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  • The English dub of Sailor Moon accidentally Bowdlerised itself into this in one episode. The girls are arguing about who should be cast as Snow White in a play. Each girl gives various reasons why she should be the lead. In the original Japanese, Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) says that she should be Snow White because she has the biggest breasts. In the English version, she says she should get the part because she has "the most acting experience and talent." The English line ends at the same point the original Japanese line ends, with a sting at the visual, suggesting to the audience just what the word "talent" refers to. When you remember "talent" is a common euphemism for large breasts, it's even funnier.
    • In the Swedish translation, they actually said breasts.
    • In the German dub, she says, that she should be Snow White, because she`s the oldest and therefore a real woman.
  • The hidden lesbians that got turned into cousins. Very, very close cousins.
  • There's the obligatory transformation scenes: although Barbie Doll Anatomy is very much in play, the girls are still naked.
  • The scene where Mimete is moaning in very suggestive way right off screen while lifting one of her legs. It turns out that she's playing Twister, but before it's revealed it was very easy to mistake for something else... and this was the dubbed version.
    • That same arc had numerous monsters who had their soul-sealing tattoos in... risqué places, usually hiking up their skirts or pulling down their necklines to use them.
    • In one episode of the Sailor Moon S arc (the arc with Sailors Neptune and Uranus), Lita (Makoto) is being stalked by a Monster of the Week who wears a long cloak wrapped around her body and when she runs, no hint of a skirt or shorts can be seen, implying that the cloak is the only thing that's covering her. When the monster confronts Lita (who's out with Amara and Michelle), the monster throws open her cloak and Lita reacts as if she's been flashed. Turns out the Monster of the Week was just wearing a dress with a really short skirt.
  • The manga managed to get away with some crap as well. There was considerably more swearing in the English translation (though nothing more offensive than the word "damn"), the lesbian matters were not hidden, the violence tended to be more extreme, and towards the end of the final chapter, we see Usagi and Mamoru waking up after a night of sex.
  • During the Black Moon arc, Usagi visits Mamoru's apartment, wearing a cute dress with a blouse underneath. The couple have a romantic scene, he lowers her to the floor, kisses her, end of scene. The next scene takes place the day after... with Usagi in the same dress but no blouse.
    • Later in the arc, Sailor Moon is fighting and she summons mental images of her loved ones to strengthen herself. When she thinks of Mamoru, he's shirtless, and it's strongly implied that she's recalling the moment mentioned above.
  • The second time Usagi got drunk in the anime (in the S season) happened when she picked up what she thought was a glass of juice while nervously studying English to be able to speak with foreign students at a fancy party. She ended up giggling and chatting hyperactively with Mamoru's old colleagues about the "pudding of relativity", nearly punched Mamoru's lights out in excitement and took up Haruka's offer for a dance, mistaking her for an actual man. All the dub did was change the Japanese-English language conflict to English-French, the alcoholic drink to actual juice and Haruka's request for a dance to Amara offering to give Serena a lesson before Serena dances with Darien, but the dialogue was otherwise as intact. Linda Ballantyne's voicework even made Serena sound more drunk than Usagi sounded in the original.
  • Usagi's English test [dead link] in the first episode of S. Very appropriate to give to 15-year-olds... (for those of you who don't know, "new-half" is a euphemism for a MTF transsexual)
  • Prince Diamonds obsession with Usagi.