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  • The manga was already leaning on Les Yay, given its girl power themes and one token boyfriend among an otherwise all-female group that become True Companions; in the Stars arc of the manga Rei and Minako even discuss giving up dating because they'd rather be protecting their Princess. (Of course celibacy does not equal Les Yay, but if the want to give up dating and be with each other, then that's a different story.) There's also the fact that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are in a lesbian relationship which ends in a Has Two Mommies situation when they adopt the reincarnated Sailor Saturn. Actually it's more of a Has Three Mommies situation since Sailor Pluto helps them raise Hotaru/Sailor Saturn. Sailor Pluto also seems much more concerned about Chibi-Usa's well-being than the girl's own biological mother, who only thought to send a poorly spelled note well after the events of the first time traveling arc. The anime, naturally, took all of this and ramped it Up to Eleven, especially in the hands of the director who eventually went on to make Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • In regards to Ho Yay, the R movie had a male alien named Fiore who was in love with Mamoru mainly because of how kind Mamoru was to him (giving him a rose that Usagi had given him) when they were kids. He expresses jealousy towards Usagi upon finding out that she's Mamoru's girlfriend and even tries to kill her.
  • Zoisite and Kunzite are Yaoi Guys in the anime.
  • Mamoru also has Fish-Eye (a male who looks like a pretty female) come on to him (and then falling in love with him) in an episode from the SuperS season.
  • There was also one of the victims of the day in the Super S series: Yoshiki Usai, who was heavily implied to be gay and in some sort of relationship with his assistant. Fish-Eye targets him and doesn't bother to pretend to be a woman this time.
  • In the manga Bifauxnen Haruka was bold enough to steal a kiss from Usagi. Actually it was more then one kiss; Usagi figures out that Haruka is Sailor Uranus because they kiss the same way. They also had a few shippy moments in the anime, with one scene where Haruka hugged Usagi close to her when protecting her, so close that Usagi could smell her perfume, Haruka flirted with her in an episode or two, and danced with her at a party while dressed in a tuxedo.
    • About the Usagi/Haruka dance, when Michiru asks to dance with Mamoru, Usagi objects...until she's offered a dance with Haruka in exchange, and she instantly agrees to dance with Haruka. There dance was rather romantic too...with tons of sparkles and both looked rather happy.
    • Also, there was one episode of Makoto thinking that Haruka's so absolutely cool that she winds up crushing on her (despite this being after The Reveal of Haruka's real gender).
    • In the anime, Haruka flirts with a lot of girls, including Usagi and a hotel maid who appears to reciprocate (or at least be flustered). In the latter case, Michiru walked in the room when Haruka was putting the moves on said maid and seemingly acts jealous. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren are villains in the last season, Sailor Stars, who have a very good degree of Les Yay. They act like a Slap Slap Kiss couple and eventually, when Aluminum Siren dies Lead Crow is extremely heartbroken.
    • Not to mention that Sailor Lead Crow spends much of her remaining screen time mourning Sailor Aluminum Siren's death and saying things like "Siren loved amusement parks.". Plus she apologizes to Siren just before she dies by being sucked into a black hole.
  • Makoto/Ami seems to be a popular pairing, mainly from the anime. Most of that comes from an episode in Super S where they are at a college dance party and none of the men want to dance with Makoto because she's "too tall" for them. Well, except for Tigers-Eye but he's just using her for his villainous plot. Ami on the other hand, was the only person who genuinely wanted to dance with Makoto and doesn't seem to think that she's too tall.
    • Also, in an early episode, Makoto blushed when she accidentaly looked up Ami's skirt.
  • There is also tons of Les Yay between Minako and Rei in the manga, to the extent that their last scene together in Stars has suspiciously similar vibes to Haruka and Michiru...
    • In the live action adaptation, Minako's change in character reflavors her relationship with Rei as Foe Yay for a good while.
  • There is also Rei/Usagi mainly because of their squabbles, moments where they get along, and Rei's general hints of being a tsundere towards Usagi, especially by the final season.
  • Also, Rei Hino also invokes this trope at times with her status of being such a Tall, Dark and Bishoujo that Even the Girls Want Her and the idol of her all-girls school. The side-story of Minako attending Rei's school is full of Les Yay involving Rei.
    • Hell, in the manga Act that introduces Rei, Usagi first meets her on a bus and then decides to follow her around because she's pretty. When Rei mistakes Usagi for an evil spirit and uses one of her "Evil Spirits Begone" talismans on her and apologizes for it, Usagi thinks to herself that she can forgive anyone who's that beautiful.
  • And of course, Hotaru/Chibi-Usa. The Stars manga includes a scene of them holding hands; when Usagi points this out, Hotaru basically says 'Don't you hold hands with Mamoru?'
  • There's some Foe Yay of sorts between Usagi/Serena and En/Ann in the detention episode of the filler arc. Despite being rivals for Mamoru, Usagi is super nice and friendly to En, and at one point, En (weak and delirious because of a lack of energy) starts randomly thinking about how admirable Usagi is and how she's a Worthy Opponent. Then there's the way she sucks energy from Usagi: asking her to stand in front of her, close her eyes, and wait.
  • Seiya certainly crushed on Usagi, whether as a Gender Bender or Sweet Polly Oliver. You could also argue Les Yay for the hints of Taiki/Ami and Yaten/Minako because Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten really are women, even if they were given gender-bending abilities in the anime.
  • There's one scene in the anime where Usagi day dreamed that she was kissing Motoki and comes back to reality.......only to realize that she was just about to kiss Makoto.
  • Rei's Not a Date with Maya Touno, a one-shot girl. The other Inners were almost completely sure that they were girlfriends.
  • In the manga Sailor Cosmos kissed Sailor Moon. Sailor Cosmos is (apparently) Sailor Moon from a Bad Future.
  • Makoto and Minako have some subtext in one episode of the R season. They have a fight over boys and stay mad for almost the whole episode. Then Minako says that Makoto's ex-boyfriend didn't know how to appreciate girls and how she wants Makoto to be happy, and they make up.