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When anyone asks me about my novels, I always say that, if nothing else, they will make you laugh out loud...and maybe sizzle a bit.

Sandra Hill is a prolific author of Romance Novels that aim to be fun, sexy, exciting, and not to serious about themselves. Many of her books have titles that are puns, wordplays, or just silliness. Most of her books fall into one of the following series, almost all of which involve Vikings, Cajuns, Navy SEALs, time travel, or some combination:

  • Viking series I: Historical romances. Includes The Norse King's Daughter, A Tale of Two Vikings, The Reluctant Viking, and many more.
  • Viking series II: Time-traveling Viking Navy SEALs! Her most famous series, due to the sheer hilarity of the premise. Referenced in this Questionable Content strip. Includes The Very Virile Viking; Truly, Madly, Viking; Hot and Heavy; Rough and Ready; Wet and Wild; and too many others to name.
  • Jinx series: Crime and intrigue (and, obviously, romance). Seem to all involve Cajun matchmakers. Includes Pink Jinx, Pearl Jinx, and Wild Jinx.
  • Creole historical series: Set in the late 19th century. Includes Frankly, My Dear and Sweeter Savage Love.

Books by Sandra Hill contain examples of the following tropes: