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Robopon 1[edit | hide | hide all]

  • The first game operates on a battery due to time events and remote control interface. While you can replace it, eventually, the battery will run out, taking your save data with it.
  • In the first game, several wild Robopon have too-small CPUs and are prone to violence, confusion, and going out of control. This is even worse when you remember they're sentient.
  • After Dr. Zero defeated Prince Tail's father, the King attacked him and left him for dead. Zero repaired his original body with cybernetics, and when he returns, he calls out Prince Tail for what the King did. The Prince is in total disbelief.
  • What happens to Princess Darcy in the first game, but more so its effect on Prince Tail.
  • The music in Poro Village. Even more so when you remember Underwater Creatures are an endangered species.

'Robopon 2[edit | hide]

  • In the second game, the music played in sad situations, which also doubles as the music for all fights with Nick D., and the alien storyline.
  • Dr. Zero's cyborg warriors are sentient beings... with kill switches installed. They explode after you defeat them. Blaze wonders if robots have afterlives, while Xardon drops his villainous act and soberly accepts his defeat... and asks Cody to keep on living. The third warrior Tempest asks you to save Dr. Zero from himself and says that he realized, through battle, how humans live.
    • Their combined form Insector acknowledges mankind's strength and thanks Cody for giving his life purpose beyond being a machine. He tells him to fight on and show him humanity's power.
  • Tataki rejecting Miho after he finds out she's an alien. She cries and allows herself to be captured in the Gateball.
  • The second game has a part near the end where Dr. Disc is mortally wounded. His last wish is for Cody to take care of Lisa.