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A Time of Youthful Innocence...

....Yeah Right"

"At Wormwood High School, everyone is supernatural. From demonic teachers (literally) to little impish freshmen (also literally), the halls of Wormwood High are never peaceful...or boring for that matter.

Ash, a sophomore at the school, is something of an idol to the other students in her grade, but not by choice. Far from it. Actually, she hates the attention. Unknown to her ignorant admirers, she wishes she could "cut their freaking legs off" or "blow up the damn school."

So, what happens when she gets her hands on something that will let her do just that?


And Hillarity." (Synopsis by the creator Tyshea)

Although the comic itself is only 1 chapter (38 pages) and on haitus over half of the time it already has a large fanbase, spawning "The Worm Wood Project" where people are making their own OC community at the school. It has recently gone into revamp mode, with promises of improved artwork.

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Tropes used in Salad Days include:

  • Incredibly Lame Pun -- "You suck Ash!" "I'm a vampire, of course I suck."
  • Loads and Loads of Characters -- Along with Tyshea's main and side characters, there's also a project where dA members can submit their own to the community.
  • Our Vampires Are Different -- Seemingly averted, in that Ash and her little brother Tony seem rather traditional in their portrayal of vampires. (For example, they need SPF Over 9000 sunscreen to go outside.)
  • Petting Zoo People -- The most common signifiers of a supernatural are the ears and the presence of a tail.