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  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Both re-entries, especially the second one. Yukari does a skip re-entry by the seat of her pants.
  • Genius Bonus: Jokes about Reverse Polish Notation and Hohmann Transfer Orbits.
  • What an Idiot!: The girls in orbit rendevouz with a Space Shuttle, and while they're aboard, the Shuttle crew offer a "goods exchange": trade items with their mission logos. The only things the girls have with the SSA logo on it are their pens.
    You'd expect: Somebody would think to trade SSA pens for NASA pens.
    Instead: The girls give away their only pens in exchange for mission patches from the Shuttle's crew. (What were the Shuttle crew doing with extra mission patches in orbit? It costs over $50,000 to launch 1kg of mass into orbit aboard a Space Shuttle; nothing non-essential went into orbit at the time. Anyway.) This comes back to bite them when the capsule's mission parameters change in mid-flight and the girls have to record a list of times and durations that they need in order to land safely.
    You'd expect: The flight specialist to call up a text editor on the capsule's computer display and record the numbers there... assuming Mission Control doesn't simply transmit them directly to the capsule's computer.
    Instead: Everybody lets the mission specialist -- who they know blacks out when subjected to thrust above 4 Gs -- memorize the numbers and hope she doesn't black out again. Of course she does black out during the very first (8 G) course correction, and it's only the flight specialist being Hot-Blooded in an otherwise-serious series that gets them home alive. Everybody was carrying the Idiot Ball in that scene.

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