Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies/Quotes

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PeeJee: Aubrey, I'm going to have to ask you to explain why you just stabbed the king in the groin -- and by explain, I mean "explain in a way that makes some fucking sense."
Aubrey: Oh yeah. I probably should have told you this during character creation, but Aubridawn is actually a double agent for a little-known race of underground mole-people known as the Doomlocks, who are bent on subjugation of the impudent surface people. My whole involvement with this mission was just an excuse to get close to the king and assassinate him in his own court as a strike to shatter the confidence of the surface dwellers. That's okay, right?
PeeJee: You know what? Fuck it. Rocks fall and everyone dies.
Kim: But the kingdom is seated on a featureless plain. Where do--?

Aubrey: Ah, the Doomlock aerial boulder squad strikes!
Something*Positive, "PeeJee & Dragons Pt. 6"

Peter: As your elf touches the gold doorknob, 45,000 volts shoot through his body. Your elf is now charcoal. What does your wizard do?

Jason: He calls the Dungeon Master a jerk.