Again, damn.
    • Also, while he might be a Complete Monster, Archie telling a man pointing a gun at him that he doesn't think he has it in him to actually kill him, and then not even blinking when the gun goes off, does show that he's no coward.
  • Moral Event Horizon: When Archie burns down Rob's farm and rapes Mary. Killearn manages a simultaneous event horizon by gloating.
    • See, I thought he was disturbed and trying to subtly comfort Mary.
    • Take a look at Killearn's twisted smile as he says that... he only becomes abashed when Mary turns her Death Glare on him.
  • Squick: Many examples:
    • Killearn forcibly inserting his finger into the vagina of Archie's recent lay and then waking Archie up by making him smell his finger.
    • Rob Roy scooping out the guts of and then hiding inside a bloated, putrid animal carcass.
    • Mary dousing herself in the lake after being raped, right next to her brother-in-law.