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  • Loading Ready Run has several, including the numerous in-video references to Edward James Olmos and the way that every X Ways to Y video ends in The Sam Raimi. Ex: Ways to Hide a Body, Ways to Get in Shape, and Ways to Get Yourself Killed in a Horror Movie.
    • Their series on The Escapist also has a few, notably "Eyebrows and the Thugs", supposedly a contemporary jazz band, and "that was the Xth time I died." X is 5 at time of editing.
    • "Hi folks, Russell here," whenever a crow appears, which is more often than you would think.
  • There are several running gags in the Homestar Runner line of work. All are placed into subcategories seen here.
  • The Machinima series Red vs. Blue.
    • When Red Army first acquires their jeep, its radio is blasting loud polka music without any way to shut it off. Throughout the series, polka music gradually rising in volume becomes an indication that Red Army is about to appear.
    • It's Tejuano music, referencing Lopez being the mechanic.
    • Also, anytime the tank fires a shot, any character nearby will shout "SON OF A BITCH!"
    • "Bowchickabowwow"
    • TUCKER!!
    • Sister's odd stories ending with somebody else responding by saying "Yeah! Wait, what?"
    • Sarge attempting to get Grif killed for the team.
    • Church's inability to hit anything with a sniper rifle.
      • He can't even shoot down a guy point blank.
    • Tucker's inability to actually obtain a sniper rifle.
    • "I killed me! I'm the teamkilling fucktard!"
    • "That doesn't seem physically possible!"
    • "Shotgun!" "Shotgu- Fuck!"
  • In Unforgotten Realms Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon repeatedly casts the spell Flare.