Ruby Quest/Nightmare Fuel

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    Nightmare Fuel as presented by the Role Playing game Ruby Quest.

    Dear God, Ruby Quest. Between Filbert wanting to cut the bad out of everyone, Ace's face (or lack thereof!), and a Lovecraftian, Yandere version of Tom Nook; there's no way you'll look at Animal Crossing the same way again.

    • The multitude of Body Horror Zombies freely roaming about the facility, for one.
    • The series is scary from the first time Stitches appears. It looks like there's someone on the other side of the door. Then Ruby opens the door, and finds a mutilated corpse. And then it starts to move...
    • Red starts to laugh.
    • The animated(!) gif of Ruby in a tunnel with #6.


      • And here's the IMAGE if anyone is unfamiliar.
    • The fleshy growths you start seeing here and there are merely gross and creepy, at first. Then you encounter the really massive growth(s?) spanning Subject 6's room.
    • Let's go back to our good ol' buddy Ace again, shall we? First, he's a basic Expy of Pyramid Head; second, no one even knows where he fucking came from; third, he's basically invincible; and fourth, eh has a face mad eof worms.
    • Cold Storage. An entire room where it's difficult to find a single item or surface that isn't mindbending and/or terrifying in some way.
    • Even Ruby herself gets creepy once the Third Eye is introduced.
    • Oh, it wasn't Tom after all
    • When Ruby casually opens a door, revealing an elemental plane of teeth.
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