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The eponymous chicken is a Reality Warper with a thing for weird crossovers.

  • Nah, that's probably the scientist from the opening.

The chicken has learned pattern recognition.

The sketches are gradually getting longer, and fuller in detail. This is how it appears to us, but the sketches have always been like that and the chicken is only just now starting to notice.

Just restating what was originally said on one episode

The chicken is metaphor, for the viewer, "Being forced to sit through this crap"

The mad scientist works for the Gizmonic Institute

The copyrighted characters that have been parodied are really what they are like after their respective shows end.

All the characters featured on the show, from Star Wars to Thunder Cats to He-Man are all really what they are like when their respective shows have been canceled. Kinda what they would be like if there was a meta behind the scenes thing going on. Hell most of them are voiced by their respective actors too.

Calvin is Fumbles.

After spending his life in an institution he educated himself so he could get a PHD, but he still had the urge to kill even without his tiger. And the rest is history....

The Bloopers guy is in Hell.

As evidenced by A: The fact he commits suicide every episode and B: The fact that it turns out There's noone in the audience, just disembodied voices.