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    SSA's Schoolgirl Astronauts

    Yukari Morita

    Rocket Girls Yukari.jpg
    Voiced by Eri Sendai

    The story's protagonist, Yukari is stubborn, tough, petite, and incredibly lucky - in short, perfect astronaut material. Although she initially considers her job as an astronaut a necessary evil and a means to an end -- that end being finding her long-missing father -- she eventually comes to take a certain pride in her position and her accomplishments in it. Yukari is most likely the Beauty in the SSA astronauts' Beauty, Brains, and Brawn trio -- but that doesn't mean she's brainless. Not by a long shot.

    Tropes exhibited by Yukari include:
    • Only Sane Man: Yukari, especially from her perspective. Surrounded by an overly ambitious executive, a surprisingly cold-blooded doctor, a mad scientist, a jungle girl who can't shut up about "fireworks"? Yeah. And then there's her father.
    • Ordinary High School Student: Yukari prior to becoming an astronaut. For the first few weeks following her return to Earth, she tries to insist that she still is one.

    Matsuri Morita

    Rocket Girls Matsuri.jpg
    voiced by Hitomi Nabatame

    Half-Japanese, Half-Polynesian, Matsuri turns out to be Yukari's younger half-sister, the daughter of Yukari's missing father. Given some of the things she's endured during the course of the show, Matsuri is most likely the Brawn in the SSA astronauts' Beauty, Brains, and Brawn trio.

    Tropes exhibited by Matsuri include:
    • The Chief's Daughter: Matsuri is technically one, although she doesn't fall into the traditional role of being the main character's love interest; (instead she turns out to be the heroine's younger half-sister, since the Chief in question is actually Yukari's runaway dad).
    • Fur Bikini: Matsuri's "native" clothing is a close cousin, being as it doesn't have much fur in it.
    • Jumped At the Call
    • Magical Native Islander: Matsuri can charm fishes to the shore by singing to them, uses the Jedi Mind Trick on a guard and survives 38 Kg. at 10G on her torso during a re-entry without even a bruised rib.
    • Nubile Savage
    • Trademark Favorite Food: Matsuri puts ketchup and mayonnaise on everything.

    Akane Miura

    Rocket Girls Akane.jpg
    voiced by Shizuka Hasegawa

    Physically weak but inspired by Yukari's example to become an astronaut, Akane made her way to the Solomon Islands and presented herself at the gate of the SSA as a candidate. Despite her tendency to faint during takeoffs, she became the SSA's technical specialist, making her the brains of the SSA's Beauty, Brains, and Brawn trio.

    Tropes exhibited by Akane include:
    • Determinator: She flat-out refused any help in order to become an astronaut.
    • Jumped At the Call: Akane turns Jumping at the Call Up to Eleven, spending her life savings to get to the SSA on the off chance that she might simply be allowed to apply.
    • Weak but Skilled: The most delicate of the SSA astronauts (she routinely passes out during launches), Akane is also the appointed mission specialist, charged with handling technical and scientific tasks that are beyond the capabilities of her fellow astronauts.

    SSA Ground Crew

    Isao Nasuda

    Character Image.jpg
    voiced by Takayuki Sugo

    A description of the character goes here.

    Tropes exhibited by Nasuda include:

    Kazuya Kinoshita

    Character Image.jpg
    voiced by Takaya Kuroda

    A description of the character goes here.

    Tropes exhibited by Kinoshita include:
    • Reasonable Authority Figure
    • Salaryman: Kinoshita was one of these before he decided to follow his childhood dreams and become an astronaut. After failing screening due to a medical condition, he ended up becoming the SSA's mission director instead.

    Satsuki Asahikawa

    Character Image.jpg
    voiced by Mayumi Yanagisawa

    A description of the character goes here.

    Tropes exhibited by Satsuki include:
    • Hyper Awareness: Satsuki makes an absurdly accurate "estimate" of Yukari's measurements just by eyeballing her. Later, she does the same with Akane.

    Hiroyuki Mukai

    Character Image.jpg
    voiced by Jin Domon

    A description of the character goes here.

    Tropes exhibited by Mukai include:

    Motoko Mihara

    Character Image.jpg
    voiced by Machiko Toyoshima

    The SSA's chief chemist, Mihara is responsible for both the rocket's fuel and the astronauts' skintight spacesuits.

    Tropes exhibited by Mihara include:
    • Mad Bomber: Her ... enjoyment of explosions might qualify her; it's pretty obvious that the only thing keeping her randomly blowing up bits of the landscape for fun is that her job pays her to play with dangerous explosives.
    • Mad Scientist: She's fascinated with oxidation, the faster the better. (In layman's terms, she really likes Stuff Blowing Up.) When she needed platinum as a catalyst for the new fuel she was testing, she used her own wedding ring to provide it!
    • Scary Shiny Glasses


    Haruyuki Yasukawa

    Character Image.jpg
    voiced by Kazunari Tanaka

    SSA's first astronaut, he quits when he's ordered to lose a dangerous amount of weight. He becomes the island's taxi driver.

    Tropes exhibited by Yasukawa include:

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