Robin Hood (TV series)/Recap/S03/E02 Cause and Effect

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The Sheriff agrees to sell all local men to Finn, the rightful King of Ireland, who wants them to help liberate Ireland.

Kate, a village girl, tries to save her younger brother, Matthew, from the conscription being imposed by the Sheriff of Nottingham, but her sibling still gets caught by Gisborne and his henchmen. Now she has endangered herself, but she escapes and Robin manages to save her.

Kate joins the Outlaws as they try – and fail – to save the conscripts. Robin is caught, shackled and taken to the Castle, though his identity remains unknown. Tuck takes control and concludes they'll have to launch an ambush, as Robin is transported.

Kate, however, sneaks inside the Castle but she's recognised by Gisborne, who says her brother will hang. To save him, Kate tells Gisborne that Robin is with the conscripts.

Robin leads the village men in a fight for freedom but they get trapped. Gisborne kills Kate's brother and goes for Robin, but the Sheriff wants him to suffer a slow death and locks him in the vault.

Finn is impressed by Robin and wants them to join forces to destroy Prince John. Robin rejects the offer, but Finn still tries to break him out, only to be betrayed by his brother, Tiernan.

Kate tells the Outlaws about Robin, who prioritises his rescue. Kate reluctantly realises she must help Robin.

The Sheriff and Tiernan leave to transport the conscripts to the coast. Meanwhile, in the dungeon, the appearance of a mouse shows Robin a loose stone, which he and Finn manage to dislodge in order to escape (before converting a canopy on the castle roof into a hang-glider). They speed to the coast road to help rescue the conscripts where the Outlaws launch an arrow attack. Gisborne and the Sheriff meet Prince John's men who are expecting payment. Instead, the Sheriff gives them Gisborne.

Kate's paid her debt for turning Robin in; now she never wants to see him again. Robin announces the day is coming when they will fight to overthrow the injustice in England.


  • Fridge Logic: The Sheriff's plan to sell every village man in the shire to Prince John's enemies makes progressively less sense the more you think about it.