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  • In "Barbecue Story," Angelica kicks Tommy's ball over the fence. Tommy delivers a Rousing Speech to the other babies and his diaper straps came undone and his diaper started sliding off. You can see the top half of Tommy's crotch, and he very quickly pulls up his diaper and his cheeks turned red.
  • If you listen very carefully, you can hear that Dr. Lipschitz, who is revealed to be quite incompetent in one episode, despite supposedly being an expert in infant psychology, has a name which sounds very much like "lip shits."
    • It's a real last name though..
    • But during the reveal of his incompetency, despite it being a regular name it's given slightly more weight due to his character. A clever sneak.
  • In the movie, there's a part where Dil pulls Tommy's diaper off, and he stands there naked from the stomach down, still talking to the other babies. All of their reactions are seen, but special mention goes to Lil's reaction of extreme wonder and excitement.
  • A bit of a Parental Bonus. The babies are exploring the theatres trying to find the Reptar movie, and while climbing around seats, there's a man putting his arm over a woman's shoulder. While squeezing out of a seat, Tommy grabs the woman's ankle, causing the woman to slap the man, thinking it's him.
  • Later on, in the song-and-dance number by the babies in the hospital, one complains that her cord is cut, and a baby boy peers into his diaper, saying, "Consider yourself lucky."
    • In the same sequence, yet another baby boy looks inside his diaper (the inwards are for some reason glowing) saying, "So that's what that thing looks like."
  • In The PS 1 game Rugrats Search For Reptar, the Ice Cream Mountain stage's last hole has an interesting set-up. Are you ready? It's a penis!
    • In the cutscene leading into the Ice Cream Mountain stage, Tommy says "We just gotta get the balls in the hole and we'll get a whole mountain of ice cream"
  • In a few episodes of the series and the movie, the babies get away with thanking God by referring to him as "Bob."
  • In the episode Rebel Without a Teddy Bear, Tommy is complaining about the negatives about being a baby and ends with the line "I've gotten my temperature taken more times than I'd like to remember!"
  • In one episode, Stu is showing the family his slideshow from his vacation. In response, Tommy's maternal grandfather makes a phone call to Dr. Kevorkian.
    • For those of you who don't get this one, see here.
  • In the episode "Let Them Eat Cake" Tommy and Chuckie accidentally wander into a bar mitzvah/a Jewish ceremony and an obvious bottle of wine is seen on a table.
  • From "Princess Angelica":

Tommy: Yeah, "Rapoozle" had a prince climb up her hair almost every night.

  • In "Twins Pique" near the end the babies break into Phil and Lil's dad's office desk to get his "quackulator" (calculator) among the objects they toss out include a magazine with a woman on the cover in a Playboy Bunny outfit.
  • An episode of Rugrats has Tommy say he needs something hard and thin to put through the Chinese fingertrap in able to take it off his fingers. He then puts his hands into his nappy... to get a screwdriver, but even so...
  • More outrightly disturbing is the episode when the babies decide not to wear clothes anymore. After the twins strip naked, Tommy says, "Uh, Lil, can I ask you a question?"
    • In the same episode, Didi is trying to tell Betty that the nakedness is a natural stage for babies to go through. Betty is not sold on this, saying, "The sixties are over, Deed, and we lost!"
      • The creators actually drew Tommy and Chuckie naked but never put it in a serious episode.
  • An even better (or worse) line occurred in the episode in which Chuckie became obsessed with playing with an inflatable clown doll named Boppo to the point of ignoring the other babies. Says Phil, "A kid his age should be outside playing with his friends, not sitting alone in his room bopping his Boppo." Cue massive Double Take.
  • Also, in The Movie, Charlotte says that she just knew Didi was going to have a boy, with the following line: "You know what they say: born under Venus, look for a--" (At which point her cell phone rings and interrupts her.)
  • "The Blizzard" had the babies traveling to the North Pole to have Santa fix Chuckie's toy bus. When they reach what they think is the Pole, Angelica starts to complain about how they couldn't find "No toy factory, no funny elves, not even a lame old reindeer turd!"
  • In the episode The Odd Couple, Stu calls Chaz to ask him to watch Tommy. Chaz tells Stu he has to go, he's paying two dollars a minute on the other line. Stu says something inaudible, to which Chaz, somewhat defensively, remarks "No, Stu, I'm on the Crossword Hotline!" I wonder what Stu thought he was doing...
  • In an episode where the gang tries to "potty train" Spike at the end they all pretend to pee on a tree. The boys are standing up but Lil is crouching.
    • Because females squat to pee.
      • Yea, but that's a Getting Crap Past the Radar moment on its own. The radar is fine with boys peeing on camera, but girls.. Not so much.
  • Grandpa Lou buys some movies: Reptar Come Home, Reptar Redux, "And my personal favourite...Lonely Space Vixens!" Grandpa then adds "... that's for after you go to bed."
  • The episode No More Cookies is a clear allusion to drug addiction.
    • As is Weaning Tommy.
  • One of the songs used in The Rugrats Movie gets away with the lyric "So fast the wind'll blow dry your asshole." It helps that the lyrics are nigh-indecipherable, but still, one of the biggest GCPTR moments for this series.
    • If you're looking for that lyric, see about 1:04 to 1:09.
  • Any Between My Legs moment in the series. Angelica being the common one used for the frame.
  • Anyone remember the episode where they visited a Nude Beach?
  • Coco LaBouche's underwear at the end of Rugrats in Paris.
  • Come on, why did this rerun on Nick Jr. in the mid 90s?
    • That's nothing, if I remember correctly, Rugrats actually aired on PBS for a little while. Yes, you read right, PBS.
  • The chocolate pudding scene from "Angelica Breaks a Leg" includes Stu bringing Angelica the pudding when she's watching TV. The sounds in the background make it sound like she's enjoying a war movie.
    • And laughing uproariously.
  • In the episode "Kid TV" Angelica has an infomercial for her own cosmetic which she calls her Beauty Juice. The twins mangle this up as her "booty juice".
  • In the episode "Special Delivery", Tommy ends up in the dead letter office at the post office and nearly falls down a chute that leads to a pile of unreturnable letters and a human skeleton.
  • Lil's and Phil's last names are puns on "devil", referring to their troublesome personalities.
  • One episode featured Tommy having an orgasm once he put a lizard in his "diapies".